Does Club Soda Have Alcohol (Proved!)

Does Club Soda Have Alcohol

Do you know if Club Soda has alcohol? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Club soda has been a staple at bars for a long time. This classic carbonated beverage is commonly used in combination with other drinks or alcohols to create new concoctions.

And although most people are aware of club soda’s makeup, some still want to know whether Club Soda contains alcohol or not? The answer is, no, club soda does not have alcohol in it. Club soda is merely a type of carbonated water with minerals added to it. However, club soda is often used as a mixer for different alcoholic cocktail drinks.  

In this article, we will discuss exactly what club sodas contain (which makes them non-alcoholic), including their mineral content.

We’ll also discuss how club soda makes a healthier and cheaper alternative to alcoholic beverages.

Stick around to the end, where we’ll share our best tips for sprucing up your club soda for a non-alcoholic night of drinking. 

What Is Club Soda Made Of?

Although it can be easy to assume that club soda is an alcoholic beverage, since it’s used in tandem with so many bars and alcoholic spheres, it’s not.

Club soda is a pretty simple beverage that is nothing more than carbonated water with some supplemented minerals mixed in. 

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Club Soda’s Mineral Content

A lot of people assume that club soda is the same thing as seltzer or various sparkling waters, and they are each form of carbonated water.

However, the key difference is in the minerals.

These minerals are for adding a bit of flavor to the water in club soda, and they include sodium bicarbonate, potassium sulfate, disodium phosphate, and sodium chloride.

You’ll notice that the last one in that list is actually the chemical compound for table salt.

This is why, depending on what type of club soda you’re drinking, you may notice a slightly salty taste to it. 

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Club Soda’s Nutrient Content

Club soda isn’t unhealthy, but it’s also not specifically marketed for health purposes since it doesn’t have many nutrients in it.

Aside from helping you to make the more hydrating choice at the bar, club soda has no calories, no sugar, no carbohydrates, no fat, and no protein.  

Benefits of Drinking Club Soda

Although club soda doesn’t have much inherent nutritional value, there are still some advantages to drinking it instead of alcohol.

Namely, it helps you to stay hydrated while still keeping a drink in your hand at a bar or during a night of friends drinking together. 

Furthermore, club soda is a very cost-efficient way to drink with friends, whereas mixed drinks, beer, wine, or shots of liquor could end up costing you $20 or $30 after a night out.

Club soda is pretty inexpensive since it’s basically just carbonated water, and because of this, you’re likely to pay very little for it (if anything) at a bar. 

Another perk of drinking club soda as opposed to alcoholic beverages is that it is way healthier. While beer is heavy on the gut and can be high in calories, club soda has no calories or carbs.

Mixed drinks and various cocktails are notorious for having lots of sugar and calories based on the mixers.

With club soda, though, you can take a detour from those calories and end up with a hydrated body and mind at the end of the night. 

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Best Tips for Making Club Soda Mocktails and Drinks

Since club soda is quite plain as it is, it’s good to be aware of a few ways to make the drink more interesting.

While the obvious choice is to use club soda for mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails), you can also add light flavors and mixers into your club soda for a less sugary or heavy drink. 

Club Soda Mocktails

One way to make club soda more exciting is to go for the cocktail – but exclude the actual alcohol.

It’s much healthier and won’t leave you feeling groggy the next day.

Several delicious mocktails using club soda as a base include:

  • Summer spritzer mocktails – spritzers are fairly healthy and often incorporate fruity flavors for warmer weather. You could include cranberry juice, watermelon juice, citrus, or other flavors with club soda. A dash of lime juice is always a good addition to club soda, as well.
  • Moscow Mule mocktails – these mocktails use club soda as a base and throw in a little bit of ginger ale and lime juice to add the flavor. These are especially light. 

Club Soda Mixers and Add-Ins

As a general rule of thumb, a spritz of citrus juice in a glass of cold club soda is always a go-to choice. Lime juice is the standard, although lemon will do as well.

You can also throw in an orange peel, a few frozen cranberries or raspberries, or some other light flavor. 


Club soda does not have alcohol, although it’s often used in alcoholic mixed drinks as a base.

Club soda is a type of carbonated water with minerals mixed in, such as sodium chloride and potassium sulfate.

There are plenty of ways to spruce up a glass of club soda to have a healthier and cheaper alternative to alcoholic mixed drinks.

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