Are KFC Baked Beans Vegan? (Vegetarian, Organic + More)

are kfc baked beans vegan

Do you know if KFC baked beans are vegan? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

KFC baked beans are vegan, as they are made using completely vegan ingredients. Their baked beans need no altering to become vegan, meaning they are entirely suitable for anyone following a vegan diet. KFC baked beans are also vegetarian, although the lack of information on their origins means their organic status is not currently known.

In the following article, we look at everything you need to know about the vegan status of KFC baked beans, including whether they are vegetarian or organic.

Are KFC baked beans vegan?

Fortunately for anyone following a vegan diet, KFC’s baked beans are completely vegan and one of the sides available for vegans to enjoy.

KFC’s baked beans are one of the few food products on their menu which contains no animal products. Unfortunately, there are not many fully vegan items on the menu, but vegans can rest assured they are safe with the beans.

As the baked beans are already completely vegan, they require no modification. Other food items on the KFC menu must be altered in some way in order to become vegan, with a lot of items needing ingredients to be removed or foregone, but KFC baked beans are vegan from the get-go.

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Is KFC vegan-friendly?

KFC might not be the most vegan-friendly place in the world, particularly as so much of its food is meat-based. KFC is generally considered to be quite late in adding vegan products to their menu, instead choosing to focus on enhancing the meat-based products they already offer.

KFC’s stance on veganism has improved over recent years and they have gradually begun adding more vegan products.

Recently, KFC has run multiple vegan trials, offering vegan burgers and nuggets, which proved to be very popular. Unfortunately, most of these have been limited-time offers, and so many people hope they will become more permanent in the future.

Are KFC baked beans vegetarian?

As KFC baked beans are vegan, they are also completely vegetarian. Containing no meat or animal products at all, KFC’s baked beans are safe for anyone following a vegetarian diet or wanting to cut back on animal products.

This may surprise anyone who associates KFC with chicken, but their vegetarian options have grown in recent years.

Are KFC baked beans organic?

KFC has yet to announce whether the ingredients used in their KFC baked beans are organic.

This will depend on where the ingredients are sourced from and how they are grown, which we know very little about.

For this reason, we cannot say for certain that KFC baked beans are organic.

Which KFC foods are vegan?

Currently, all of the sides at KFC are vegan when they are ordered without butter. KFC’s sides menu includes potato wedges, corn on the cob, and green beans, all of which are completely vegan when ordered alone.

Butter is an optional extra which should be foregone in order to maintain a vegan meal. Even better, you can order as many sides as you like!

However, vegan options at KFC are not limited to sides. KFC offer salads with the option to add Italian dressing or lemon juice, all of which are vegan when ordered without croutons.

Desserts like apple turnover and applesauce are also entirely vegan, as are most of the popular condiments, including ketchup, BBQ sauce, and jam.

Which KFC foods are not vegan?

Some of the food products on the KFC menu are obviously unsuitable for vegans and customers will typically be made aware of this. However, other products are less clear and might not be recognisable as non-vegan. Usually, these items are non-vegan because of the way they are made or cooked. 

KFC’s famous sauce is not suitable for vegans as eggs are one of the main ingredients. Similarly, things like potato salad and coleslaw also use eggs.

All of the salad dressings are made using milk and cheese, with the exception of the light Italian dressing. A lot of restaurants also offer Cinnabon biscuits as a dessert, which contain milk.

You might be thinking KFC’s fries are a safe option if you follow a vegan or even vegetarian diet. However, this is unfortunately not the case.

According to KFC, their fries are fried in the same oil as the popcorn chicken, meaning they are not suitable for a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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How do you order vegan items from KFC?

You can order vegan items as you would any other food item, but there are some things to remember. Vegan items like KFC’s baked beans are usually identified on the menu, so double check everything you are ordering.

Be clear in your instructions on any modifications you need to make, especially when you are ordering online. 

KFC also offers a nutrition guide with most of its items. You should make good use of this to double check things like ingredients and vegan status, as well as nutritional elements.

This is especially important if you notice any changes to a go-to item or are wanting to try something new to the menu. 

Final Thoughts

Luckily, KFC baked beans are entirely vegan, containing all vegan ingredients and needing no modification to remain vegan.

All ingredients used in KFC’s baked beans are also vegetarian, although it is not currently known whether they are organic.

For this reason, KFC’s baked beans can be labelled safe for vegans and vegetarians, but not organic until we know more.



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