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Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a great way to see some of the most beautiful sights in the country. They let you bring the luxuries and comforts of home on a road trip with you. They are easy to drive and can have room for the whole family.

Colorado is a beautiful state. There are plenty of fun activities and stunning landmarks to explore. Renting an RV is the perfect way to take it all in.

We found the 10 best RV rentals Colorado Springs has to offer – everything from cheap RV rentals to luxury motorhome rentals, camper van rentals, small off-road camper vans to big, sexy airstreams and more:

–           2017 Winnebago Era

–           2019 Keystone Summerland

–           2015 Forest River R-Pod

–           2011 Fleetwood Tioga Ranger 28z

–           2012 Itasca Navion

–           2020 NuCamp T@G XL

–           2021 Dutchman Coleman

–           2021 Thor Motorcoach Compass

–           2018 Vintage Trailers XTR

–           2019 TAXA Outdoors Mantis Camper

Disclaimer: These RVs rent out fast! You usually need to rent them weeks (sometimes months) ahead of time. If the RVs below aren’t available for the time you want to rent them, click here to go to Outdoorsy and see what else is available for you in Colorado Springs!

How Old Do I Need to Be to Rent an RV in Colorado Springs, CO?

With most rental companies, you must be at least 25 years old to rent an RV. While no laws are dictating this in Colorado, many rental companies follow the rule. This is because older drivers tend to have more experience on the road, and it is easier for the rental company’s insurance.

Some RV companies will allow rentals for people between 21 and 24 years of age.

In general, though, those rentals will cost extra. Young renters (21-24) may also need to take out an additional insurance cover.

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Cost To Rent An RV In Colorado Springs, CO

What is the average cost to rent an RV In Colorado Springs, CO? On average the amount of money for a rental in Colorado Springs, CO is about $150 a night, and between $1,200- $2,000 a week. However, the average RV rental per day cost varies depending on the class and the age of the RV.

TypesCost of Rental
Cost of Rental
Usual lengthDriving behavior
Class A Motorhome$150 – $250/night$350 – $450/night21 ft – 41 ftLike driving a bus
Class B Motorhome$100 – $200/night$200 – $350/night12 ft – 20 ftLike driving a van
Class C Motorhome$100-$200/night$ 225 – $400/night20 ft – 38 ftLike driving a truck
Travel Trailer$50 – $125/night$125 – $200/night21 ft – 28 ftLike driving a truck or SUV
Fifth Wheel$60 – $150/night$150 – $300/night22 ft – 44 ftLike driving a full sized truck

The 10 Best RV and Camper Van Rentals in Colorado Springs

1. 2017 Winnebago Era

Price: $299/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? NOSleeps: 3
Fresh water tank: 28 galGray water: 26 gal
Black water: 9 galPropane capacity: 16 lbs

If you want to go “off the grid,” this is the camper van for you. It is stocked with everything, so you do not need to use campground hookups every night.

This can save you tons on parking fees. It includes luxuries like 2 TVs, an outdoor propane hookup, and a 2000-watt AC to DC converter.

The rear bed is a king bed or can be used as two queen beds. The front sofa will convert into an additional twin bed so that the camper van can sleep up to three people.

It is a great, comfortable camper that is perfect for escaping from it all.

Here’s a look at the floor plan:

Here’s one reviewer’s experience:

“We had the most amazing time! Phil was great to work with, always was available if we had any questions, and made the check-in and check-out process a dream. We rented the van for 9 days and drove from Colorado through Utah, Arizona, and back.

All of the up to date features were amazing and it was a smooth drive. The van fit in almost every campground we made it to. We would love to be able to do it again and will remember this trip forever. If you are questioning if you should rent or not, DO IT -you will not regret it!”

2. 2019 Keystone Summerland

Price: $143/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? YESSleeps: 4
Fresh water tank: 27 galCargo weight – 1,091.0 lbs
Gross weight – 4,400.0 lbsDry weight – 3,309.0 lbs

This is a comfortable, modern camper trailer with plenty of options to keep you entertained. It includes everything you need to enjoy delicious food on the road, including hot dog skewers and seasonings. It includes card games and DVDs.

The owner has taken the stress out of towing. They will include the hitch receiver and a key locking pin for extra security and peace of mind while you park.

It has room to sleep three people, possibly four if you include children.

Here’s a look at the floor plan:

Here’s one reviewer’s experience:

“We had a great time with this RV. Corrin is very thorough in explaining all the features of the RV. She also made it clear that we can contact her any time if there’s an issue, even if it’s 3am.

But we didn’t have any issue to talk to her about. Overall, we would recommend this RV!”

3. 2015 Forest River R-Pod

Price: $109/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? YESSleeps: 4
Fresh water tank: 36 galGray water: 30 gal
Black water: 30 galPropane capacity: 20 lbs
BUDGET FRIENDLYGross weight = 3,757 lbs

This is the perfect getaway trailer that can sleep up to four people. It includes sheets, books, board games, silverware, a coffee maker, and much more.

It includes an a/c that works at a 30-amp campsite and a furnace that runs on propane.

The camper is pet-friendly and is always kept clean. It is easy to tow, so it is excellent for people getting used to camper trailers.

It is perfect for taking a weekend and getting away from the stresses of life.

Here’s Priscilla’s experience:

“RV was fantastic. Very nice, clean, easy to haul, and both owners did a great job setting us up before our trip and staying in touch.

Had a great time. Many thanks to both Joey and Ashley.”

4. 2011 Fleetwood Tioga Ranger 28z

Price: $239/nightSlides: YES
Pet Friendly? YESSleeps: 6
Fresh water tank: 50 galGray water: 37 gal
Black water: 37 galPropane capacity: 59 lbs

This Tioga Ranger is easy to drive and safe and comfortable in both summer and winter months. It includes two giant slides, which are great for giving you extra room while you are parked. The queen bed can be lowered down and raised between uses, which helps maximize your space throughout the day.

It includes everything you need in the kitchen, like knives, cutting boards, plates, and silverware for eight people.

It also comes with a First-Aid kit and card games to keep everyone safe and entertained. They include electric ceramic heaters if you want to save propane.

Here’s a review John (a previous renter) wrote

“Really enjoyed my first RV trip. The owner is excellent to work with. So appreciate his help. RV was very clean and well stocked and equipped. Made some rookie mistakes.

Make sure you know how to operate the water system properly and how to start the generator properly. We made some mistakes there and they were our fault and not the RV’s.”

5. 2012 Itasca Navion

Price: $275/nightSlides: YES
Pet Friendly? NOSleeps: 4

This 2012 Itasca Navion is comfortable and easy to drive. It can fit up to 4 people. It includes a satellite radio and a Garmin GPS to help you get where you need to go. It includes an inside shower and a generator.

It has an awning, so you can enjoy the afternoons and evenings with your friends outside in the sun. There is a backup camera to make your driving easier.

This rental is tailgating friendly, so it is the perfect option to take out with your friends.

Here’s what Gary had to say about this RV rental:

“Rented this vehicle for a trip not knowing if we had a place to stay. It turned out we had a place to stay so we ended up using it just for travel.

Ran well through the mountains. No trouble.”

6. 2020 NuCamp T@G XL

Price: $99/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? YesSleeps: 2
Fresh water tank: 11 galPropane capacity: 20 lbs
GOOD FOR COUPLESGross weight = 1,418 lbs

This teardrop trailer is new and in excellent condition. The teardrop shape will save you gas money. It is also easy to detach the trailer and take your towing vehicle into towns to see the sights.

The owner has included recommended campgrounds to help you plan your trip.

It includes electrical plugs, a two-burner stove, a sink, a microwave, and Bluetooth speakers. It is also great for controlling the temperature as it has fans, an air-conditioning unit, and a heater.

This trailer sleeps two people, and it is great for a relaxing, fun getaway.

Here’s Amit’s experience:

“Very prompt and extremely helpful. Trailer was exactly what we were looking for and worked perfectly!”

7. 2021 Dutchman Coleman

Price: $149/nightSlides: YES
Pet Friendly? YesSleeps: 10
Fresh water tank: 52 galGray water: 38 gal
Black water: 38 galPropane capacity: 9 lbs

This Dutchman Coleman Lantern is ready to go. It is perfect for traveling with family for friends, as it can sleep up to 10 people.

It is light enough to tow with many mid to full-sized SUVs. If you are traveling with friends, you can have fun outside with the traveling grill and folding chairs.

Lanterns and flashlights are included, so you can be sure all of the details for a comfortable trip are provided. Linens, cookware, and utensils are included.

This is the perfect trailer for traveling with the whole family and/or some friends.

Here’s a review Robert (a previous renter) wrote

“Richard was awesome, and the RV is perfect. He was knowledgeable, patient, and professional. Their location in C. Springs is perfect.

I highly recommend snagging this incredible RV for Colorado adventures!”

8. 2021 Thor Motorcoach Compass

Price: $315/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? YesSleeps: 4
Fresh water tank: 31 galGray water: 41 gal

This brand-new Thor Motorcoach Compass is an all-wheel drive for extra security in rough terrains. It includes glasses, plates, cups, silverware, and wine tumblers. It also includes camping chairs and flashlights.

For an added fee, you can have “everything done for you.” You will not need to empty any of the tanks or clean the RV.

This option includes linens and towels and the cleaning of those items.

Here’s what Doug had to say about this RV rental:

“We had a wonderful trip. This was an excellent RV and Ken was a wonderful communicator.

He had a lot of helpful information to help us prepare and the RV was well supplied. I highly recommend Ken and his RV.”

9. 2018 Vintage Trailers XTR

Price: $99/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? YesSleeps: 2

This “Bugout Buggie” is perfect for off-roading adventurers. It is designed with larger tires, a higher wheel stance, independent suspension, electric brakes, and more to make it perfect for getting away from the main roads.

The smaller size does not sacrifice amenities. It includes a sink, stove, pots, pans, and a cooler. The queen mattress folds into a sofa so you can maximize space during the day.

It sleeps two people, so grab your adventuring partner and hit the road.

Here’s a review Kevin (a previous renter) wrote: 

“I wanted to try this type of camper trailer as an overlanding option. It was a great trailer; warmer inside, even without a heater in 35 degree weather, than my friends with pop up campers.

Everything worked well and the trailer pulled easy. Darin was very communicative and on time.”

10. 2019 TAXA Outdoors Mantis Camper

Price: $154/nightSlides: No
Pet Friendly? YesSleeps: 4
Fresh water tank: 20 galGray water: 22 gal
Black water: 5 galPropane capacity: 40 lbs

If staying close to nature without added fluff is your dream vacation, this Mantis camper is perfect for you. It has plenty of space for bikes and boating gear.

It has indoor and outdoor showers and a toilet. It is designed to run off the grid for several days, so you can enjoy the quiet of nature.

It includes a Thule rack for bikes. You can also work with the owner to set up dry camping during the winter for a snowshoeing or cross-country skiing vacation.

Rent this trailer and get out into nature.

Here’s Aaron’s experience:

Kris was wonderful to work with. I met him in CO Springs to pick it up and he was nice enough at the end of our trip to meet at my house in Westminster to pick it up given another customer was renting in our area.

I rented the Mantis for a 5 night camping trip in Southern Utah with my wife and 1yo daughter. We pulled it behind a Tacoma and it was the perfect trailer for upgrading from your standard car camping trip.

Given the weight, it was slower going up and over the passes but otherwise the trailer was easy to tow. There was enough room for a pack and play for our daughter to sleep. We were mainly dispersed camping and the solar panel was able to charge the fridge the entire time.

The water tank is big enough for about 1-2 days of use, depending if you use the shower or not… Speaking of which the outdoor shower with hot water was a god send! This trailer is a perfect if you still want to rough it in style, without all the glitz and glamor of a standard RV trailer.

How to Rent an RV on Outdoorsy?

You will have to know what you are looking for when it comes to RV rentals. Outdoorsy can help you from the start of the process to the end.

They pride themselves on being the most polished and efficient camper rental site around.

They genuinely cared and built their brand on trust and community. To use the platform, you first need to go to the site and search for rentals in your area.

You will get a list that pulls up and to get the specifics of each listing. You will need to click on them. You can save the ones that you like for further review and comparison later.


Once you have the perfect RV, you will send the owner a request to book from the listing. This will open dialogue, and you can ask specific questions that weren’t covered in the listing.

You can also arrange the details of the rental.

Discover Colorado Springs, CO

1.    History of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, Colorado, was originally inhabited by the Ute, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and other tribes of Native Americans. In the 1700s, French and Spanish settlers came to the area, and it joined the United States with other territories in the Louisiana Purchase.

Colorado City became the first United States settlement in the area in 1859. It became a popular destination in the following years for its beautiful scenery. More and more people came to the area with the development of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.

Luxury RV rental Colorado

The railroad brought more settlers and explorers. The climate of the area made it a popular spa destination for people seeking to improve their health.

In 1890, miners discovered gold in the Pikes Peak area, and Colorado Springs became the “City of Millionaires.” People flocked to the area to hunt for gold.

It launched and flourished after this. Today it is still a popular vacation destination for that same beautiful scenery and sunny, mild climate.

2.    Geographical Location of Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is located in the US state of Colorado. It is in the “Pikes Peak” area near the southern Rocky Mountains.

Pikes Peak was named for Zebulon Pike, who was the first white settler to name the site. It is near the center of the state and slightly to the East.

Colorado Springs is at a fairly high elevation. It is nearly one mile above sea level. Colorado Springs is about 60 miles south of Denver.

Colorado Springs covers 186.1 square miles on the map. It has a population of around 670,000.

3.    What to Expect Weather-Wise in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, Colorado experiences fairly mild weather with strong distinctions between seasons. The summers are warm, and the winters are cold and dry.

Most days in Colorado Springs are partly cloudy, and the temperature varies based on the season.

“Colorado Springs has 70-80 degree partly cloudy days, most of the time between June and September.”

Colorado Springs does not get a lot of rain or snow. Snow does fall in the winter through March, though.

If you want to vacation in the mountains, it is close enough for plenty of skiing opportunities. In general, the climate is fairly dry.

3 Things to Do in Colorado Springs, CO

1. Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is one of the must-see locations in Colorado Springs. It is described as a “Colorado Paradise.” It has dozens of rock formations that are over 300 feet tall.

You can wander through the area and understand what has lured so many people to the area over the years.

The park has bike rentals, guided tours, rock climbing, and more. Every Thursday, there is a 5k fun run through the park. It’s the perfect way to get into nature, see the sights, and get your heart pumping. Do not forget to bring your running shoes.

The Garden of the Gods also features a museum on-site that will teach you about the history of the area, the native people, and the beautiful scenery.

They also have a terrace that overlooks Pikes Peak, where you can enjoy lunch with your family and friends.

2. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a great family-friendly destination in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They offer opportunities to meet some of the animals, like giraffes, budgies, chickens, goats, elephants, and rhinos.

Throughout the year, the zoo hosts community events, so you can learn more about the animals and have a great day trip.

Some of the animals at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo include mountain lions, grizzly bears, tree kangaroos, two-toed sloths, lions, monkeys, tigers, and much more.

They have plenty of educational information available, so you can learn about the fun animals you see. You can also donate to support their conservation efforts.

3. Glen Eyrie Castle

Glen Eyrie Castle was the home of William Palmer, who founded Colorado Springs. It was built in 1904. It sits on 750 acres and has over 90 rooms.

The castle offers historical tours, which are perfect if you are looking to learn more about Colorado Springs.

You can also enjoy castle teas, which are local and delicious. The castle hosts tea parties on Wednesdays through Sundays.

There is a bookstore with a wide selection, so you can pick out something to enjoy on your trip. It is a fun, beautiful place to visit.

You can also check availability and add Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance to most of the rentals for added peace of mind.

Pro Tip: Want better rental prices? Ask the rentees if they offer reduced winter rates! Not all of them will, but a winter trip in the south can save you some money.

Where to Park Your RV in Colorado Springs

1.    Pikes Peak RV Park

Pikes Peak RV Park is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado. It is just a 10-minute drive from the Garden of the Gods. If you have a trailer, you can leave it at Pikes Peak, drive your tow vehicle to the park, and enjoy.

Pikes Peak RV Park has picturesque views, and it is perfect for the nature-lovers in your group. There is a creek that runs through the middle of the campground, and you can enjoy evenings by its gurgling flow.

There is also a walking trail at the campground with views of Pikes Peak.

2.    Goldfield RV Park

Goldfield RV Park is a fantastic option with great value for your money. It is located between Colorado City and Manitou Springs. They have sites of different sizes as well as tent sites.

There is an RV park manager on-site in case you run into any troubles.

This is a pet-friendly RV park, and they have free high-speed Wi-Fi. There is a laundry facility, which is great for longer trips. You can also enjoy private showers.

This is a wonderful, comfortable option.

3.    Crystal Kangaroo Campground

Crystal Kangaroo Campground is located in Manitou Springs, so you will have easy access to everything that Colorado Springs has to offer.

It is near Pikes Peak, and it overlooks the Garden of the Gods.

Pets are welcome at the campground, but you need to call in advance to make arrangements. It has swimming pools for the whole family.

Wi-Fi is included, and it is near lakes for fun summer activities.

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What is the Average Parking Rate in Colorado Springs?

The average cost of parking at an RV park in Colorado Springs tends to be around 40 dollars per night. Back-in sites are around 45 to 47 dollars per night. Pull-through spots are closer to 50 or 55 dollars per night.

Parking Rates will depend on the type of site you need. Economy camping sites do not include all of the amenities that others offer.

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RV Rental Denver Unlimited Miles

Many RV rentals have mileage limits. Driving more than these limits comes at an extra cost. Others offer unlimited miles. This is a benefit if you are planning on a long voyage or if you want to be flexible with the option to see a lot on your trip.

Renting an RV in Denver with unlimited miles is wise. With unlimited miles, you can see everything in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and more.

If you are planning a road trip through Colorado, unlimited miles may be the best way to go.

If you are planning on a shorter trip, paying extra for the unlimited miles may not be worth it. Just rent an RV at your destination.

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Long Term RV Rental Colorado Springs

Long-term RV rentals may be necessary if you are planning a summer vacation, if your house needs repairs, or if you are in the process of moving.

When renting an RV for an extended period in Colorado Springs, make sure you stay at a campsite with good management.

You will be dealing with them for weeks or months, and you will want to make sure you are comfortable with them.

Be sure to gather information from the person renting the RV to you about maintenance. If you plan to be renting the RV for a long period, you will want to make sure you know how to handle any basic maintenance problems that may occur.

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Drivable RV Rental Colorado

There are tons of RVs and camper trailers available for rent in Colorado, and there are pros and cons to each of these options.

Drivable RVs are also called motorhomes. These options do not require another vehicle to tow them. These can be great if you are not comfortable backing up or making turns with a trailer.

It is important to know, though, that they cannot fit in all standard parking spaces. Plus, with a trailer, you can leave some gear at a campsite and head off on an adventure, while you cannot do this with a drivable RV.

A benefit to drivable RVs is that you can ride in them while you drive, which you cannot do with a travel trailer.

RV Rental by Owner Colorado Springs

One of the best ways to rent an RV is to rent directly from the owner. Several companies offer this service, and it works like Airbnb, but rather than rent someone’s home, you rent their RV for the duration of your stay.

This is often a less expensive option, as you have more flexibility and can prioritize what is important to you. You will want to check what the rules are for the RV, as each owner can set their own rules.

When selecting a company to rent from, make sure to look at the insurance options available.

Two of the most popular companies for RV rental by owners are Outdoorsy and RVshare.

Popular nearby hiking trails and campgrounds

Below are some popular hiking and campgrounds destinations near Colorado Springs, CO:

Hiking TrailLocation
Midland Trail , COColorado Springs, CO
Shooks Run Trail, COColorado Springs, CO
Monument Valley Park Loop, COColorado Springs, CO
Prospect Lake, COColorado Springs, CO
Rock Island Trail, COColorado Springs, CO
Colorado Springs KOA, COEl Paso County, CO
Meadow Ridge Campground, COEl Paso County, CO
South Meadows Campground, COTeller County, CO

Want to take RV road trips elsewhere? Check out these other RV destinations:


Renting an RV is a spectacular way to see all that Colorado Springs has to offer. The area is full of rich history and beautiful scenery.

You will love getting into nature without leaving all of the luxuries of home behind.

Colorado Springs has great campgrounds and renting an RV from the owner can help you stay within your budget. Rent an RV and see Colorado Springs, CO today!




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