Does Big Lots Deliver Beds? (All You Need to Know)

Does Big Lots Deliver Beds

Big Lots delivers beds under its Big! Delivery program. It’s a service offered to customers who purchase large items that aren’t shipped through parcel shipping. You can pay one flat rate for unlimited delivery, meaning regardless of the size or weight of the purchased items. Mattresses get shipped with a “white glove” service included, as well.

Most of us want purchased furniture delivered to our homes. Beds are large and heavy. Big Lots does deliver beds that are ordered online.

You’ll learn all you need to know about the Big! Delivery service for beds right here in this article. So, keep reading to find out.

Does Big Lots Deliver Beds?

Big Lots does deliver beds, but it depends on how you purchase them. You can purchase by three methods.

  • Order a mattress in a box – You can purchase these from the website. They are shipped directly to your home and are conveniently packaged so you can place them in the appropriate room. Once you remove the packaging, the memory foam mattress unfurls and expands to the intended size.
  • Order Serta mattresses online – These orders are placed with the Big! Delivery flat rate shipping that includes “white glove” service upon delivery. Stay tuned for more on that further down.
  • Purchase a bed in-store – You can also purchase some beds in-store at Big Lots. If you choose this option, you’ll need to get it home yourself. The delivery options are only for beds purchased online.

Your Big Lots location won’t have the same number of options as the website. If you want to choose from the full array of beds, you should order your bed online.

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What Is the Big! Delivery Service?

Big! Delivery is the service offered for online customers purchasing large items from the furniture department. It is only provided for customers shopping on the website.

When you purchase a bed that qualifies for the Big! Delivery service, you are charged a flat rate fee of $149 to have your items delivered to your home. Some items qualify for different tiers within the Big! Delivery options. 

Big! Delivery consists of three different tiers. Let’s look at those next.

Threshold Tier

This tier gets your items to your home. Setup and room of choice are not included in this level of the program.

Your purchased items are sent to your local delivery contractor. That contractor will reach out to you to figure out a date and a 4 hour window that works for delivery.

Upon arrival to your home, the items are dropped at the most convenient dry space. This could be your garage, your porch, or even the front room of your house.

Room of Choice Tier

This tier starts out the same as the threshold option. The difference for this one is you will direct the delivery workers to the room where you want your items placed. 

White Glove Tier

The “white glove” tier is provided for mattresses only. When you order your mattress, it’s built to your custom selections.

Once it’s ready, you’ll get the same call from the delivery partner to work out a good time and date for delivery.

You direct the delivery workers to the room where you want the bed to go. There is a limit of 2 flights of stairs for the chosen room. The workers will unpack your mattress and remove all debris from the room. 

This tier includes some assembly. It’s restricted to light assembly work. It also includes the hauling away of an old mattress, if applicable.

What Does Flat Rate Delivery Mean?

The Big! Delivery service is provided for a $149 flat rate. It means that you’re entire order gets delivered for that one price. 

For example, you order a bed set with mattress, various sheets sets, some kitchen items, and a mirror.

You are charged the $149 delivery fee and all items are shipped at no additional cost. 

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Can I Return an Item I’ve Had Delivered?

You have up to 30 days to return any item you’ve had delivered. You can take the item to your local Big Lots store.

If you don’t want to take it to the store yourself, you can call the Customer Care line at 1-866-BIG-LOTS to work out a time for pick up.

There is a cost for the pick up service.

How Long Does Bed Delivery Take?

You should count on 1 to 3 business days for your order to process. Then it will be shipped. Generally, you can expect your new bed within 7 to 15 days.

Can I Track My Bed Delivery?

You can track the bed you ordered. You’ll be provided tracking information once your items have shipped.

The tracking is up-to-date and easy to follow.

Do You Tip Big Lots Delivery?

Tipping the delivery workers is not required. However, they are permitted to accept tips. 

Big Lots delivery workers are tipped through a link. Rather than hand them cash in person, you’ll receive a text with a link for tipping.

You are able to tip the team that helped you and it will be distributed evenly amongst them.

Does Big Lots Offer Assembly?

Big Lots does not offer complete assembly services. The “white glove” delivery option does provide some light assembly of beds. 

Light assembly is limited to unpackaging the mattresses and setting them up on a bed frame that is already assembled.

The Delivery Pros are not paid for assembling bed frames, nor will they make the bed with sheets and blankets.

Wrap Up

Big Lots does deliver beds if you order them from the website. You can choose a bed in a box that will be mailed to your home, or you can order unboxed mattresses that are delivered to your room of choice or set up in your room of choice.

You’ll set up a delivery window on the date that works for you. Your Big! Delivery costs $149 and takes up to 2 weeks to receive.



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