Do Dooney and Bourke Have a Lifetime Warranty? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

dooney and bourke lifetime warranty

People also ask, do Dooney and Bourke have a lifetime warranty? Well, we´ve got you covered.

Dooney & Bourke is a designer brand that is primarily a manufacturer of premium fashion accessories, clothing, and other merchandise, such as purses.

They have one of the better repair and replacement programs and stand by their craftsmanship by offering a warranty.

So, do Dooney and Bourke have a lifetime warranty? No, Dooney and Bourke do not offer a lifetime warranty and, in fact, only offer a one-year limited warranty that goes under the banner of “The Dooney Guarantee.” Despite the warranty coverage that Dooney and Bourke offer, however, you’re likely to find better elsewhere.

The Dooney Guarantee is so mind-bogglingly incredible that you only get a single year of limited warranty coverage on merchandise that you purchase from them.

That’s not to say that they don’t have premium merchandise because they do. However, the warranty is very ‘meh’. 

The Dooney and Bourke 1-Year Limited Warranty

A one-year warranty is all that you get so you may as well know what it is and how to use it in case there is a defect due to craftsmanship. Dooney & Bourke offer an unconditional guarantee against all defects in the manufacturing of their merchandise. 

So, if the strap on your purse falls off and it wasn’t caused by anything other than it just falling off while on your shoulder, Dooney will either do a full repair on the purse or you will be able to get a complete replacement altogether. 

However, a replacement only comes into effect if the item in question is physically beyond repair. Something like the strap falling off of a purse is probably something that can be repaired by Dooney and Bourke.

As far as replacements are concerned, you can either have the product replaced or get your money back for it, so long as this occurs within the 1-year limited warranty coverage, which starts on the day that you purchase the item. 

If you elect to have your item replaced, Dooney will only replace it with something highly similar or the exact, same thing.

Once you return your item, it will be destroyed at one of Dooney and Bourke’s manufacturing centers, and a new item sent to you, with your one-year warranty starting anew.

How to Use Your Warranty Coverage

Using your warranty with Dooney and Bourke is a lot like using it with any other business or company. You will ultimately have to mail in your original item, whether you’re having it repaired or replaced, and wait for your new or repaired item to arrive.

There is no print-up involved or a packing slip and you can either handwrite a note to Dooney and Bourke or type one out.

There are several things that you need to include in the note so that they know what the deal is when they receive the item. 

You need to include a full description of what the problem is. You also need to let them know whether or not you want the product repaired or if you are seeking a replacement of the item entirely. 

Also, be sure to put your shipping address on the package that you mail in and not a shipping address for a place where you don’t live or receive packages (it happens quite a lot actually).

Dooney and Bourke request that you send the item either by insured mail or through UPS. 

Be sure to write or type the full address for Dooney and Bourke on the front, middle label of the package. 

Dooney & Bourke Inc.

Att: Return Department

1 Regent Street

E. Norwalk, CT. 06855

Unfortunately, you will have to wait quite a while and Dooney and Bourke won’t call you on the phone, they will write you back instead, which is obviously a slow method of communication. 

According to Dooney and Bourke, it will take anywhere between one and two weeks for them to send you a written response and it will take an additional four to six weeks for you to get a repair finished and returned to you or a replacement for your item. 

Dooney and Bourke will always respond to your written correspondence, when sending items in for return or repair, by written letter, however, there are other ways for you to communicate with them. 

Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday, you can contact Dooney and Bourke by calling them at 1-800-347-5000 or by emailing them at [email protected]

You can also contact them via social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. You’re not going to get anything resolved through social media contacts but you might be able to get some information on your return. 

Even if the material that you are sending back to Dooney and Bourke may be something soft and unbreakable, you will still want to wrap it up in something protective, most likely bubble wrap. 

Since there is so much time between sending out your item, it is received, and a replacement sent back to you, you can elect to pay a little extra and have tracking available on the package that you send in. 

Tracking the package will make it a little easier to be patient for all of the long weeks ahead while you are waiting through the process.

Dooney and Bourke always apply tracking to the items that they send back to you, so you can switch to theirs when the time comes. 

You should receive a response letter within a couple of weeks but if you do not, that’s when it is advantageous to contact Dooney and Bourke through the means listed above.

Someone from Dooney and Bourke’s customer service will be able to give you an updated status on your warranty claim, along with the progress of your return.

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All Things Considered

Sure, it’s a long and thorough process having a repair done or having your item replaced, however, if you do it through the warranty period, it won’t cost you a dime outside of shipping costs. 

Even after the warranty expires, you can still have items repaired, however, it will cost you, just not nearly as much as it would purchase the item brand new.

Simply send it in just as you would a warranty replacement, and they will tell you the cost.

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