Brighton Jewelry Return Policy (Complete Guide)

Brighton Jewelry Return Policy

Do you know what Brighton’s jewelry return policy is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Brighton will accept returns of unused and unopened jewelry items within sixty days of purchase. As Brighton is a retailer of jewelry, they require returned items to be in all its original packaging, with a receipt and tags intact, and completely unworn, in order to protect hygiene. Eligible items may be returned to Brighton completely free of charge. 

In the following article, we cover everything you need to know about Brighton’s jewelry return policy, including what it covers, the exceptions to the policy, how to make a return to Brighton, and some of the pros and cons of the policy. 

What is Brighton’s jewelry return policy?

Brighton jewelry will accept returns within sixty days from the date of purchase, so long as items are returned in their original, saleable condition.

This means items must be unworn and with original packaging and tags intact. Otherwise, you may be denied a refund or exchange. 

Brighton’s website states that they want customers to be 100% satisfied and, if for any reason you aren’t, you will be refunded the total cost of your item, including any shipping costs.

Brighton’s returns are free of charge and you will be provided with a prepaid shipping label to use when making your return, so you save on shipping fees.

Brighton’s commitment to customer satisfaction means there are few exceptions to returning an item. So, it’s likely that you will be able to return most items to Brighton for almost any reason, including not being happy with the item you have purchased, so long as it is unworn and unopened.

Are there any exceptions?

Although Brighton wants you to be happy with your purchase of their jewelry, there are some exceptions to the returns policy, as there are with most stores.

As Brighton is a jeweler first and foremost, most of the exceptions to their returns policy revolve around hygiene, focusing on ensuring that customers stay safe and healthy.

Firstly, items must be returned unused and unopened, meaning that any item which has been tried on or opened is unlikely to be accepted for return.

When you buy jewelry, you might want to try it on straight away, but as Brighton sells jewelry items like earrings, where hygiene is important, this exception to the return policy makes a lot of sense.

Secondly, you also can’t return face masks to Brighton, something that it shares with the majority of other retailers.

Face masks are unable to be returned to most retailers as it would be very unhygienic to allow customers to return such items and risks putting people at risk of infection.

It’s better to dispose of face masks and keep everyone safe. 

Finally, Brighton’s jewelry return policy does not allow for the returns of items which have been customized in any way. This is because customized items cannot be sold to other customers and will likely have to be destroyed in most cases, meaning that Brighton is unable to get their money back and many even end up losing some money.

Will Brighton allow jewelry to be exchanged?

Brighton does allow jewelry to be exchanged, as customers have the choice between a full refund or an exchange for another product.

Brighton doesn’t specify any details about their exchange option, but it is likely that a product will have to be similar or the same in order to qualify for an exchange.

In some cases, you may only be offered an exchange and may not get the chance for a refund.

For example, if you bought your item in any of Brighton’s airport or boutique stores, you will be unable to return it for a refund and will instead be given an exchange in most cases.

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Can you make a return without a receipt?

Brighton’s jewelry returns policy doesn’t make specific mention of a receipt, but it’s likely that you won’t be eligible for a return if you are unable to present one.

A receipt makes it much easier for the store to validate your order and makes it more likely that you will be able to get a refund or exchange. 

To check whether you need a receipt to return to the store, you may need to contact the original store you purchased the item from.

For Brighton stores within malls, you are likely to need a receipt and in cases where you don’t have one, you may be offered store credit instead of credit to the original payment method.

How do you make a return to Brighton?

To return a jewelry item purchased from Brighton’s online store, go to their website and navigate to the ‘Returns’ page. Once you are on this page, you will be asked to fill out a form to find the order you want to return, and you will be able to choose to do so.

Once you do so, Brighton jewelry will send you a prepaid shipping label for you to use so you can return your item completely free of charge.

It’s likely to be a little different when returning store-bought purchases from Brighton’s physical stores. Their policy doesn’t state what to do in this situation, so you may need to check with your local store to find out how you make the return.

Even so, the regular returns policy should still apply when returning store-bought items.

How long do returns to Brighton take?

The process of creating a return is actually very quick when dealing with Brighton. Unfortunately, the rest of the process may not be so fast.

Brighton usually aims to deal with return requests within two weeks, but this can vary depending on the payment method you used to purchase your item. For some methods, it may be even longer than this.

Do Brighton offer a warranty?

Brighton jewelry comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that helps to protect your item against damage or defects as a result of a manufacturer’s error.

Under Brighton’s warranty, they will repair any jewelry item or watch that is damaged because of a manufacturer error but will not guarantee repairs for products that are damaged because of wear and tear.

The warranty lasts one year from the date of purchase and customers will not be charged for any repairs this time.

This warranty can add some peace of mind to customers who may be unsure about a purchase or whose item becomes damaged or defective, but don’t want to return it. 

If your jewelry breaks or becomes defective outside of the warranty period, Brighton may still repair the item as much as they can, but it’s likely that there will be some fees for you to pay. 

Is Brighton jewelry good quality?

Brighton is well-known as a popular jewelry brand, and customers often report being satisfied with the level of quality of their jewelry, particularly considering that it is not made of real silver.

Most often, Brighton jewelry is compared to that of other mall jewelry stores, which reflects its quality.

A unique aspect of Brighton jewelry is the protective lacquer that is included in most of its items, which is there to protect it from tarnish and other things that can harm it.

A lot of customers appreciate this extra touch of protection for their jewelry, which helps it to keep its quality for longer and is something that not many other jewelers offer. 

How do you take care of Brighton jewelry?

If you decide to keep your Brighton jewelry, you should consider learning how to look after it as well as you can.

All jewelry should be cared for as thoroughly as possible to keep things like fading and tarnishing at bay, and this includes Brighton’s jewelry offerings. 

As Brighton jewelry contains a special protective lacquer, which helps to prevent tarnishing for as long as possible, you may only need to wipe your item down with a pure cotton cloth, which should remove any dirt from wearing the item.

It can also help to get rid of any signs of fading and tarnishing as they happen, so you can be aware of them.

Brighton also suggests keeping your jewelry away from things that can harm the protective layer, including excessive amounts of water, body lotions, and perfumes.

You should also avoid polishing sprays and cloths, which may seem helpful but can actually be harmful.

When wearing your Brighton jewelry, make sure it is the last thing you put on. This way, it doesn’t come into contact with other jewelry and the amount of sweat and body oils it touches should be minimized.

When you aren’t wearing it, make sure it’s safely stored away somewhere dry, cool, and secure so that it stays protected from anything that might ruin it.

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Pros and cons of Brighton’s jewelry return policy


  • Brighton’s jewelry returns allow for completely free returns, with customers not having to pay for any of the associated costs of making a return. When you arrange a return with Brighton jewelry, you will be provided with a prepaid label to be used to ship the return back to them, meaning customers don’t have to pay out for shipping costs. This is an advantage compared to many other retailers.
  • Brighton jewelry’s return period is sixty days, which is considerably longer than most other retailers. This length of time allows customers plenty of time to decide whether their purchase is right for them and make the necessary arrangements to return it if needed. It’s almost less likely to cause problems with restricted deadlines when you make your return.
  • On top of a fairly long returns period, Brighton jewelry also comes with a warranty for one year, which claims to guarantee customer satisfaction. For anyone who doesn’t want to return their item but is concerned about it in the future, a warranty can be a great source of protection and can give some peace of mind.


  • One of the major downsides to Brighton jewelry’s return policy is that there is not much information provided online. Many people turn to the internet for everything these days, yet Brighton doesn’t give many details on their returns policy on their website.


Brighton jewelry will accept returns of unopened, unworn products within sixty days from the date of purchase.

Eligible items must be completely unused, mostly for hygiene reasons, but can be returned free of charge and will be eligible for either exchange or refund.

As extra protection and support, Brighton jewelry also comes with a one-year warranty, so customers can be sure of a return if they need it.



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