What Is Dillards Return Policy after 30 days (secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

dillards Return Policy After 30 days

Do you know what Dillards return policy after 30 days is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Dillards is one of the most strict stores out there with their accepted returns. There is little in the way of overriding the return policy, and getting money back after the initial 30-days is nearly impossible. However, there are a lot of other criteria you have to meet in order to return some products at all.

So, what is Dillard return policy after 30 days? Dillards has a very strict return policy, and no items are allowed to be returned after 30-days of purchase. This means any item not returned within that 30-day window can not be taken back. It is important to note that this includes the shipping time and your time frame for returns shrinks if you are not taking it back to a physical location.

What Is Dillards Return Policy After 30 Days?

If you are looking to return a product purchased from Dillards after 30-days, you will have to think again.

Dillards has a very strict return policy that states no items will be accepted in return or exchange after 30-days from the original date of purchase.

If you are returning an item bought on their website, you only have 30-days to get the item back to the store, so it is crucial you account for shipping time.

If you don’t think you will have enough time to get it back, you can always take it to a local brick-and-mortar location to make the transaction.

Important note; No personalized items will be approved for a refund, whether inside the 30-day time frame or not.

There is almost no way to get a product returned to Dillards after the 30-day guidelines. If you purchase a product from this store, it is imperative you make a decision on whether or not it is something that will be useful or you may end up with something sitting around that you don’t want.

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Returning Products By Mail

If you are returning your purchases by mail, you will need to request a return slip from the company, and you are solely responsible for the shipping fees.

Most orders will require a $9.95 fee for the return label, which can then be printed up and placed on the package you would like to return.

If you are running short on time, you can opt to pay more money for expedited shipping; however, for most people, this might end up costing you just as much, if not more, than the product you are returning.

If you are returning an electronics item, it has to be sent back in the exact same packaging as received in with the label properly positioned over the original mailing label. 

If you choose to return your item via mail, you can expect your refund within 7-10 business days. 

Returning Products in Store

If you are returning a product to Dillards in-store, you simply need to bring the item, unused, unopened, and unaltered, to the location nearest you with a receipt or proof of transaction, and the employees will give you your entire purchase price (including sales tax) back either in the way in which you made the initial purchase or in-store credit, depending on your preference.

Any item that has been opened is not subject to a return or exchange unless that product is defective and wasn’t in working condition when you bought it. 

If you do have a defective item, this does not follow the same rules for returns either. You can return a defective product to any Dillard’s location or online at any time as long as you have proof of sale; this will only give you the right to exchange the item.

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What Happens if You Don’t Have Proof Of Purchase?

Unlike most stores that are willing to take back items without a proof of purchase in exchange for store credit, Dillards refuses any item unless you can prove you bought it from their store when you bought the item and that the item was purchased at a specific price; essentially meaning, no receipt, no returns.

If you do not have your original receipts but do have your proof of purchase label, you can use that in order to return the item for a full refund.

What Items Are Not Eligible for a Refund?

Dillards has an unusually long list of items that are not valid for a refund, whether inside the 30-day return period or not; these items include but may not be limited to;

  • Items that had been used
  • No proof of purchase (as discussed above)
  • Items that no longer have tags
  • Clearance items at 65% markdown or more
  • Personalized or customized products
  • Items with reduced prices and additional markdowns

Damaged items can only be returned if you receive them in poor condition by mail and will not be accepted if the damage was caused by an accident or anything else the customer may have done.

If you are trying to return shoes purchased at Dillard’s, you must return them in the same box in which you bought them or the return will be rejected and you won’t be able to get your money back or even an exchange.

Summing Things Up

Unfortunately, there is no return or exchange policy for Dillards after 30-days. The rules put in place by this brand are very much set in stone, and once you have had the item in your possession for one month, it is yours to keep whether you want it or not.

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