What Is American Eagle Return Policy After 30 Days (Best Tips!)

American Eagle Return Policy after 30 days

Do you know what American Eagle return policy after 30 days is? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Prior to January 2020, American Eagle’s return policy gave customers a 30-day window. Hassle-free and no questions asked, you could return anything as long as it was in a reasonable condition. But, this has now changed; even if temporarily.

So, what is American Eagle’s return policy after 30 days? If you aren’t happy with your purchase, they will provide an easy and full refund well beyond 30 days, which makes things a little better. Of course, this could change in the future but for now, your best tip is knowing this tidbit of information.

Many other conditions and rules still apply for returns and exchanges with American Eagle. It’s just that the 30-day window has been extended.

Additionally, they won’t accept any exchanges by mail in lieu of protecting workers during this uncertain time.

What Are the Time Limits for Returns or Exchanges with American Eagle?

Now that American Eagle Outfitters is back in business, they are accepting returns and exchanges. There is no time limit.

They used to accept returns and exchanges after 30 days for an in-store credit. But now, the 30-day limit is no longer in place.

American Eagle will continue to honor digital order refunds for mailed returns but they can’t take mailed exchanges. Therefore, all exchanges must occur in a store or you initiate a standard return online and purchase the new item.

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How Do You Make a Return with American Eagle?

To make a return, you either go to the store or initiate the return portal online. Either way, you must have the item and provide proof of your purchase.

This is can include a store receipt, online invoice, packing slip, order confirmation, order details or your email confirmation. 

If you don’t have any of these, American Eagle will give an exchange or store credit for the current price of the item.

Sending Returns by Mail

When sending returns by mail, you will use the online portal to initiate the transaction. It’s very user friendly too. Here, you indicate your order number and the email associated with it.

You’ll then see an interface showing a list detailing everything you purchased with that specific number.

Select which items you want to return and then print the labels to send them back to American Eagle. Ensure you reuse the original packaging, if possible, secure it in a box and take it to the post office (or other indicated carrier).

What Are American Eagle’s Allowances; Restrictions for Returns; Exchanges?

What’s great about American Eagle is that they will allow full returns and exchanges for almost any item, this includes clearance and sale items.

Even if the original tag is missing and you’ve washed the item, they will still accept the return or exchange. You can make returns and exchanges both in-store and online.

Shipping Charges

But any shipping charges you paid for your online order are not refundable. However, you can return items purchased online at a brick-and-mortar location.

This includes “online exclusive” items too. Also, some orders may not qualify for a free return. If it doesn’t, American Eagle will deduct $5 from your return to pay for shipping costs.

Items American Eagle Won’t Accept

There are only two instances where they won’t accept a return. The first is when abuse or fraud is evident with the purchase.

The other is in regards to bikinis and bathing suits. If you remove the hygienic liner, American Eagle cannot take the return for health reasons.

How Do You Exchange an Item with American Eagle?

If you want to exchange an item, you will have to go into the store. If it’s for something you bought online or if it was an “online exclusive” item, you will have to purchase that item again and initiate a standard return.

Even Exchanges

For something to come under the classification of an even exchange, the item in question must be the same color, fit, and style.

Changing any of these variables may result in a different cost or the current promotion will apply to the new item.

If you want a different fit, color, and/or style, you have to process a return for the old item. Then, buy the new one you want at the current price.

Certain Exceptions

While they do honor exchanges for items washed and without tags, they do reserve the right to reject an exchange at any time. This will vary by store, sales associate, and the discretion of the manager.

How Long Do Refunds Take with American Eagle?

Once you’ve begun the process of the return, you can expect your refund within five to seven business days. But, this is for transactions performed in store. 

However, if you’re doing a return by mail, you have to allow up to one month for American Eagle to accept your return and process it. After that happens, there is an additional five to seven days wait for the refund to show up.


For the time being, American Eagle has no limit on their returns and exchanges. Before, it was within 30 days or you would receive a store credit.

While most of the other conditions for returns still apply, they aren’t accepting exchanges via mail at this time.

But, all these could change, so check their return policy page often for updates.

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