Away Lifetime Warranty (Do They Have One? Claims + More)

Away Lifetime Warranty

Do you know what Away lifetime warranty is? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Luggage is one of the most important aspects of traveling. Suitcases help you carry all your belongings from one place to the other and having a high-quality one ensures that your stuff is safe and secure. 

Away luggage is one of the most known luggage brands with rebooted suitcases being launched constantly. If you’re planning to buy your luggage from Away, you might be wondering if the company offers a lifetime warranty or not. 

The answer is yes, Away luggage is a reliable brand that puts customer satisfaction before anything else. And they have a lifelong warranty on their suitcases which makes them a great deal.

Let’s take a deep dive into Away Luggage and go through its warranty and return policies. 

What Are The Basics of the Away Return Policy?

When you buy a product from Away, it typically comes with a trial period of 100 days. This includes most bags, suitcases, and accessories. Within these 100 calendar days, you can return the item at any point you wish to, even if you had started using it.

You can return the item and get another product in exchange, or you can give it back and get a full refund.

However, the company usually does not offer a refund if the tamper-evident seals have been removed from your product.

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Does Away Have A Lifetime Warranty?

All the Carry-On cases by Away come with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers anything that impairs the functionality of your luggage and includes any damage to the product’s wheels, handles, zippers, shells, or other essential components or features.

There is a guarantee of 2 years on the electronic components. However, you can get replacement batteries even after your warranty period has ended. 

If something breaks, the company is willing to fix any issues in your product or replace the damaged components. 

When it comes to The Mini suitcase, the warranty is for one year as the bag is not prone to the same level of wear and tear as the full-size suitcases. 

What Items Are Not Covered by the Away Return Policy?

There are two types of items not covered by the Away warranty and you simply cannot return them.

  1. Customized items
  2. Final sale items including gift cards

The 100-day trial period is also not applicable to these products and they cannot even be exchanged.

Although final return items are not eligible for a return, the Away customer service does honor the limited warranty when applicable and if there is an authentic problem, they make sure to solve it for you. 

Terms & Conditions of the Lifetime Warranty

Cosmetic damage does not fall under the lifetime warranty. This includes scratches, stains, scuffs, dents, dings, natural discoloring, or regular wear and tear on the product. Other normal functional changes are also not considered.

You should also note that luggage made from aluminum is particularly prone to cosmetic damage. 

If there is one damaged component in the luggage, then the entire product will not be replaced. Rather, the company will replace or fix the defective component only. 

Any Away product that is not sold by authentic resellers does not come under the warranty.

Luggage that was sold in reconditioned, used, preconditioned, returned, previously owned, any condition that doesn’t classify as new, or was purchased by a previous customer, does not fall under the warranty. 

What about the warranty on bags, accessories, or personal items?

Personal items, accessories, and interior organization items, as well as Minis all, come with a limited one-year warranty.

So, within the first year of your purchase, you can get the products fixed or have them replaced free of cost. 

The lifetime warranty isn’t applicable as these products are not subjected to the same level of abuse that other luggage products do. 

Which Away products are not covered by any warranty?

Away products that don’t have any warranty on them include:

  1. Travel Beanie
  2. Travel Scarf 
  3. Replacement filters 

How To Return Your Away Items

The only way to return Away items is via mail. You can initiate the return process by visiting the Away website. Here, you will fill out a form available on the Contact Us page.

The company will get in touch with you and tell you the instructions you need to follow next. 

You will have to ship the item back to Away, preferably in the original packaging it came in. Note that the original shipping fees will not be refunded to you.

But you can get free returns in areas where free shipping is also being offered by the brand. 

How To Find Your Order Number

You need to show your original order number to send an item back for a refund. Typically, the order number begins with R and then has 9 digits.

You can easily find your order number by checking the shipment email or the order confirmation message. 

If you purchased an item in store, the receipt will have your order number. This is usually on the subject line on the receipt after the sale has been finalized. 

Do Away suitcases get scratched?

Away suitcases are not easy to scratch or dent and even if they do, it takes around 8 to 12 months of normal use.

These marks are inevitable and can be caused by dropping the luggage, carrying it around, and when it goes through the baggage process during traveling. 

Why is Away Luggage popular?

Away Luggage is popular mainly because of its consistent quality and updated product range. Their suitcases are practical to use and are designed for functionality and comfort in mind. With this philosophy, the brand seeks to provide creative solutions to real travel problems. 

The range has many types of bags including carry-ons, daypacks, garment bags, and suitcases. They also have laptop cases, briefcases, and duffel bags.

The brand has a minimalist appeal which makes the bags look quite aesthetic. 

The suitcases have well-sized compartments to give you maximum luggage space and a hardshell exterior to add to their durability and toughness.

Some Away bags even come with a smart battery technology to keep your devices charged while you travel. 

If you’re looking for a chic suitcase with all these important qualities, Away luggage should be a great choice for you. 

The History of Away

The brand was founded in 2015 by Jen Rubio and Steph Korey who are both ex-Warby executives.

The story began in Switzerland when Jen Rubio was at the airport and her luggage suddenly broke, and all her stuff poured out. When she went on a hunt for a new suitcase, she came up with the idea to create her own.

Rubio and Korey collected an initial amount of $150,000 through family and friends to start the company. 

Together, they came up with a customer-oriented business model and actively worked to create products that fit the lifestyle and needs of their clients.

With Away, you’re essentially buying an experience rather than a product. 

Final Words

Away has garnered a positive repute over time and one reason for this is their exceptionally friendly customer service. They have a decent warranty policy in place which makes the whole experience worth it. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. 



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