Does Jared Buy Back Jewelry? (Best Prices + More)

Does Jared Buy Back Jewelry

If your jewelry isn’t what you were hoping for, or you decide to change your mind on an important purchase, you’ll be desperate to know: does Jared buy back jewelry?

According to their website, Jared will accept returns and may even accept exchanges in jewelry as long as the returned items are in good condition, are not specialty items, and come from the store they were ordered from. The tender exchanged for Jared’s returned jewelry will be the same as was used to purchase the jewelry in the first place.

In this article, we’ll go over Jared’s policy on returning jewelry, exchanging jewelry, and it’s other stipulations.

We’ll also go over a few frequently asked questions related to the topic of the Jared company and it’s willingness to buy back jewelry!

Does Jared Buy Back Jewelry?

Nobody likes having to return items. Usually, it’s a hassle at best, and the result of a disappointing product, at worst. The question is, does Jared buy back jewelry?

As stated above, Jared is willing to give clients their money back for returned jewelry. There are, however, a few stipulations in place that a returner should be made aware of:

  • 30 Day Returns – For most jewelry items at Jared, returns must be accomplished before 30 days after the original purchase (or online order date) has passed.
  • Good Condition – No matter which kind of jewelry you attempt to return to Jared, it cannot be missing pieces, scuffed, or otherwise damaged. For example, a watch that is returned must have no evidence of having been worn by the customer. Make sure the original warranty, the package it came in, and the instructions are with the item.
  • Original Tender – When you receive your money back from Jared, it will come in whatever tender you used to purchase it. For example, if you use a check, a check refunding the jewelry item will be sent to you.  The exception is cash, because values over $500 may be returned to you in the form of a check, as well.
  • Gift Receipt – If you so choose, Jared may offer a gift card to a client in exchange for their merchandise, as long as the return adheres to the 30-day policy and you also bring a gift receipt.
  • Equal Trade – When trading jewelry back to Jared instead of asking them to buy it, you will typically be offered either an identical jewelry item or one that is similar in style and value.
  • Online vs Retail Stores – Returns that fall within the 30-day limit and are performed online are acceptable. However, only a retail Jared location allows trade-ins, so it may be best to visit a location in person in order to weigh all of your options! 

How to Mail Jewelry Back to Jared

If you decide to return your jewelry to Jared, you’ll need to know exactly how to go about it. The same way Jared’s company has specific requirements for trade-ins or buying back jewelry, they do have a few hoops for customers to jump through when it comes to mailing back jewelry.

Check out the steps below to see the step-by-step process!

  1. Look up and print the Return Reason packing slip!
  2. List the reason you’re returning the item, such as “bad fit” or “incorrect product.”
  3. Make sure to include not only the piece of jewelry but the instructions and warranty.
  4. Be sure your printed return label is in the box’s center.
  5. Place the return address label in the left, top corner of the box.
  6. The third label that will be included is the paid return label, purchased at a mailing store.
  7. Make sure that the packing slip is with the package!
  8. Wait around five business days before expecting your refund to process.

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How Much Money Can You Get For A Trade-In at Jared’s?

Nobody likes trying to trade in a piece of jewelry only to find that they’ll be earning less than their original price!

Luckily, at Jared, trade-ins of diamond jewelry, specifically, can result in you getting the full value of your initial price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Jared company and their returns policy!

Does Jared swap diamonds?

Though there has been speculation in the past about Jared jewelers replacing customers’ expensive diamonds with jewels of lower-quality in a practice called a “diamond swap,” the owner of the Jared company has strongly denied these claims.

Incidents of employee misconduct may be possible in any large organization, but as of 2022, there is no available evidence to suggest that Jared swaps diamonds on any larger scale than isolated incidents.

Is Jared owned by Kay?

The company of Jared is not owned by Kay, but both Jared and Kay are owned by Signet Jewelers. Signet Jewelers is a Limited Company which was once called the Signet Group and is based in the United States.

Both Jared and Kay, along with as many as nineteen other jewelry chains, are divisions of Signet Jewelers which contribute to making them the single largest diamond jewelry retailer on the planet.

Does Jared use lab diamonds?

Jared does proudly create and sells lab diamonds, or diamonds that have been grown using a chemical process in a lab instead of naturally occurring in the crust of the Earth.

According to their website, Jared makes sure their lab grown diamonds have the same level of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight as their naturally obtained diamonds.

What’s the difference between Kay and Jared?

Both Kay and Jared are owned by Signet Jewelers as separate divisions, but they are different in terms of certification, negotiability of prices, and return policy.

For example, Kay offers a 60-day return policy, while Jared requires jewelry returns to adhere to a 30-day policy. 

Kay also has diamonds that are certified by the International Gemological Institute, which is different from Jared’s diamonds. Jared’s diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA.

Is Jared a good jeweler?

In terms of accessibility, customer service, and policy, Jared’s is widely believed to be a good jeweler. However, Jared has come under scrutiny before for the quality of their merchandise.

Can I use my Kay Jeweler’s card at Jared?

Though it is true that Jared is one of the companies under the same overall corporate umbrella of Signet Jewelers, it does not accept the Kay jeweler’s card for purchases.

This is because while both companies sell similar products and are separate divisions of the same company, they each prefer that customers use their own division-specific jeweler’s card.


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In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Jared company, which is a division of Signet Jewelers, will buy back jewelry that they have sold you as long as their return policies are followed.

This means that any item returned to Jared’s will be bought as long as it is brought back 30 days from the original purchase date, in good and unused condition!

Jared offers to buy jewelry back in the tender that it was purchased with, meaning that debit purchases will be refunded directly to debit cards, for example.

Jared also offers trade-ins, for those who prefer a different product instead of cash. Altogether, Jared’s policies for buying back jewelry are easy to understand and take advantage of!



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