1 Carat Pink Diamond Price (All You Need to Know)

1 carat pink diamond price

Diamonds are beautiful but pricey. Natural diamonds are priced higher than others because they’ve taken billions of years to form. But what about the various diamond colors? Do they cost more?

Pink diamonds are more expensive than traditional white diamonds. It’s unknown what gives a diamond its pink hue, which only adds to its value. Pink diamonds range from a hint of pink up to a bright vivid tone. A 1 carat pink diamond may cost up to $1 million.

This article is a discussion about how diamonds turn pink and how that changes their value. Read on to find out why pink diamonds are so valuable.

1 Carat Pink Diamond Price vs. White Diamond Price

There is big price difference between a 1 carat white diamond and pink diamond.

The traditional white diamond goes for anywhere between $1,000 and $12,000. The same size pink diamond costs from $70,000 to $1 million.

Pink diamonds are super rare. Add to that the fact that gemologists don’t have any idea why the diamonds turn pink, and you can understand why they carry such high values. 

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How Much Does a 1 Carat Lab-Grown Pink Diamond Cost?

If you want a 1 carat pink diamond and can’t afford to pay the $100,000 price tag, that’s ok. Lab-grown diamonds come in all sorts of fancy colors and don’t cost nearly as much as natural ones. 

You can purchase a 1 carat lab-grown pink diamond for right around $1,000.

That’s a bit more manageable for most people. You can also find these for sale in more places.

What Is the Largest Pink Diamond Ever?

The largest pink diamond ever found weighs 182 carats. It was found in India. It’s called the Daria-i-Noor. 

There was a more recent discovery in Angola. A pink diamond weighing 170 carats was extracted from the Lulo Mine. It’s been named The Lulo Rose.

It’s the biggest of its kind found in the most recent 300 years.

Which Color of Diamond Is the Most Expensive?

Red diamonds are the most expensive of the colors. They are rarer than pink diamonds and their color is more vivid. 

A 1 carat natural red diamond goes for about $1 million. That’s not exactly a budget-friendly buy.

What Makes a Pink Diamond Pink?

Typically, diamonds get other colors because another element is introduced into the crystals as they grow. Gemologists know this because they find trace amounts of these elements in the diamonds. 

Diamonds are sometimes blue, yellow, or even green. Scientists know what creates these colors because trace amounts of the elements causing the reactions to remain. Boron, nitrogen, and sulphur cause variations in diamond colors.

Pink diamonds are a mystery, though. There are no trace elements present in pink diamonds. So, scientists have come up with a theory.

They think that once they’re already formed, certain diamonds are exposed to continuous intense pressure and heat. The pressure bears on the diamond from all sides. This is known as non-isotropic stress.

The non-isotropic stress causes distortion of the crystal lattice inside the diamond. The carbon atoms shift around, which causes the light to reflect differently. The different light is seen by the human eye as pink. 

Diamonds with a more intense pink color were under intense pressure for longer, while those with a lighter hue were for less.

Where Do Pink Diamonds Come From?

Pink diamonds have been found in a few places. They used to come out of mines in Brazil and from the Golconda mine. Every once in a while, they still do.

The majority of the world’s pink diamonds came from a mine in Kimberley, Western Australia, the Argyle. The Argyle mine was operating up until 2020. It closed that year.

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Who Sells Pink Diamonds?

You can buy natural pink diamonds from Blue Nile or Leibish. These two retailers are known for selling them.

If you do an online search, you’ll come across other sellers or jewelry stores that may offer them. Remember that these stones are rare, so if the price looks too good to be true, it likely is.

Natural pink diamonds cost a lot. They’re highly valuable. If the price doesn’t make sense, you’re looking at a fake pink diamond or a lab-grown one.

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Are Lab-Grown Pink Diamonds Real?

Lab-grown pink diamonds are real, they’re just not as expensive. Lab-grown diamonds take weeks to grow compared to the billions of years natural diamonds take. 

Lab-grown pink diamonds are created in laboratories that are specially designed to grow diamonds efficiently and quickly.

Lab technicians use irradiation and chemical vapor deposition, or CVD, to alter the diamond structure. That alteration is what gives these diamonds their pink hue.

What Color Diamonds Are the Cheapest?

Grey diamonds are generally the cheapest. Next up are the brown and yellow diamonds. 

Keep in mind, though, that colored diamonds are also graded. So, diamonds with better grades do cost more than those with lower grades.

You could have a stunning high grade grey diamond that costs more than a white diamond with a low grade. 

Are Pink Diamonds Graded on the Same Things as White Diamonds?

Diamonds are all graded on the 4 Cs, regardless of their color. Colored diamonds just have a different type of grading scale for their color because it’s not about how colorless they are.

Colored diamonds are graded on how vivid the color is. 

You’ll still pay more for a pink diamond that has excellent clarity, meaning less inclusions, more weight, meaning higher carats, and a better cut. It doesn’t matter what color the diamond is, these factors are still what’s important.

How Many Colors of Diamonds Exist?

Diamonds aren’t just the clear or white stones you think of for engagement rings. There are many more colors to choose from.

There are 12 basic colors of diamonds. These are:

You may see some variations of hues and tones from these colors, but these are the baseline options.

What Is a Champagne Diamond?

Champagne diamonds are brown with a yellowish tint to them. They look like the golden color of champagne. These come in different hues, as well. 

The name champagne is appealing, as is the color to some people. Many diamond shoppers like to pair champagne diamonds with other colors.

Pink diamonds pair well with champagne. You can make all sorts of different unique combinations for stunning jewelry pieces.

Will the World Run Out of Pink Diamonds?

Eventually, the world will run out of natural pink diamonds. The industry knows that, which is why they cost so much. Since 80% of the pink diamonds we have come out of one mine, we will run out at some point.

The good news is, you can still buy lab-grown pink diamonds. They may not have the same value or hold the same ambiance as natural pink diamonds, but they’re just as stunning.

Are Pink Diamonds Durable?

Pink diamonds are just as durable as traditional white ones. The color of a diamond doesn’t change its hardness. Diamonds are the hardest substance on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. 

It’s extremely difficult to scratch a diamond. In fact, the one thing that you could scratch one with is another diamond.

That’s also how diamond cutters cut diamonds. The end of the drill is a bit made of diamond.

Can I Turn My White Diamond Pink?

You cannot turn your white diamond pink. Once the stone has formed, it stays the color it is. You can’t introduce any other colors into the diamond.

Diamonds may get dirty and look foggy or cloudy but they will not change colors. The most you could hope to do if you want a pink diamond is find somewhere that will allow you to upgrade by trading in your white diamond for credit toward a pink one.


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Final Thoughts

A 1 carat pink diamond costs much more than a traditional white diamond. Most of us cannot afford the up to $1 million price tag a pink diamond comes with. 

Pink diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds in the world. Scientists also don’t know exactly why they turn pink. There is a theory about pressurization and heat, but it’s only an educated guess. 

Pink diamonds don’t have trace elements inside that cause the pink tint. Though they’re incredibly beautiful, they’re extremely rare and pricey.




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