Are Fiber One Bars Kosher? (Snacks Bars – Nobody Is Talking About!)

Are Fiber One Bars Kosher

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend are Fiber One Bars Kosher? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

So, are Fiber One Bars Kosher? No, all Fiber One Bars are not Kosher. They used to all be certified kosher, however, after a change in formulation that lead to different ingredients in some products, not all Fiber One bars are certified kosher anymore. The good news is you’ll see the OU label on the packaging of the bars that are still considered kosher.

Have you ever thought to yourself that it’s tough to find kosher snacks at the grocery store? If this sounds familiar to you, you’re in the right place.

We’re about to look at some Fiber One bars that are indeed great kosher snacks, as well as some easy ways to find kosher foods. Read on to learn more.

What Fiber One Bars Are Kosher?

A few years ago almost all the Fiber One bars and brownies were certified kosher by the OU. The company made some changes to several of the recipes, which caused those products to lose their certifications.

Most of those were in the brownie product line.

Fiber One bars that are still on the list of kosher products on the OU website include:

  • 90 Calorie Soft Baked Bars S’Mores Bar
  • Cheesecake Bar Strawberry
  • 90 Calorie Soft Baked Bars Caramel Sea Salt Bars
  • Baked Bars Pumpkin Bar
  • Streusel Blueberry
  • Brownie Bites Chocolate Fudge

Other Fiber One products are on the list, as well, but this is a sample of what you can find.

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What Is Kosher?

Kosher foods are acceptable to eat under the Jewish dietary laws. The rules are based in the Jewish religion and followers of the lifestyle eat foods made with only kosher ingredients, but also eat them in a certain way.

There are also rules governing the processing and cooking of ingredients and foods. 

Kosher foods are put into three main categories–meat, dairy, and pareve. Pareve is the largest category as it encompasses all foods that don’t fall in the meat and dairy categories. 

Kosher meats come from split-hooved animals only. Meat from cows, goats, and sheep is kosher. Similarly, dairy that comes from these animals is also kosher.

Meat or milk that comes from any other type of animal is not kosher. 

Foods from the pareve category are often made of many ingredients. In this article we’re talking about Fiber One bars. They’re made with several different ingredients that must be processed together to make an end product.

Fiber One bars are only kosher if the ingredients and processes used to make them are all kosher.

What Indicates a Food Is Kosher?

Kosher food is certified by a designated organization that researches the ingredients and inspects the company’s processes for making their products.

One of the most popular organizations for kosher certification is the Orthodox Union, or OU. 

OU has a system of symbols that indicate whether a food is kosher or not. Here’s more about those symbols:

  • OU – This indicates the product is kosher certified for every day consumption. The product does not contain meat or dairy and was not processed on equipment where meat or dairy is.
  • OU-D – This product is kosher and either includes dairy in the recipe or was processed on the same equipment as other dairy products. This product does not contain meat.
  • OU-DE – This indicates the product was processed with equipment that is also used with dairy items.
  • OU-Meat – This is present on kosher meat. It’s also used on products that contain kosher meat or kosher meat derivatives. It can also indicate the food was produced using equipment that also processes kosher meat.
  • OU-Fish – Fish with fins and scales are consumable under kosher dietary laws. This indicator shows what fish are kosher or what products contain kosher fish.
  • OU-P – The Jewish religious holiday of Passover has entended kosher laws. The OU-P symbol indicates foods that are Passover kosher.

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Where Will You Find the Kosher Symbol on Food Labels?

The kosher symbol won’t always be in the same place on all kosher foods. Generally, you’ll find it in the bottom corner on the front of the package.

However, sometimes it will be on the back of the package or just underneath the nutritional facts label.

Are Fiber One Bars Good for You?

Fiber One bars aren’t health foods, but they’re not a bad snack for the average person. They’re great for portion control.

Snacks that are pre-packaged like Fiber One bars make it easy for you to keep track of how much you’re eating. 

Let’s use the Fiber One Chocolate Caramel; Pretzel Chewy Bar as an example. It only has 70 calories, offers 4 grams of protein, and only has 2 grams of fat. It’s also low on sugar, sugar alcohol, and sodium.

That’s not a bad snack that will keep you held over until meal time. It has some whole grains and vitamins in it, too. 

Fiber One bars are good snacks if you eat them in moderation and as part of a well-balanced diet full of all the different food groups.

Final Thoughts

You can find some kosher-certified foods on the shelf of Fiber One bars. You’ll need to be careful about which varieties you buy, though, as some of them are not kosher anymore.

Look for the OU symbol somewhere on the box before you make your selection. It’s easy to find kosher products if you know what to look for and take the time to look for it.

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