Does Verizon Sell Unlocked iPhones? (Read This Before Buying

Does Verizon Sell Unlocked iPhones

Have you ever asked yourself if Verizon sells unlocked iPhones? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

T-Mobile has made a lot of strides in the last year or so but from a consensus point of view, Verizon is still king with some of the best coverage and fastest speeds available, especially with 5G.

Since Verizon is such as reliable carrier, do they sell unlocked iPhones that give you a bit of freedom?

So, does Verizon sell unlocked iPhones? Sadly, the answer is no. Verizon completely moved away from unlocked iPhones (or any unlocked phones, period) back in 2019. If you want your iPhone unlocked under Verizon, you will need to pay it off and wait 60 days. At the end of 60 days, your paid-for iPhone will be unlocked. 

From a business perspective, it certainly makes sense, even though consumers likely hate the idea to their core. You can empathize with both. In Verizon’s corner, the kinds of packages they offer saturate you with impressive features and savings on streaming opportunities. 

To give consumers all of that and then have the consumer drop them in a month is really bad business. In the consumer’s corner, you want some freedom to own an iPhone and choose who you want to do business with. 

What Are Verizon’s Stipulations?

It’s generally well-known that Verizon doesn’t cell any purely unlocked iPhones or Android phones. If you buy a smartphone from them, you’re going to be locked into the Verizon network. Most people also know that there is a 60-day limitation after purchase.

  • Payment plans clear 60-days after the final payment is received
  • Consumers who bring their paid-for phones over from another carrier have to wait through the 60-day requirement as well
  • Verizon keeps iPhones locked for 60-days after service cancellation
  • Even prepaid customers have to wait for 60-days for their iPhones to be unlocked

The vast majority of iPhone users on the Verizon Network are going through one of Verizon’s tiered payment plans. Under these plans, you are both under a contract of two years that includes paying off your new iPhone within that timeframe. 

Once the iPhone is paid off, you’re free to enter a new contract if you want but you’re still kind of stuck.

The problem is, even after making two years’ worth of payments to pay off and finally own your iPhone, you are still tethered to Verizon for another 60-days.

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If you are a T-Mobile, AT&T, or any other carrier customer and decide to take advantage of Verizon’s “pay-off” offers and jump to their network, your iPhone will be locked to Verizon for a period of 60-days. Out of all of the different scenarios, this one makes the most sense. 

After all, Verizon will pay off your iPhones just to leave one network and come over to Verizon. If you have an entire family coming aboard, that’s a lot of money right upfront.

It makes sense that Verizon would want to get back some of its value after paying off your iPhones for you. 

Even after canceling your service with Verizon, your iPhones will remain locked to Verizon for another 60-days. This makes it a bit problematic trying to jump from Verizon to another carrier that offers to pay off your current iPhones, in a reverse of the above scenario. 

Pay it off they might, but your iPhone is locked to Verizon for two more months. Lastly, even prepaid customers are locked to the Verizon network for two months.

Even if you own your iPhone completely and prepay for your data and minutes, you will have to endure the 60-day lock. 

How To Know if Your Verizon iPhone is Still Locked?

Verizon doesn’t exactly come out and tell you once your 60-day period is over. You will need to borrow a friend’s phone or use an older phone’s SIM card.

Simply remove the current SIM card from your iPhone and place another SIM card in. 

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If your iPhone is still locked to Verizon, you will get a message that says something along the lines of, “SIM card not supported.” There’s really no way around the lock either. You can try jailbreaking your iPhone but that method is not without risks, including voiding your warranty and bricking your iPhone. 

If your iPhone is locked and paid off, it’s best to just wait for the requisite 60-days and contact Verizon when the time has elapsed. Verizon has been known for not unlocking iPhones after the 60-days have elapsed.

If this happens to you, you need to contact Verizon Customer Support and request that your device be unlocked. Unless there is an outstanding balance or some other unresolved altercation with Verizon, calling customer service should resolve the issue immediately. 

Buying iPhones Directly from Apple

If you want to be a part of the Verizon network and take advantage of the excellent data speeds and plans, but you want to avoid having your iPhone locked, purchase it directly from Apple.

Apple is the only iPhone retailer that sells its iPhones truly unlocked. That means that Verizon, nor any other carrier can lock your iPhone for 60-days. They can’t even try. It is a truly unlocked cell phone. 

If you are disillusioned with Verizon right off the bat, simply move on to another carrier, remove the Verizon SIM card, and put in the new one. There’s nothing that Verizon can do about it and it’s truly the best way to own an iPhone without any kind of restrictive locking placed on it. 

Apple is the only iPhone retailer that you can go to that will sell you a truly unlocked iPhone. Third-party retailers will sell you an iPhone that is marketed as unlocked but will be locked to the carrier the moment you put their SIM card in there.

Buying from Apple is the best way to ensure your iPhone’s freedom.

Final Thoughts

Verizon does not sell unlocked iPhones. All of Verizon’s iPhone offerings are restricted to a 60-day lock that only begins the moment that you pay off the iPhone entirely.

Even if you come over from another carrier with a fully owned iPhone, you will have to go through the 60-day lock.

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