Does AutoZone Make Car Keys without Original? (Do This Instead)

Does Autozone Make Car Keys without Original

Do you know if AutoZone makes car keys without the original? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

You know AutoZone makes car keys and they do it rather quickly. You also figure the cost will be around $75, since you got a copy there last time.

But, now you’ve totally lost the original and wonder, “Does AutoZone make car keys without the original?”

No, the truth is AutoZone does not make car keys for you without the original. They only have the capability to create duplicates. If you need a new original, you can buy an ignition column from AutoZone, find an automotive locksmith, locate an emergency car locksmith or go to a dealership.

While automotive locksmiths and emergency locksmiths will be cheaper than going to a dealership, the dealership will have factory accuracy.

So, which one you decide to use will come down to how important it is that your key be a dead ringer for the original.

Why Doesn’t AutoZone Make Car Keys without Original?

AutoZone doesn’t make keys without the original because they are not qualified locksmiths. What they have are staff trained in how to use a key machine for making duplicates.

Therefore, you must get in touch with someone knowledgeable in automotive locksmith services.

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Are There Nationwide Emergency Locksmiths?

There isn’t one central nationwide emergency locksmith. If you have a membership with the American Automotive Association (AAA), then you can get in contact with them. Otherwise, check your insurance policy to see if you have roadside assistance.

However, many popular locksmith companies can connect you with emergency services in your area. Consider any one of the following:

  • Pop-A-Lock: Often contracted by AAA for emergency key-making services, Pop-A-Lock is one of the top choices for getting an original made in a hurry. They can do anything you need at any time of day.
  • Minute Key: A self-service kiosk company you often find at places like Lowes or Wal-Mart. They also have a search feature on their website where you can locate emergency locksmith services.
  • KeyMe: This is another self-service kiosk company found at Menard’s or Home Depot. They too have a way to find a locksmith nearest you to help out of a jam.
  • Towing Less: This little known sensation since 1998 can connect you with an expert automotive locksmith. While they do connect many areas, they don’t accommodate every city. So, you have to first use their search feature for your city and state.

Cost & Proof of Ownership

Understand that the cost of emergency locksmith services will be a bit pricey. They won’t be nearly as much as going directly to the dealership.

However, they will cost more than getting an original made during normal business hours without roadside assistance.

Also, no matter where you go, you’re going to have to present proof of ownership. This means you should have a purchase receipt along with the deed and registration of the car.

It’s also good to be able to produce the vehicle identification number (VIN) to the locksmith as well.

Where Else Can You Get an Original Car Key Made?

Even if you aren’t in an emergency, you can use the services listed above to get an original for your car.

Otherwise, you have two additional options for getting an original car key made. These are through a dealership specifically catering to your make and model or The Keyless Shop at Sears.


The dealership will be expensive; this is a definite. However, they come with a guarantee backed by the manufacturer.

They have the exact equipment necessary with the right personnel to do it. So, you will get a perfect original and be on your way.

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The Keyless Shop

But, the Keyless Shop is an option as long as there is one close enough to you. They are in many places around the county like Maryland, Florida, California, and Texas.

But they aren’t in some places like Nevada or Nebraska, among others. In some states, they’ll have a single location but not throughout the whole state.

Ask AutoZone

If all these suggestions fail to help you, you could always ask AutoZone where they recommend getting an original made for your vehicle.

While it’s not a guarantee, someone there will usually know where you can go.

Search Online

In the rare chance that no one knows, do a search online for “emergency locksmith” (keep the quotes) followed by your city, and a list of places should come up.

These will be the nearest local businesses and locksmith services that will be able to help you.


While AutoZone won’t make keys without the original, there are several other places you can go to get one.

If your situation is urgent, contact AAA with your membership or do a search at something like Minute Key or Towing Less. You’ll locate one nearest to you.

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