Does Target Accept EBT Online? (Yes, But Read This First)

Does Target Accept EBT Online

Do you know if Target takes or accepts EBT online? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

There are a lot of benefits to shopping at Target, from free mail-in return purchases and price matches with competitors to signing up for free stuff on Sample Spot and accepting EBT cards.

There are a lot of good reasons to be a Target shopper, however, do they take or accept EBT cards online? While Target offers online shopping and works with Instacart, unfortunately, they will not accept EBT cards online. Target also does not allow Instacart services that are paid for through an EBT card. 

There are forty-seven states that are currently working through a program known as Online Purchasing Pilot.

Online Purchasing Pilot is a program that facilitates online shopping with EBT cards. Some states are partnered with some stores while other states are partnered with others.

It basically depends on the state you live in and what stores they are partnered with. As of now, Target is not listed on the available stores through any of the 47 states, despite the fact many of their competitors are. 

Are There Any Workarounds?

If you’re intent on shopping at Target online, then the best you can do is take your EBT card down to a local ATM and draw out cash.

Use the cash to purchase a gift card and use that to make online purchases through Target.

Sure, that seems like sort of a pain but the problem is what it is and Target simply doesn’t accept EBT cards via online purchases.

At some point, they’ll probably come around, especially since their competitors are doing just that through their respective states. 

Ironically, Target accepts several payment methods as viable options on their online store.

  • Target Red Card: A Target brand credit card
  • Third-Party Debit Cards: Your typically banking debit and credit cards
  • Target Gift Cards, Target eGift Cards, and Target Mobile Gift Cards
  • Third-Party Gift Cards
  • PayPal via Target app or online store

Outside of those options, you’re limited on what else you can use to pay for Target products online. Target always accepts cash but unfortunately, you can’t jam a $50 bill through a computer or a smartphone screen. 

If you decide to go to the ATM and choose the Gift Card route, there are a lot of things Target offers that are worthwhile.

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Target Offers Worth Taking Advantage Of

With Gift Cards in hand—besides the aggravating steps it took to get here—you can take full advantage of Target’s offers online, in-store, through Instacart, or through Drive-Up Orders.

  • Coupons on Drive-Up Orders
  • Target coupon codes for Drive-Up
  • Sample Spot
  • Stacking

Target’s Drive-Up grocery shopping is extremely convenient. Of course, in order to apply coupons to Drive-Up orders, they’ll have to be digital coupons.

You can also stack coupons on top of Red Circle offers.

There is also a whole host of coupon codes, constantly generated by reputable vendors that you can apply to online orders.

Everything is taken care of through the Target app (Android or iOS), including your payment once all of the discounts and coupon codes have been accounted for. 

Sample Spot is a section of the Target Online store where you can sign up for free products in exchange for providing a genuine review.

You can sign up for and—if you get accepted—start getting free products that you can review and keep.

It’s similar to the Amazon Vine Program, except for the fact that you sign up with Target, rather than being randomly chosen after providing a certain amount of quality reviews.

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Can You Use An EBT Card At Target Stores?

If you show up at A Target retail store, you are more than welcome to use your EBT card there. Just keep in mind that Target is just like any other store and EBT purchases are limited to qualifying products.

You can also combine coupons and take full advantage of other savings, that are offered or accepted by Target, in conjunction with your EBT card. 

Also, while Target does have groceries, including dry goods, basic essentials, and refrigerated items, they’re not a grocery store outlet.

Target is more like a Walmart with a seriously reduced grocery department. 

You’ll have better luck utilizing an EBT card at a grocery store rather than Target. Of course, if Target is offering specific savings on items you’re looking for, by all means.

Other Stores That Accept EBT Online

Depending on which state you live in, and which state is partnered in the Online Purchasing Pilot Program, there are many choices in online retailers that will accept your EBT card. 

You can visit the FNC Online Purchasing Pilot website here. Select your state and view which stores are available for online EBT purchases.

For instance, the state of Alabama allows online EBT transactions through Aldi, Amazon, Piggly Wiggly, Walmart, and Wright’s Markets Inc. However, Colorado only allows online store EBT purchases through Walmart and Amazon,

Some states allow even more stores so be sure to check your state and find out which ones are the most convenient for you. 

All Things Considered

Despite the programs, deals, and Drive-Up options that Target stores offer online, EBT is currently not a part of that equation.

Given time, and as other retailers climb onboard with the Online Purchasing Pilot Program, that may change.

For now, you’ll have to go a little out of the way in order to use your EBT card to indirectly take advantage of Target’s online store.

At the very least, there are other stores to use as well, and they are steadily growing in their respective states.

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