Target Return Policy Opened Electronics (Secrets Revealed!)

Target Return Policy Opened Electronics

Do you know what Target’s return policy for opened electronics is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Target’s return policy is not very confusing, despite what many blogs would have you believe with their eye-catching headlines.

The reality is, it’s pretty straightforward, like most retailers, and if you need to return something, whether it’s to get your money back or just for a clean exchange, you will be able to do so in most cases. 

So, what is Target return policy for opened electronics? With Target’s return policy, most opened electronics or items will get you a full refund, so long as you have the receipt with you. There are always a few, understandable exceptions to the rule but Target understands that you have to open an item before realizing it’s not for you. 

Target also has a Target RED card and for those customers, things are even simpler. Target’s RED card users have a much easier time with returns because their purchases are recorded on the card and it’s a simple thing for Target to locate the purchase, with or without a receipt.

Target’s Opened Item Returns

As stated above, you will be able to return almost anything to Target that you have opened. Of course, if something that you opened comes with a lot of parts and you return the item missing some of those parts, that’s a different story altogether. 

So long as everything is where it is supposed to be, however, you’re not going to have any problems making the return.

The following items are exceptions to this return rule, so keep them in mind if you decide that you want to return something: 

  • Open items where parts are missing
  • Open items that have been damaged
  • Open music, video games, movies, and software
  • Open air mattresses
  • Open collectibles (like Pokemon cards)
  • Open drones are limited to 14-day returns
  • Open electronics are limited to 30-day returns

The above items make a lot of sense. Obviously, a Target employee is going to look at you sideways if you try to return a drone that you opened and wrecked.

Also, bringing back items that have been opened and are clearly missing parts that should be with it are a no-go as well. 

Open air mattresses are another one that Target can’t take back. Who is to know if there is now a hole in the mattress or not? It’s not as if the Target employees have the time to go into the back and blow up every returned air mattress to see if it leaks.

In which case, they would also have to dump soapy water all over it just to tell.

Playable media, such as video games and movies are a mainstay across all retailers in terms of not being able to accept open returns.

The same goes for collectibles, especially cards, where the possible value of a card is tremendous, and most people aren’t going to know whether or not one of the cards went missing. 

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What is Target’s Timeframe for Returning Items?

For most of the products that you can buy at Target, there is a 90-day return policy and that goes for purchases made either in a Target store or on their online site.

If you use a credit card or your Target RED card, you don’t have to provide Target with a receipt, since Target can track the purchase through your card. 

If you made your purchase with cash or check, you will need to bring your receipt along with you. Without a receipt, you may have a problem getting a return.

Target is generally pretty open about returns but they reserve the right to refuse a return if you don’t have a receipt. 

Target’s Clearance Items

Unlike many other retailers, Target will accept returns for items that you purchased on clearance. This is unusual as most retailers won’t allow you to return discounted items, no matter what they’re called. 

Target’s clearance items are certainly returnable so that’s a point in Target’s favor when it comes to returns. 

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Making Returns to Target

There are two ways to return items to Target for a refund. The first is by sending the item in through the mail via the Target online store.

The second is by returning the item to a physical Target location. Either way is pretty simple but bringing in the item is definitely faster.

Making an Online Return

To make an online return, go to Target’s website and sign in.

  • Select the ‘orders’ tab
  • Locate the item that you want to return and select it
  • Select ‘view orders’
  • Select ‘return an item’
  • Now, you can choose to return the item to the store or through the mail
  • Print your package label out
  • Place your item in the original packaging and box it up
  • Place your shipping label on the box
  • Fill out your own, return address information
  • Ship the item back to Target

The best part about online purchases is that your receipt (or a version of it) is saved in your orders. All you have to do is print that up if you want to return your item to a Target store. 

Make an In-Person Return

There isn’t a special method or anything for returning an item to a Target retailer. All you need to do is bring the item in with your receipt (or your printed invoice from online), an ID, your original payment method, and the original packaging (if you have it).

Target will refund most of your purchases via your purchase method. If you bought a $100 item at Target and paid with a Visa, they will refund you the $100 directly to your Visa.

Target will also issue refunds in cash, but there is a limitation on how much, which depends on the Target that you are shopping at. 

Final Thoughts

Unless you’re dealing with very specific electronics, air mattresses, or collectibles, Target is going to accept most of your opened returns without a problem.

It helps to return everything with or within the original packaging. 

Also, if you shop with a credit card or a RED card at Target, they will easily be able to track your purchases and quickly give you a return or an exchange, so it pays to get a RED card.

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