Costco Jewelry Return Policy (Rings, Damaged Jewelry, Repair)


Do you know what Costco’s return policy for jewelry is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Jewelry is generally an expensive investment, so it’s natural to want to know the return policy when you’re purchasing a ring or earrings, or a high-quality watch.

Stores like Costco and other retailers each have their own rules regarding these returns and knowing those rules can mean the difference between frustration and a smooth process.

Costco stores have no set time period for returns on items like Jewelry, whether purchased online or in-store. They do, however, have some rules and procedures you’ll need to know to make any returns as smooth as possible.

This article explores the ins and outs of the Costco Jewelry Return Policy.

What is Costco’s Return Policy Regarding Jewelry?

There is no set deadline for the return of jewelry to Costco under their Return Policy. Jewelry can be returned at any time to any location, including online.

The trick is to follow the correct procedure.

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What is the Procedure For Returning Jewelry at Costco?

Bring the item to a local Costco. You can also mail it to a fulfillment center or return center.

For items with diamonds, particularly those with 1.00-carat diamonds or more, you’ll need to have your IGI or GIA reports for verification with your item.

For items with diamonds or other gemstones, especially 1.00 carats or more, the item will be sent to the fulfillment center for independent verification before the refund is issued.

Verification can take up to 5 business days.

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What Is The Purpose of the Verification?

The purpose of the verification procedure is to make sure the item being returned is the same as the item in the paperwork.

It’s also to make sure the gems are what they are reported to be. This is especially important, to verify diamonds of 1.00 carats or more are actual diamonds and not a cubic zirconia.

The value and condition of the piece can be determined and independently officially documented for the records.

How Do I Know the Return Will Be Honored?

When you turn in the item at the counter, you will receive a Jewelry Credit Memo.

Once the paperwork is deemed complete, the verification will go through, within 2-5 days.

Once the verification is completed, if all is well, you can redeem the Jewelry Credit Memo for the refund.

Are There Any Additional Steps to Take if I’m Mailing the Item in for My Return?

Yes. You’ll need to ship them with the appropriate label, which can be found on the Costco website on the Returns and Exchanges page.

The label should include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Order Confirmation Number
  • The Reason for Your Return
  • Answer if the Credit Card You Used is Still In Service to Receive a Refund
  • Alternate Information if the Credit Card You Originally Used is Not Active to Receive a Refund

Costco will send you a UPS pick-up box with the information on the label.

Be sure your IGI and GIA papers are packed with the item, especially if it has any 1.00-carat diamonds.

The item will be shipped to the verification center.

The process of shipping and verification may take up to 2 weeks, so expect a longer wait for your refund.

Refunds will include any shipping and handling costs.

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What Items Are Included in the Return Policy?

Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces are all eligible for return for a full refund.

Watches are variable in terms of their eligibility.

Smart Watches, for example, fall under the Electronics policy, which means there is a 90 day return period, rather than an unlimited one.

Custom items are also not eligible for return or refund, due to their unique nature.

How Will the Return Be Handled?

The method for the return will be the same as the method chosen for the original purchase.

If you purchased your item with a credit card, the refund will go to a card.

Can I Return Jewelry at Costco if I’ve Lost the Receipt?

You can still make a return of jewelry if you’ve lost the receipt. You simply need some form of proof of purchase.

If you don’t have the receipt, then you can present the card used for the purchase, and the membership card you carried at the time of the purchase.

What if I Don’t Have the Cards Used for the Purchase?

This would make it much harder to get a return or refund. In that case, you may need to call Costco Customer Service and see what they advise.

If you have some form of purchase verification, it may still be possible, but you’ll need to talk to a Costco Representative about what steps you’ll need to take.

What If I Need to Return A Damaged Jewelry?

You can still return a damaged item to Costco. You will, however, need to have the required documentation.

As with items in perfect condition, you’ll need your IGI and GIA papers, as well as the proof of purchase, be it a receipt, or the card used for the purchase.

Whether or not you receive a refund for your jewelry will be at the discretion of the manager of the establishment. It is also up to them whether it is a full or partial refund.

Can I Get my Jewelry Repaired at Costco?

Costco doesn’t offer cleaning and repair services for jewelry. If you want your jewelry cleaned and repaired, you’ll need to send it to someone else.

The exception is watches. Under the Customer Satisfaction Policy, watches may receive limited repairs and replacements, as well as refunds, particularly if the issue involves the battery.

What if I Received the Jewelry and It Was Already Damaged?

Whether you received a damaged piece of jewelry or it was damaged in your care, the policy for the return is the same. However, if you can prove it was damaged when you received it, you are more likely to get a full refund.

It is advised that you get insurance against the risk of damages to any item of jewelry you own.

What If I Received Costco Jewelry as a Gift and Want to Return It, But I’m Not a Member?

If you received something as a gift and need or want to return it, you’ll need to ask a friend or family member who is a Costco member to return it for you.

The simplest way is if you can get the person who gifted it to you to make the return or ask them to exchange the item in question for one that suits you better.

What Is Costco Gold Return Policy?

You can return any piece of gold jewelry to Costco at any time after purchase. You must bring the proper paperwork to your nearest Costco location along with the gold. IGI and GIA reports will have been issued when you bought the jewelry and these need to accompany the returned gold jewelry.

It is okay if you don’t have the original purchase receipt. A Costco associate should be able to look up the purchase by your membership number. If the gold jewelry was a gift, you need to have a gift receipt in order to return it.

If visiting a physical location is not feasible, you can initiate a return online and your refund will be granted when the jewelry has been processed by the fulfillment center.

Can You Return Diamond Earrings to Costco?

Diamond earrings can be returned to Costco. If they are more than 1 carat in weight, you will need to provide GIA and IGI reports along with your receipt and the earrings themselves upon return.

Any diamond jewelry that is over 1 carat will have to be shipped to the fulfillment center (Costco will take care of this) and you will not receive your return until its authenticity has been verified.

Alternatively, you can send unwanted diamond earrings to the fulfillment center yourself by including essential information with the jewelry and paperwork.

The return package should include your name, phone number, order confirmation number, the credit card used for the original purchase, and the reason you are returning the earrings.

You can return diamond earrings at any time after purchase if you are not satisfied with them.

Can I Return My Jewelry to Costco After Two Years?

You can return your jewelry to Costco two years after purchasing it. In fact, you can return jewelry at any time after purchase if you are not satisfied with it.

Costco asks that you give a reason for your return so that they can better help guarantee their customers’ satisfaction.

Costco relies on the honesty of its customers and trusts that even if you return jewelry after two years, it hasn’t been worn to excess. However, Costco understands that sometimes you make a purchase that you don’t have occasion to use often and may not realize that you don’t want it until years later.

As long as you provide the necessary paperwork and the jewelry in good condition unless it has a manufacturer’s defect, Costco will gladly accept the return.

What Month Does Jewelry Go On Sale at Costco?

Jewelry typically goes on sale around the big jewelry gift giving holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Although Costco holds weekly sales which could include jewelry, the majority of jewelry sales will occur in February, May, and December.

Even without sale prices, Costco’s jewelry comes from the top brands at a steeply discounted price. Costco’s website offers a sneak peek at the upcoming sales for the week so that you can look ahead to what jewelry items might be priced lower than usual.

Costco wants to offer the best prices for their customers so you will typically see classic jewelry items such as earrings, rings, and necklaces go on sale at least two weeks before gift giving holidays when jewelry is a popular present.

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Does Costco Negotiate on Jewelry?

Since Costco already offers a great discount on top brand jewelry, they will not negotiate on the price. Keep an eye out for sales because there are certain times of the year when you can get jewelry at an even lower price. However, the prices that are listed are the prices that you pay.

Costco has a very limited selection of jewelry and a large stock of other items, so they don’t need to negotiate in order to sell their inventory of jewelry.

If you want to ensure that you get the best price on jewelry at Costco, you will need to be patient and do your research.

Wait for jewelry sales or the end of your membership cycle for when you may have a credit you can put towards a jewelry purchase.

Does Returned Jewelry Get Resold?

Depending on the condition of the jewelry returned to Costco, they may try to resell it at a lower price.

If the jewelry is in good condition and has been verified as authentic by the fulfillment center according to the paperwork returned with the piece, Costco may put it back on the floor at a discounted price.

However, their policies about reselling possibly used jewelry may have changed due to COVID-19 so that may be a less likely scenario. Instead of reselling jewelry, Costco also sells a lot of its returned items to third party sellers so you might find returned Costco jewelry being sold at a liquidation center.

The third option for where returned Costco jewelry goes is into the trash. Despite the generous return policy, it is not unusual for it to be abused so Costco may receive jewelry items that are in no condition for reselling under any circumstances and could potentially pose health hazards. These items are thrown away.

Can I Return a Ring to Costco After Resizing?

Costco will accept rings returned after they have been resized. You need to check the product details of the ring you have purchased because it should state whether or not it is resizable and if so, how much it can be resized.

For resized rings that fall under the rules of resizing, Costco will allow you to return them.

Solitaire rings are included in this category and do not have a limit on what size they can be resized to. If you get your ring resized and then decide to return it, bring in any paperwork from the resizing along with your original purchase paperwork to help facilitate the return process.

Costco understands that you may not realize you don’t want a ring until after you’ve seen it fitting correctly which is why their policy is so flexible.



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