Does Big Lots Sell Bed Frames? (Quality, Types + Review)

Does Big Lots Sell Bed Frames

Lindsey, do you know if Big Lots sells bed frames? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Big Lots sells various options of bed frames. You can purchase inexpensive, simple metal frames with support legs. There are some frames with storage options included. You can also find platform bed frames to place your mattress on. They come in all different bed sizes, and are affordably priced.

Big Lots is a discount department store that offers many types of consumer products. You can purchase clothing for the whole family, as well as furniture for all the rooms in your home.

Big Lots sells budget-friendly beds, including frames. Keep reading to find out about the types of frames they offer and what quality level you can expect.

Does Big Lots Sell Bed Frames?

Furniture pieces are hot sellers at Big Lots. Beds are especially popular because customers can purchase nice mattresses for a fraction of the prices at other stores. 

Big Lots gets some of its merchandise from overstocked items that are going out of season from prior years.

Other retailers and manufacturers sell their overstock to Big Lots to recoup some of the money they’ll lose from not selling to customers.

Big Lots offers everything from basic metal bed frames for inexpensive prices to brand name upholstered beds with storage or trundles underneath. They also have some wood bed frame options.

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What Size Bed Frames Does Big Lots Sell?

You can buy twin size bed frames and on up to king size. They also offer different styles of frames.

You can buy the traditional frames that hold the mattress and are built for function, and nothing more.

You can also select day bed frames, as well as platform bed frames with storage drawers built in. Still other bed frames are upholstered and decorative at Big Lots. 

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Are Big Lots Bed Frames Good Quality?

The quality levels vary across the bed frame options at Big Lots. That’s because they come from different manufacturers and not all of them produce the same quality of goods.

Big Lots strives to offer customers good quality products at affordable prices, though. Most Big Lots departments include items that range in quality so customers can choose something that falls within their budgets.

The bed frames are from different manufacturers. You can research the bed frame makers to see what customers are saying about their products. 

Should you have an issue with a bed frame you purchase from Big Lots, there is a return policy.

What Is the Return Policy at Big Lots?

For most items, you have up to 30 days to return an item. It must be in its original condition. It also cannot be missing pieces or instructions. 

You should keep your receipts during the return policy period because you cannot get a refund back to your payment method if you don’t produce a receipt for the purchased item.

You may still return the unwanted item, however, you will receive your refund on a gift card to Big Lots. Big Lots also deducts 20% from the current selling price from your refund.

Does Big Lots Deliver Bed Frames?

Big Lots delivers items you order, but it depends on how you order them. When you order furniture online, you can choose a delivery method.

When you purchase in store, you must get your items home yourself.

Some furniture is sold in store. The selection is limited due to lack of space. There’s a wider variety on the Big Lots website.

You can browse all the bed frames available through Big Lots and choose the delivery method you’d like. 

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How Much Is the Big Lots Delivery Fee?

Big Lots has a delivery program called Big! Delivery. It’s an unlimited flat rate program that allows you to get all items from the same order shipped for $149, no matter what.

Anything you order on the website ships for that rate regardless of the number of items.

Delivery Options at Big Lots

Large purchased items may be delivered through three options. 

  • Threshold – The delivered item is placed on the first available dry spot. It could be in your garage, in your yard, on your porch, or inside your home’s first room.
  • Room of choice – This service provides placement of the delivered item in the room you want it in.
  • White glove – This is reserved for mattress orders only. If you order mattresses and a bed frame, you can get the white glove service option. Your bed frame will be placed in the desired room, while the mattresses are unpackaged and positioned on the frame. You may also have your old mattress hauled away.

Does Big Lots Assemble My Bed Frame?

Big Lots only performs light assembly of furniture. For instance, delivery workers unbox and position mattresses as they should be.

They may also insert drawers into furniture when appropriate.

Big Lots does not offer complete assembly of furniture or other purchased items. 

Should I Buy a Bed at Big Lots?

You can find good quality beds at Big Lots for low prices. If you’re in the market for a new bed and you like getting a great deal, Big Lots may be the ideal place to buy yours.

All of the furniture is brand new. Some of it comes from brands known for high quality products.

It’s just not the most current stock offered by the brand, so you can buy it for a much lower price than it was originally offered at.

Big Rewards Program

Big Lots has a customer rewards program that offers you points toward monetary rewards. Furniture purchases earn you points fast.

Make sure to sign up for the rewards program if you are going to shop at Big Lots.


Big Lots does sell bed frames, along with many other pieces of furniture. You can find a few options in some store locations.

The full array of bed frames offered is easy to browse online. You can also choose to have it delivered to your home for a flat fee.

Big Lots offers good quality bed frames that cost less than those of their competitors.



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