Does Big Lots Sell TVs? (Are They Good? Types, Reviews + More)

Does Big Lots Sell TVs

Big Lots currently sells a very small range of smart TVs from the Westinghouse brand. Its TVs come in a range of three sizes to choose from, and with a number of features to suit individual needs and requirements. At a range of three price points, Big Lots selection of TVs should offer something to ensure affordability and suitability for everyone.

In the rest of this article, we will look in more detail at the TVs sold by Big Lots, including price, reviews, quality, and more.

Does Big Lots sell TVs?

Big Lots sells a very small range of TVs as part of their home theatre section of electronics. Big Lots currently offers a small selection of smart TVs from the Westinghouse brand.

TVs sold by Big Lots come in a range of three sizes and with different features to suit different needs and requirements.

Are Big Lots TVs good?

Big Lots only sells TVs by Westinghouse, a brand well-known for making affordable, up-to-date TVs.

The TVs sold by Big Lots offer the latest Roku operating system, which allows access to numerous apps to keep you entertained with the latest movies and TV shows.

They also come enabled to support Alexa, so you can control your TV with voice commands. 

As two of the TVs sold at Big Lots offer 4K Ultra HD, the picture quality is typically great, especially for the price point they retail at.

It also means there is likely to be some difference in quality between these two TVs and the third option, which is cheaper but does not offer Ultra HD. 

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What types of TVs does Big Lots sell?

Big Lots offers a selection of three sizes and types, each with its own price point. The three Westinghouse TVs available at Big Lots each differ slightly, mostly in terms of quality and size.

  • The most budget-friendly TV sold at Big Lots is the 42” Full HD LED Smart Roku TV, which retails at $299.99.
  • At the mid-range is the 55” 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku TV, which retails at $599.99.
  • The TV at the highest price point is the 65” Class Black 4K Ultra HDR LED Smart Roku TV, which retails for $699.99. 

Do Big Lots TVs get good reviews?

Typically, Big Lots’ TVs get good reviews from customers, particularly in regard to their price points. Many customers note that they would expect to pay much more for the quality and features offered by Big Lots’ TV selection.

Another advantage of the TVs at Big Lots was the design, which many customers noted was strong yet attractive. 

One negative is that the selection of TVs at Big Lots is so small, meaning anyone who does not like the Westinghouse brand or is looking for more variety is likely to be disappointed.

Some customers noted that they would like more variety from the TVs at Big Lots in terms of sizes and features.

Will Big Lots ship TVs?

Big Lots will ship your TV and offer a number of options.

Big Lots will ship your TV with either standard shipping, which can take a few days but is free when you spend over $59, or expedited delivery, which delivers your item more quickly but may be more expensive.

Big Lots will ship across the US, with the exceptions of Alaska and Hawaii.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to ship your TV or need it sooner, you have other options. You can pick up your item from the store for free, and often on the same day if you place your order before 5 pm local time.

Big Lots also offer curbside pickup, where your order will be bought out to you when you arrive at the store. 

Can you return a TV to Big Lots?

You can return a TV to Big Lots within thirty days of purchasing it. Items can be returned in store or online for either a refund or exchange.

To return a TV bought in store, return the TV in its original packaging with any accompanying manuals and accessories to the store, preferably with the receipt. A staff member will be able to process your return.

To return a TV purchased online, you can return it in store or by mail. To return it by mail, you should arrange the return online by going to your Order History page and choosing Return Item.

You will receive a return slip and instructions on how to return your product to Big Lots.

Can you get protection for your TV?

Big Lots offer additional protection on certain items with the option to purchase an Allstate Protection Plan. The Plan covers electronics including TVs against damage for up to five years.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t purchase the Plan at the time of purchasing your TV, you will have to return the item and repurchase it with the Plan in order to access coverage.

Pros and cons of buying a TV from Big Lots


  • Big Lots’ selection of TVs comes in three affordable price points, meaning it is ideal for anyone looking for budget-friendly TV options. The affordability means customers can get up-to-date features and high quality at a decent price point, meaning they can save some money while getting the latest entertainment.


  • One of the main downsides of buying a TV from Big Lots is the size of the selection, which is very small compared with other retailers. Offering only three TVs means customers are left without many options to choose from, which can be particularly disappointing for anyone wanting variety.

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Final Thoughts

Big Lots currently offers only a very small selection of TVs by the Westinghouse brand.

Coming in three different sizes and with a number of up-to-date features, Big Lots’ small offering of TVs is budget-friendly while ensuring suitability for everyone.

The option of adding protection for your TV is a great way to ensure peace of mind when purchasing your TV at Big Lots.



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