Does Publix Sell Amazon Gift Cards (Best Tips Explained)

Does publix Sell Amazon Gift Cards

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Publix sells Amazon gift cards? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

If you are looking for a great location to pick up some Amazon gift cards while grabbing other essential items on your list, Publix is a great option.

So, does Publix sell Amazon gift cards? Yes, Publix does sell Amazon gift cards. So, if you are looking to purchase an Amazon gift card, you can get them from Publix. This American supermarket chain sells a large array of gift cards for many retailers in their stores; you can not purchase Amazon gift cards through their online site.

If you are looking for a great location to pick up some Amazon gift cards while grabbing other essential items on your list, Publix is a great option.

For more information on Publix shopping and the availability of Amazon gift cards, you have come to the right place.

Does Publix Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Yes, if you are running to any local Publix stores, you can pick up your items and as many Amazon gift cards as you like.

You can typically find these items located in the front of the store, displayed on a large shelve with other various gift cards, or somewhere close to the check-out line.

These cards mainly come in denominations of 10, 20, 25,50, and 100 dollars. There is usually a large display of cards at any given time and unique and fun holiday-themed gift cards during specific seasons. 

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How Do You Purchase Amazon Gift Cards at Publix Store Locations?

You can buy Amazon gift cards at Publix, just like anywhere else. You take the item up to the counter, and the cashier will scan it, then you pay, and the card is activated. 

In the past, you would have to grab a gift card and take it to the register so the cashier could put the requested amount of money onto the card for you; this was to prevent people from stealing gift cards that already had money on them. 

Luckily, upgraded technology has taken the best of both worlds and combined them to make life easier for the consumer and the companies without risking huge losses.

Amazon gift cards must be scanned in order for them to be activated; this is why it is imperative that you keep your receipt whenever purchasing a gift card; if it isn’t scanned properly, it won’t activate, and the card would be useless. 

What Other Types of Gift Cards Can You Buy at Publix Stores?

Amazon is one of the top-selling gift cards sold in all different retail stores. However, they are not the only company that brings customers in looking for gift cards.

You have the option of purchasing over 70 different types of gift cards at Publix, including:

You can choose from various other gift cards for restaurants, retailers, home goods stores, and more. 

Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards on Publix Online Site?

No, Unfortunately, you cannot purchase any type of gift card through the online Publix website at this time. You will have to go to one of their 1,239 locations and pick your Amazon gift card up in-store.

Can You Use a Publix Gift Card to Purchase an Amazon Gift Card at a Publix Store?

A Publix gift card is only good for Publix stores and purchasing products available in a specific location. You can not use a Publix gift card to purchase a gift card from any other retailer. 

You also cannot check your Amazon Gift Card balance, return an Amazon gift card, or add funds to your Amazon gift card at a Publix store.

Can I Contact Publix Regarding Issues with my Amazon Gift Cards?

Once you purchase an Amazon gift card from Publix, you will need to refer to the Amazon company in order to discuss any type of problems you are having with it. 

The only help Publix offers is if the card activation process didn’t go through and the card did not work.

In that case, you must bring the card back to the location you purchased it from with the receipt. 

What Products Can You Purchase With an Amazon Gift Card Bought From Publix?

There are no restrictions on what products or goods you use your Amazon gift card after you buy it from a Publix store. These cards are good for any and all items sold on the Amazon website. 

Amazon gift cards do not restrict you from purchasing any of their products or services; this means you can buy an item they sell or use the money to purchase in-app services such as Kindle books, amazon movies, music, games, etc.

Can I Return an Unused Amazon Gift Card to Publix? (Tips for Unwanted Amazon Gift Cards)

Once you buy any gift card from Publix, including Amazon, you will not have the option of returning it. So before making any purchase, make sure it is something you genuinely want.

If you received an Amazon gift card as a gift or bought one and have no use for it, there are a few ways you can get rid of the gift card without losing out on the money.

  • Sell your Amazon gift card for cash- There are sites that are willing to purchase your unwanted gift cards for cash, however, do not expect to get the amount it’s worth. These sites typically purchase gift cards at a discounted price.
  • Sell it on eBay- You can also sell your unwanted gift cards on eBay. Once again, do not expect to get back the entire worth of the card.
  • Trade it For Bitcoin- Bitcoin is becoming a very popular investment online, and some sites will trade you bitcoin for unwanted Amazon gift cards.
  • Trade it for another gift card- Go to a gift card swap site. There you will find many people who have unwanted gift cards they will be willing to exchange for your Amazon card.

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Final Thoughts

Publix is a great resource for getting your daily essentials and picking up a quick and easy present for a last-minute birthday party or other celebrations.

Amazon gift cards make fantastic gifts and are readily available at any of your local Publix locations.

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