American Eagle Return Policy – How Many Days? (Secrets Nobody Is Talking About)

american eagle return policy how many days

Do you know what American Eagle return policy is and how many days you have after purchase? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

American Eagle has many options to choose from when you are unhappy with a purchase you made, whether due to an error on your part or theirs.

So, what is American Eagle return policy and how many days you have after purchase? American Eagle has some of the most lenient return policies available through retail stores. There is no time limit for returns, and items can be exchanged or refunded in store at any time as long as they appear in clean and unused condition. Refunds will be issued through the same payment method as the original purchase or in-store credit if you do not have a receipt.

American Eagle Return Policy – How Many Days Do You Have to Return an Item?

According to the American Eagle official website, there is no time limit given for a full refund. If at any time you are unhappy with a purchase, you can simply take the item back to any physical store and get your money returned to you for the exact price you paid according to your receipt including sales tax.

The refund you receive will be given back to you in the same manner in which you originally paid for it. 

Can You Return Items to American Eagle Without a Receipt?

Yes, American Eagle will accept returns without a receipt, but you will only be refunded for the item’s price at the time of the refund in the form of a gift card, or you can choose to exchange it.

Nonetheless, you will receive your money back no matter how far into the future you decide to return the product.

Is there a Specific Time Frame for Exchanges?

Similar to returns, you do not have a set time frame to request an exchange at American Eagle. However, an exchange is only permitted if you return one item for another in the same color and style (basically exchanging for a different size.)

If you are looking to get a product exchanged for another color or style, you will need to request a refund and then purchase that item with the return.

While American Eagle makes it easy to return unwanted items, they do have the right to refuse any returns, refunds, or exchanges if any fraudulent activity is suspected; with this being left to the employee’s discretion.

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Can You Return Items Purchased Online or on the AE app at a Physical Store Location?

Yes, you can absolutely return your items ordered online to any of the local American Eagle locations. Simply bring the packing slip with you or your confirmation order email as proof of purchase for a refund, returned to you in the same manner, you purchased it. 

If you are returning an item that you ordered online and paid for it to be shipped to you, it is important to keep in mind that the shipping cost is not refunded; you will only get the amount you paid for the item back.

Can You Return Items By Mail?

If you prefer to mail your purchases back for a refund, you do have the option to do so. However, unless your purchase qualifies for free returns, you will be responsible for the shipping costs when mailing the products back, which is a flat $5 fee. 

Items being returned by mail should be sent back in the same package it was received in if possible.

American Eagle also requires 2-4 weeks for the return to be delivered and processed; once the item is successfully returned, the refund will go out in 5-7 business days.

Another great offer from American Eagle is that even items that are online-only purchases can still be returned to any of their brick and mortar locations or Aerie stores. 

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Can You Make Exchanges By Mail?

Unfortunately, at this time, American Eagle is not providing the option for customers to make any exchanges by mail, and can only be done at physical locations.

Can You Return Washed or Items Without Tags?

Yes, you do not need the original tag when returning your items. However, if you are returning a swimsuit or underwear and the hypoallergenic liner is removed, your refund request will be denied.

Can You Return Clearance items to American Eagle?

Although most retailers don’t typically offer refunds on clearance items, American Eagle does. You can return your clearance items to any American Eagle, Tailgaters, or Aerie stores. 

What do You do if Your Item was Damaged When You Received Them?

If you received any damaged items, you can contact customer service and get a full refund. If you choose to exchange the item, it can be mailed to you upon request. 

Can Returns be Made on Products Purchased With After Pay?

Yes, you can return items that you paid for using After Pay. Once the item is received, you will receive a refund for the total amount paid through payments.

The amount of money refunded will be provided to you in your account, and all future payments will be canceled or updated to reflect the return.

Summing Things Up

Returning items to American Eagle couldn’t get any easier. There are no restrictions in place stating you have a certain time frame to make a return, nor are you required to provide a receipt or proof of purchase.

If you aren’t in love with your American Eagle purchase, they are determined to make it right. 

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