Who Makes Kirkland Silver Tequila (The Truth!)

Who Makes Kirkland Silver Tequila

Do you know who makes Kirkland Silver Tequila? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Kirkland silver tequila is one of the most affordable Mexican tequilas produced by La Madrileña distillery. This distillery is identified by its NOM 1472. La Madrileña distillery sources all ingredients locally to produce the most delicious tasting liquor.

La Madrileña produces and distributes all tequila from Jalisco, Mexico. The distillery works with farmers in the local area to purchase fresh agave and other natural ingredients.

Fresh, local ingredients create a delicious, unforgettable taste. It also helps La Madrileña distillery support the local economy.

Who makes Kirkland silver tequila?

The producer and distributor of Kirkland silver tequila is La Madrileña distillery. They partner with blue agave farmers in the Jalisco area to produce premium Kirkland tequila.

La Madrileña distillery bases these local partnerships on their product quality, reliability, and genuineness.

Who previously made Kirkland silver tequila?

Before being produced at La Madrileña, two other companies made Kirkland silver.

These three companies include Fabrica de Tequilas Finos, S.A. de C.V., and Destriladora del Valle de Tequila. These distilleries were both located in Mexico as well.

At these two distilleries, Kirkland silver was still known for being a great medium-grade tequila. However, the consideration for ingredients, aging, and distilling process was not as good as it is now.

At La Madrileña, there is a considerably larger amount of time spent making Kirkland silver tequila.

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Where does La Madrileña distillery distribute tequila?

La Madrileña distributes its tequila to several countries, including the United States, Germany, and South Korea.

Overall, their main consumers are from Mexico themselves. A dozen countries are directly associated with the distribution of La Madrileña tequilas, including Kirkland silver tequila.

This leader in tequila sales distributes tequila and wine to consumers globally.

La Madrileña uses UPS as their primary ground and seas shipper of tequila. Consumers may choose to add express shipping or they may use free, standard shipping when placing their order.

Unfortunately, you can only place bulk orders of tequila from La Madrileña distillery directly.

If you are interested in having La Madrileña become your liquor or wine distributor, contact them directly.

What is La Madrileña distillery?

La Madrileña distillery is the main distributor of Kirland’s tequilas. The Mexican liquor and wine distributor was opened in 1911, changing between three distributors throughout the time it has been open.

For over 110 years, La Madrileña has remained a leading provider of Mexican wines and spirits.

This premier distillery ranks within the top one hundred and ten top tequila distilleries globally, ranking at number 107 on Top Tequila.

La Madrileña is sold globally and can be identified by its NOM 1472. It can also be identified by the crisp taste. 

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Where is La Madrileña distillery located?

La Madrileña distillery is located in Jalisco, Mexico. Jalisco is a Mexican state located along the pacific ocean, established as an important economic capital.

International trade companies like La Madrileña have helped Jalisco become the third-largest economy in the Mexican Republic. 

Surrounding areas are small farming towns that are composed mostly of Weber blue agave plants. These farming communities are the main reason that producing quality tequila at the La Madrileña distillery is possible.

Does La Madrileña distillery make good tequila?

The tequila and other liquor produced at La Madrileña distillery vary in grade. Generally, Kirkland silver tequila is considered a low-grade tequila because of the price point.

But it is a medium-grade tequila at worst, given the authenticity and great ingredients used in production. 

The Kirkland silver tequila produced at La Madrileña is considered a medium-grade tequila. One of the reasons this tequila is not considered high-grade is because of its lack of excessive distilling.

 Kirkland silver tequila does not go through a long aging process. Compared to other tequila brands, this lowers the quality. Still, La Madrileña distillery produces some of Mexico’s best tequila.


Kirkland silver tequila is produced by La Madrileña distillery in Mexico. This trusted distillery has been in business for over one hundred years, producing delicious tequila for people worldwide.

As of now, there are one dozen countries, which La Madrileña supplies its delicious tequila. 

Kirkland tequila continues to maintain a mixed reputation because of its low price. People fail to consider the fresh ingredients in their recipes.

La Madrileña uses fresh ingredients in their Kirkland silver tequila. Sourcing their ingredients from local farms supports the community. It also produces the most delicious silver tequila possible.

For over 110 years, La Madrileña distillery has produced quality, affordable tequila, which they distribute across a dozen countries.

The ingredients and distilling process make it a great tequila, despite the low price! Consumers can rely on this affordable tequila to leave them satisfied and happy.

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