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aerie return policy how many days

We explain the American Eagle Return Policy. Do you know what Aerie’s return policy is and how many days you have for a return? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You can find almost anything you need in the way of apparel at Aerie. There’s shirts, pants, undergarments, shoes, accessories and so much more. What’s great is that it’s affordable, practical, and very accessible. However, if you want to make a return, it’s important to understand the details involved.

So, how many days does Aerie give in their return policy? Aerie is a subdivision of American Eagle Outfitters and according to the company return policy, Aerie used to have a strict 30-day limit. So the truth is that they have the exact same return policy. Since COVID, they opened their policy to an unlimited time frame to make returns or exchanges.

This is because Aerie and American Eagle Outfitters come under the umbrella of the AEO Management Company.

They have the exact same return policy for all retailers they own. This includes 1977, Live Your Life and, among many others.

How Many Days Do You Have to Make a Return or Exchange with Aerie?

At the present time, there is no limit to make a return or exchange with Aerie. It used to be that there was a strict 30-day limit and making a return beyond that would result in an exchange or store credit. They have done this in response to COVID, since people weren’t able to conduct daily business in a normal fashion.

However, because of health concerns, if you want to make an exchange, you have to do it in-store. You cannot mail exchanges but you can mail in returns for a full refund.

But this is because items you no longer want have to be in perfect, sellable condition.

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What Is the Process for Returning Items with Aerie In-Store?

Whenever you’re not happy with what you bought from Aerie, you can return it for a full refund at any time you want.

You just have to have proof of your purchase in the form of an invoice, receipt, order email, order details, or order confirmation page.

If you don’t have an accepted receipt, you can exchange it or receive store credit at the current sale price. On the off chance they overcharge you, they will refund the difference. However, if there was fraud or suspected abuse, they will not accept the item – not even for a return.

You can bring your unwanted item to an AE, American Eagle Outfitter, Tailgate or Aerie store within the borders of the United States.

They will exchange or honor a full refund. But, if you had items shipped where you paid for the delivery, Aerie will not compensate for that part of the refund.

How Do You Make a Return by Mail with Aerie?

To make a return by mail, you can login to your online account or use the AE Live App. Lodge your return into their system by selecting the items from your order history.

When you click on “return,” you’ll go to an online portal where you can print shipping labels to send the items back.

If possible, try to use the original packaging sent with your shipment. This will make your return go a lot faster and smoother.

Put the return shipping label on the box, ensure it’s well sealed and put it into the mailbox at the post office.

Note that not all returns by mail will qualify for free shipping. But, Aerie will notify you of this either on your order details page or after selecting the item for return through the online portal.

If shipping isn’t free, $5 will come out of your total refund.

How Does Aerie Accept an Exchange?

The only way to do a traditional exchange is if you go to an Aerie store, or other sister retailer. To make an exchange via mail, you will have to place a return and buy the item again.

They simply will not go through the process of traditional exchanges at this time.

To receive an exchange in-store, your unwanted item and the new one must be identical. Any variation of color, size, or fit will result in a different price.

So, if you want to change any of those variables, you should make a return and then buy the item outright.

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Can I Return or Exchange Aerie Items from Anywhere in the World?

In the event you want to make a return after taking a trip to another country, you will have to return the item via mail to the US or wait until you come back.

This is because of laws, taxes, duties, fees, and other regulations that vary by country.

Are There Any Items Aerie Won’t Accept for Return or Exchange?

Aside from suspected cases of fraud or abuse, Aerie won’t accept returns or exchanges for swimwear that’s missing the hygienic liner. Under no circumstances will they do this because of obvious health reasons.

Also, if your item is washed, missing tags, or clearly used in some way, they may not accept the refund.

Understand that Aerie reserves the right to refuse any item for return or exchange at any time for any reason.


Since Aerie’s return policy is exactly the same as American Eagle’s, making a return or exchange is pretty self-explanatory.

However, at the moment, they have an unlimited number of days in which to make the return as a courtesy to customers in light of COVID-19.

You can do this via mail or in-store, you just can’t make an exchange through the mail.



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