Does Kay Jewelers Sell Real Diamonds (Are They Fake or Not)

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Real Diamonds

Do you know if Kay Jewelers sells real diamonds or is Kay Jewelers reliable? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Kay Jewelers is a mall-based jewelry retail chain started by Edmund and Sol Kaufmann in Pennsylvania back in 1916.

The chain is one of the top jewelry retailers in the United States and has outlets in most of the major malls around the country. 

However, there has been some controversy surrounding their products with a lot of customers doubting the authenticity and worth of their diamonds. Compared to some of the other prominent players in the market, such as James Allen, diamond jewelry from Kay Jewelry may seem more affordable but is it worth the risk? Let’s dive into it!

Does Kay Jewelers Sell Real Diamonds?

Kay Jewelers does indeed sell real diamonds, but they are generally known to be of mediocre quality and certainly not the best in terms of clarity, cut, and color.

If you want a more premium service and guaranteed quality with top-notch certifications, you’re better off opting for some of the more high-end jewelry stores.

However, another important point that should be kept under consideration is that Kay Jewelry also offers jewelry featuring lab-created diamonds.

While lab-created diamonds are not regarded as ‘real’ diamonds or worth as much as naturally occurring diamonds, they are very similar in look and much less expensive. 

It should also be kept in mind that Kay Jewelers is not trying to dupe customers by selling lab-created diamonds instead of real ones; they have a separate category on their website showcasing jewelry with lab-created diamonds and it is clearly mentioned in the name of the product as well. 

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It is ultimately the customer’s choice whether they want to go for a natural diamond or a lab-created one depending on their personal preference and budget.

Diamonds made in labs are much cheaper and more abundant than real ones, but look pretty similar to the untrained eye.

To sum up, Kay Jewelers sells both real and lab-created diamonds (which are clearly labeled on their website) and it is up to the customer to decide which one they want to go for.

It is also worth mentioning that real diamond jewelry from Kay Jewelers is known to be of mediocre quality and a lot of their diamonds are not certified by GIA or AGS.

Natural vs Lab Created Diamonds

Kay Jewelers, along with many other jewelry retailers, offer lab-created diamonds. So what exactly is the difference between real diamonds and lab-created ones? 

In recent times, there has been a spike in the availability of jewelry featuring lab-created diamonds in the market.

This is primarily because lab-created diamonds are much cheaper and quicker to manufacture compared to real ones.

Let’s talk about the major differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds.


Natural diamonds are found in the earth’s crust and are formed from carbon over billions of years in high-pressure conditions.

They are relatively difficult to find and are among the hardest materials in this world. They are worth a lot more than lab-created diamonds and their value is measured in carats, and also depends on the color, cut and clarity of the diamond.

Lab-Created Diamonds 

Lab-created diamonds, like the name suggests, are manufactured in laboratories by companies and take a matter of weeks or months to form completely.

They look similar to real diamonds and a layman would probably be unable to differentiate between the two. Needless to say, lab-grown diamonds (also called manmade diamonds) are much cheaper than natural diamonds. 

Whether you decide to go for jewelry featuring natural or lab-grown diamonds is completely up to you. People choose lab-created diamonds over real ones for a variety of reasons, although the primary one is cost.

Similarly, you may opt for a natural diamond over a lab-grown one for multiple reasons such as value and quality. 

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Why Is Kay Jewelers So Cheap

Some customers find Kay Jewelers to be cheaper compared to more high-end brands, but that might be because big brands offer a more premium experience in terms of quality, customer experience, and after-sales service.

Since it’s the luxurious shopping experience and brand name that you’re paying for along with a high-quality product, it makes sense for luxury brands to charge more.

Kay Jewelers is also viewed to be cheaper because of their frequent sales that significantly mark down prices, sometimes as low as an astonishing seventy percent off!

The reason behind these mega-sales is that since Kay Jewelers already has a significant profit margin, they can afford to decrease prices considerably but still make a good profit.

Kay Jewelers Shopping Guide

You can probably find a Kay Jewelers outlet at your nearest mall or find out where the closest location is by searching it up online.

Apart from in-store shopping at their mall-based outlets, you can also buy most of their products online on their website and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Kay Jewelers has a variety of different jewelry products available for all occasions. You can also get your jewelry piece customized according to your liking and get a particular stone, setting, metal, color or design of your choice.

More specific customization such as stone cut and shape, mounting, side setting and engraving is also available.

For online shopping, their website is pretty easy to navigate with clearly labeled menu tags that can help you narrow down your search according to the particular gem type or occasion you want your jewelry for.

Details such as product specifications, gem information, customer reviews, metal type and even delivery information according to your location are mentioned along with each individual product.

Kay Jewelers also offer financing options and a lifetime guarantee for most of its diamond jewelry.

In general, their policies are quite customer-friendly such as the different financing options they provide, lifetime guarantee for gemstones and their diamond trade-in program that allows customers to upgrade their diamond jewelry. 

Overall, Kay Jewelers is a good place to buy from if you’re not too picky about quality and prefer ease of accessibility and a variety of options to choose from.

Kay Jewelers Return and Exchange Policy

Kay Jewelers has a pretty straightforward return and exchange policy for customers. You can return your item to them within 30 days provided that the item is unused, undamaged, and in its original packaging. 

You can return the product either by taking it back to their physical outlet, or in case of online orders, you also have the option of mailing it back to them using the return label they provide.

Simply pack up the item (in the original wrapping if possible) along with any accessories or documents that came with it.

Then print out the return label and your address, stick them on the parcel, and mail it back to them. 

After receiving the parcel, they will check the jewelry item to ensure it is in the right condition and let you know whether it is eligible for return or not.

You will be notified about their decision and refunded on the original method of payment within three weeks if the return is eligible. Delivery charges are not refunded.

If you want to exchange the item, this can be done within 60 days. Simply take the product to the nearest physical store and they will sort it out for you. 


James Allen is the leader in online diamond sales. Their imaging technology is the same as inspecting a diamond with a jeweler's loupe. They have the largest exclusive loose diamond inventory online and fantastic prices.

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  • No questions asked returns within 30 days of shipment. James Allen will send you a paid shipping label to return the ring.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free International Shipping
  • Free prong tightening, repolishing, rhodium plating and cleaning every 6 months
  • Provide insurance appraisals
  • One free resizing within 60 days of purchase
  • Free ring inscriptions
  • Best-in-class high quality imagery of all diamonds in stock
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Best-in-class packaging


In conclusion, Kay Jewelers does sell real diamonds although they might not be your first choice if you’re looking for top-notch quality in terms of weight, clarity, and color.

Apart from natural diamonds, they also have jewelry featuring lab-grown diamonds (which is labeled on their website).

The certification of the diamonds varies from product to product—it is best if you go with diamond jewelry that is certified by GIA or AGS.

Kay Jewelers might be a good option if you’re looking particularly for affordable jewelry that is easily available and can be bought in a variety of colors and designs.



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