Does Big Lots Deliver Same Day? (All You Need To Know)

Does Big Lots Deliver Same Day

Do you know if Big lots deliver same day? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Big Lots does offer same day delivery on a wide range of products, so long as the order is placed before 2 pm local time. Same day delivery is available Monday to Sunday and allows customers to pick a two-hour delivery slot. Same day delivery should be available from most Big Lots stores.

In the following article, we look in more detail at everything you need to know about Big Lots’ same day delivery, including availability, eligibility, and fees involved. 

Does Big Lots deliver same day?

Big Lots does offer same day delivery on a lot of its items. Customers can choose to add same day delivery on orders of eligible items placed before 2 pm local time, Monday to Sunday.

Customers can also choose a designated two-hour delivery slot during which they can receive their order.

Some of Big Lots’ items are not eligible for same day delivery due to size or delivery address, while others may be eligible but might have an earlier cut-off point for making the order.

It’s also worth noting that availability depends on individual stores, as some may have different rules on sale day delivery.

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How much does same day delivery cost from Big Lots?

When choosing to have an order delivered on the same day, customers have to pay a flat delivery rate.

This rate will depend on the size of the order but is based on the largest item in the order. This means that if you have multiple items, you will only pay a single delivery rate.

Big Lots’ same day delivery rates are:

  • Small items: $10,
  • Medium orders: $35,
  • Larger orders: $95. 

How do you schedule same day delivery from Big Lots?

To schedule same day delivery from Big Lots, simply place your order online and choose the delivery that suits you.

Customers can opt for same day delivery simply by choosing the appropriate option. They should then be offered different two-hour slots throughout the day to choose from. 

Sometimes, the desired delivery slot may not be available due to high demand, particularly on busy days or at peak seasons for Big Lots.

In this case, Big Lots recommend checking back regularly to get the slot you need, or else choose another slot that may be available. The website should be updated frequently with available slots.

When will my Big Lots item arrive?

If you place your order before 2 pm Monday to Sunday, you will receive your item the same day in most cases.

Due to size or availability, some items need to be ordered prior to 2 pm to be eligible for same day delivery.

The time you receive your order will depend on the two-hour delivery slot you choose when making the order.

Will my item be delivered by Big Lots?

Big Lots do not handle shipping and delivery. Instead, they use a contract with PICKUP to complete deliveries.

This provides part of the fee paid for delivery, particularly fees for faster deliveries like same day delivery.

PICKUP employs Deliver Pros, who will be responsible for shipping and delivering your Big Lots order.

According to Big Lots, the individuals employed by PICKUP as Delivery Pros are independent delivery drivers from the local area, who are vetted thoroughly to make sure delivery remains safe and reliable.

Delivery Pros work independently and usually use their own vehicle to deliver your item. 

What Big Lots items are eligible for same day delivery?

According to Big Lots, most items they sell should be available for same day delivery, so long as they are in stock at a local Big Lots store.

However, it’s worth noting that the size of the item you are ordering is also likely to affect whether same day delivery is available.

Big Lots’ list eligible items as including:

  • Household essentials,
  • Groceries,
  • Furniture,
  • Holiday products,
  • Seasonal items,
  • Home décor and storage,
  • Apparel and footwear,
  • Kids’ items and toys,
  • Pet supplies,
  • Hygiene and personal care products.

Are any items not eligible?

There are some items which are not eligible for Big Lots’ same day delivery. Items that are not in stock at your local Big Lots store will not be available for same day delivery.

Similarly, items that are too large to be delivered on the same day may require a different, more appropriate delivery option which can handle the size of the item. 

Other items require special handling when being delivered due to the nature of the product. In these cases, a staff member from Big Lots will contact you directly to find out more details on the item you require.

To find out more information on which items are classed as specialty and require different handling, customers should contact PICKUP on 877-244-5087.

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What other delivery options do Big Lots have?

Big Lots offers a number of other delivery options, most of which depend on the size and availability of the item you have purchased.

Big! Delivery, for instance, is the best delivery option for large items like bedroom furniture, sofas, and outdoor furniture.

Let’s look at the other delivery options Big Lots offers, and the typical time span customers can expect:

  • Standard shipping (between 3 and 8 business days),
  • Priority shipping (between 2 and 7 business days),
  • Expedited shipping (between 1 and 3 business days),
  • Big! Delivery (1-3 days for processing, 7-15 days to schedule delivery).

Remember that most of these delivery options will incur some sort of shipping and handling fee.

As an example, Big! Delivery costs $149 as an unlimited flat rate, which means the rest of your order will ship for free while you pay the delivery fee for the largest item in your order. 

Final Thoughts

Big Lots offers same day delivery on a number of their products.

Orders must be placed before 2 pm local time in order to be eligible for same day delivery and must contain items which are available for same day delivery.

Customers can opt for same day delivery on orders placed seven days a week.



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