Does Dollar General Sell Academy Gift Cards? (Full Guide)  

Does Dollar General Sell Academy Gift Cards

Are you needing to buy an Academy gift card and wondering if they are sold in Dollar General stores? We have the scoop on whether you can find Academy gift cards at dollar general!

No, Dollar General stores do not sell Academy Sports gift cards. They are not available in Dollar General stores or online, but they can be purchased through Academy Sports online store for no fees and free shipping. Academy Sports gift cards are non-transferable and never expire.

The following article dives into all you need to know about Academy gift cards, including where they are sold.

Where can you buy Academy Sports gift cards?

There are several third-party retailers that stock Academy gift cards in their stores, but it may vary by location, so call and check your local store before making a special trip. The following stores are locations where academy Sports gift cards are sold:

  • Albertsons
  • Kroger
  • Office Depot
  • Tom Thumb

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What retailer do not sell Academy gift cards?

There are many more retailers that do not sell Academy Sports gift cards than those that do. The following stores, in addition to Dollar General, do not sell Academy gift cards at this time:

Are their fees associated with buying an Academy gift card?

No, there are never any extra fees associated with loading money onto an Academy gift card. The entire amount that you purchase the gift card for will be loaded into the card for the individual to use in its entirety.

This is true no matter what store or online retailer that you purchase the Academy gift card through.

Do Academy Sports gift card expire?

No, Academy Sport gift card never expire. The full amount on the gift card will be able to be used online or in-store for as long as the company exists.

How can I get free shipping on my Academy Sports gift card purchase?

If you order your Academy Sport gift card from their website, then they will ship it to you or the desired recipient for free!

Buying it straight from the original retailer allows you to know that the gift card is legit, more likely to be warrantied if lost, and comes with free shipping!

What gift cards does Dollar General sell?

Dollar General does sell a lot of different brands of gift cards, including Amazon, Netflix, Google Play, eBay, Visa, and several others.

Can you buy Academy gift cards from Dollar Generals’ online store?

No, you are unable to purchase any Academy Sports gift card at Dollar general’s online store because the company has decided not to stock that brand of gift card.

Dollar General also does not allow the purchase of gift cards from any brand online. Instead, you must go into the store to physically load cash or credit onto the gift cards.

How much can you load onto an Academy gift card?

There are numerous options for amounts that can be loaded onto an Academy Sports gift card, but the maximum balance is $1500 on any single gift card.

What are some of the specialized gift cards available through Academy sports?

Academy Sports offers gifts cards for many occasions including Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, thank you, and congratulations gift cards.

They also offer gift cards with fun depictions of grilling meat, fishing, hunting, camping, and sporting events.

What kind of products can be purchased with my Academy Sports gifts card?

Anything that Academy Sports has to offer for sale both in-stores and online is available for purchase with your Academy gift card.

Academy offers top brands of outdoor apparel and sports equipment for the whole family, along with backyard recreation toys, health and fitness equipment, and sports fan memorabilia.

Is Academy Sports expensive to shop at?

When you give a store merchandise card as a gift, you want to know that you are giving them enough money to buy themselves something nice.

With Academy Sports, that is easy to do with even a small amount of money! Academy Sports offers great prices on brand name products with a wide enough selection that anyone would be able to find something that they want!

Where can you spend an Academy Sports gift card?

You can spend an Academy Sports gift card in their stores and on their online store. The Academy Sports gift cards are not intended to be used in any other retailer store or online website.

Are Academy gift cards redeemable for cash?

No, all Academy Sports gift cards are only allowed intended to be used to purchase items online or in Academy Sports stores and are not redeemable for cash or credit.

This is an exception in those states where the store may be required to by state law.

Are Academy Sports gift cards eligible for resale?

No, the Academy Sports website specifically notes that once loaded their gift cards are non-transferable and not eligible for resale.

With that stated, they have the right to ban, prosecute, or sue anyone choosing to break those rules.

Are Academy Sports gift cards reloadable?

Yes, Academy gift cards are reloadable. Instead of purchasing a new card, you can instead load any balance under $1500 onto the card that you have.

You can reload your gift cards in any Academy Sports store or on their website. If purchasing from a third-party retailer, then they might make you load it onto a new card, which won’t cost you any extra.

Can I get a new card if mine is lost or damaged?

Academy Sports Customer Care center says that lost, stolen, or altered cards will not be replaced.

But if you purchased your gift card directly through their store, have the original receipt, and they can tell that they gift card has not been used, then they may be able to deactivate the lost card and reload it onto another.

But there are absolutely no guarantees that option will be available.

How do I check the balance of my Academy Gift Card?

You can call the number on the back of the card and follow the prompts to determine the remaining balance on the card.

You can also go to and enter the gift card number and PIN to determine the remaining balance.

You also always have the option of calling a store or visiting a location where they would be happy to help you determine the remaining balance on your Academy gift card.


Academy Sports gift cards cannot be purchased at Dollar General in store or online. While they carry many other brands of gift cards that can be purchased in their stores, Dollar General has decided not to stock Academy Sports gift cards at this time.

Academy Sport gift card can be purchased through Academy Sports online store for no fees and free shipping.

They can also be purchased at third-party retailer such as Albertsons, Kroger, Office Depot, and Tom Thumb.

Academy Sports gift cards are non-transferable, never expire, and come with a maximum balance of $1500!



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