Croma’s Replacement Policy (What’s Covered + Time Frames)

Croma Replacement Policy

Croma, a subsidiary of Tata, is an Indian retail chain specializing in large and small consumer electronics. Established in 2006, Croma was the first large format electronics store in India. They sell everything from laptops and mobile devices to home appliances.

Croma sells top brand name products and also has an in-house brand, Brand Croma. Croma offers a comprehensive refund and replacement policy for the products they sell.  

So, what is Croma´sreplacement policy? Croma offers replacements for most items that are defective, damaged, different from the description, or missing parts or accessories. The time window to begin the return or replacement process varies from 7 – 10 days from the date of purchase. Most products sold at Croma also have brand-specific warranties that cover the products if they are defective or faulty.  

Croma provides a thorough description of their return and replacement policy on their website. In this article, we’ll help break it down for you.

What is Croma’s return and replacement policy?

According to Croma’s policy, returns and replacements will only be made for items that are found to be damaged, defective, different from the description listed, missing parts, or missing accessories.

 Unfortunately, you can’t return or replace a product if you’ve just changed your mind about it, or if “non-returnable” or “non-replaceable” is mentioned on the product page. 

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Timeframe for return or replacement process?  

Details regarding Croma’s return or replacement time window of each individual product are listed online under the product description page.

However, in general, Croma offers a time window of 7 to 10 days to initiate a return or replacement. 

The following items have a 7 day time window: 

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, cameras, vacuum cleaners, OTGs, water dispensers, kitchen appliances, bluetooth speakers, and other accessories. 

These items have a 10 day time window:

Electric chimneys, gas stoves, hobs, water purifiers, dishwashers, built-in microwave ovens, microwaves, flour mills, home theatres, sound bars, air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators, geysers, and televisions.

What if the return time window for my item has passed?

Yes, according to Croma, you can still make a return or replacement on a defective or damaged item by going through the brand’s warranty process.

You can find out each product’s specific warranty terms by clicking on the item description on their website.  

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Damaged, incorrect, or defective: Can I get a replacement?

Luckily, regardless of whether you purchased an item in-store or online, Croma offers returns or replacement if the item is damaged, defective, incorrect, or missing parts. Contact Croma either by emailing [email protected] or calling 1860-266-27662/ 040-4651 7910 to begin the process. 

If the item is damaged or missing parts: Croma will contact you to confirm what exactly is damaged or defective before beginning the replacement process.

If an item is incorrect from the description: Croma will arrange for pick-up of the item from the address you provided and arrange for the correct replacement.

If the item is defective: Croma will guide you through a troubleshooting process first, then offer a resolution depending on the product:

  • Desktop and laptop computers: Croma will assist you through a troubleshooting process to attempt to fix the defect. If it’s unable to be fixed, they will then make a recommendation of return or replacement based on the technician’s report.
  • Mobile phones, cameras, accessories, kitchen and wellness products: Croma will arrange for a brand technician to troubleshoot and investigate the defect, then will make a recommendation based on the technician’s report. 
  • Large appliances or products eligible for home service: Croma will schedule a technician to come to your home to troubleshoot it. The item must still be at your registered location, otherwise, it will be ineligible for return or replacement. 

A replacement will be offered only if the product wasn’t damaged while in the customer’s possession. It also has to be the same product that was originally shipped, and must be returned in original condition and packaging with the tags, manual,s, and accessories intact. 

What are the exceptions to Croma’s return and replacement policy? 

Croma has numerous exceptions to their return and replacement policy, so it’s a good idea to read their policy thoroughly before making a purchase. Their policy applies to products purchased either in-store or online. Here is a summary of their exceptions:

Products not eligible for return or replacement: 

  • Buyer’s remorse.
  • The product has already been installed and works properly.
  • The product has been tampered with or is missing its serial number.
  • The product has been moved from the registered address where it was originally installed.
  • Software, video games, printer ink, and other items are categorized as “consumables”.
  • The product has a software-related issue.
  • The product was a free gift.
  • The packaging of a large appliance that required installation by a technician was opened by a customer. 
  • The product was listed as “non-returnable” or “non-refundable”.
  • Personal care products are not eligible for return or replacement due to hygiene reasons.
  • If you report damage to a product you ordered online and then picked up in-store. 

Replacement policy for Store Pick Up Service

If you order online, Croma has an in-store Pick Up Service. The only items eligible for replacement when using this service are music CDs, DVDs, small appliances, and gaming software, and then only when they are defective.

If you need to return one of these defective products, you must do so within 4 days of pick-up. 

All other types of products are not eligible for a replacement for any reason when arranging for Store Pick Up, so take that under consideration when using Croma’s Store Pick Up Service. 

For more information about this policy, click here

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When can I expect a refund on a return?

If your item is accepted for a return, you can expect a refund to your original method of payment within 4 – 8 business days after it has been processed by Croma. 



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