Where Are Pink Diamonds Found? (All You Need To Know)

Where Are Pink Diamonds Found

The only thing that could make diamonds even better as a girl’s best friend is the color pink! The question is, where are pink diamonds found?

According to Live Science.com, pink diamonds can be found In mines in Southern Africa, Colorado, or Brazil. Most of the pink diamonds in the world have come from Argyle Mine in Australia, which closed in 2020.

In this article, we’ll not only cover where pink diamonds are found but everything you need to know about these precious rocks, including some frequently asked questions!

Where Are Pink Diamonds Found?

If you’re looking to find a naturally pink diamond, there are really only two ways to do it: either go to one of the few mines on planet Earth containing these rare stones or purchase a pink diamond of your own from a vendor!

The keyword here is “natural.” While diamonds grow naturally as crystalized rock in the Earth’s crust, we humans have figured out ways to create our own.

These manufactured diamonds are called “lab-grown,” and some are grown pink using a chemical vapor deposition technique.

Mines Containing Pink Diamonds

The mines that contain or have contained pink diamonds are listed below:

  • Argyle Mine, Western Australia – Although the Argyle Mine is said to have produced more diamonds than anywhere else in the world, only a small percent of these were considered “gem-quality.” However, the Argyle Mine is by far the best source for pink diamonds, boasting around 95% of the whole world’s supply of this rosy rock.
  • Lulo Mine, South Africa – South Africa is home to seven big diamond-producing mines, but the Lulo Mine is famous for being the place where a 170 carat, giant pink diamond called the “Lulo Rose.” This gem is owned by the Lucapa Diamond Company, while other diamonds produced by this mine are among the most expensive in the United States.
  • GAR Minerals Mines, Brazil – The GAR minerals corporation have produced quite a haul of diamonds, mostly in brown or colorless hues, but they have found pink diamonds there as well. This is especially true for mines located along the Abaete River. 
  • Kollur Mine, India – The Golcunda Sultuanate in India has been one of the most renowned areas for diamond production in the world. Like the others in this area, the Kollur Mine boasts gems of the highest, clearest quality of diamonds. It gets bragging rights for the rumor that the fourth-biggest pink diamond in the world was found there.

These mines may be famous, but they aren’t open to the public for mining. In fact, only places like the Arkansas Diamond Mine allows clients to come and dig for their own gemstones.

A genuinely pink diamond has not been found in Arkansas since 1924, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find these blush-colored jewels available for purchase!

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How Expensive Are Pink Diamonds?

There are many places that sell pink diamonds, but it is important to remember that due to the rarity of the natural coloration, pink diamonds are expensive…even for diamonds!

A diamond’s price is determined by the following factors:

  1. Clarity – A diamond that is carved right out of the earth sometimes have blemishes or inclusions, making them less clear. Clarity of a diamond, such as one that has little to none of these markings, makes that diamond more expensive!
  2. Color – The more transparent and free of any coloration a diamond has, like brown or yellow, the more pricy that diamond will be. Usually this is represented by a scale of letters D through “Z,” with “D” being the least colored. A pink diamond is considered a “fancy” diamond, meaning it is exempt from this value standard!
  3. Carat – Carat, when spelled with a “C” instead of a “K,” is simply a measurement of a diamond’s weight. A carat is around the same weight as a thumb tack: 0.2 grams. The higher the carat weight, the more expensive the diamond!
  4. Cut – The cut of a diamond is possibly the biggest factor in determining it’s price. The cut of a diamond determines how bright and reflective the gem is, how many colors it can break light into (commonly known as a diamond’s “fire,”) and a few other qualities such as how symmetrical or polished the diamond is. Note: cut is not the same as shape.

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Now that we understand how pricing is determined, below is a table illustrating which pink diamonds can be purchased and how their prices compare to one another:

Diamond Cut and ShapeCarat WeightTotal Price
Fancy Vivid Pink Round0.5 to 1.5$314,000
Fancy Vivid Pink Pear3$3.2 Million
Fancy Intense Pink Oval6 to 7$1.5 Million

How Are Pink Diamonds Formed?

Pink diamonds are actually the second-rarest diamond in the world, losing the top title only to red diamonds.

They are start their cycle as simple rocks called kimberlite, moving up to the surface of the planet with the flow of magma eruptions.

When kimberlite comes into contact with carbon fluid in the planet’s mantle during this traveling period, the carbon fluid hardens.

This process is called “crystalizing.” Once the carbon fluid crystalizes, it has become an actual diamond, harder than rock and ready to be mined. 

What Makes Pink Diamonds Pink?

So, diamonds are actually crystalized carbon fluids on the surface of kimberlite from the earth’s core: got it! But what is it that makes specifically pink diamonds so rosy in color?

The truth is, scientists are still unclear on that subject. 

For most other fancy or colored diamonds, their hue comes from different elements interacting with the carbon fluid before it crystalizes.

Some of these elements are Sulphur, nitrogen, and boron. Each of them can turn an otherwise clear diamond into shades of blue or green or yellow.

However, this is not the case with pink diamonds. Pink diamonds have been dug out of the earth since the 1900s, but not one naturally pink diamond has been found with any of these trace elements that are responsible for coloration.

Currently, the scientific belief is that pink diamonds don’t actually contain any coloration of their own. Instead, they simply reflect light differently than other diamonds as a result of their crystallization being more greatly pressurized.

Therefore, our eyes see the light that these specific diamonds reflect as “pink.”

Pink Diamonds FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions related to where pink diamonds can be found and all you need to know about them!

Are pink diamonds still being mined?

Pink diamonds are still being mined in places like Brazil, but the largest producer of pink diamonds, Argyle Mines, closed in the year 2020. 

Are pink diamonds very rare?

Pink diamonds are very rare indeed, making up just 0.1% of all the diamonds that are taken from the ground every year.

This is a staggering statistic when you realize that there are at least 20 million diamonds in carat weight mined yearly!

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What causes a pink diamond?

A diamond’s pink hue is caused naturally by intense heat and pressure, which causes the carbon interior of the diamond to reflect light so that it looks pink.

However, in the case of lab-grown diamonds, the pink hue is added by radiating the chemically-grown crystal or treating the diamond to a type of heating that turns it pink.

Which countries mine pink diamonds?

Western Australia and Brazil mine for pink diamonds, though in the past, Canada and India have also produced pink diamonds.

What is a 1 carat pink diamond worth?

A pink diamond that is only 1 carat is expensive indeed, ranging between $100,000 and a complete million in U.S. dollars. 


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In Conclusion

In conclusion, pink diamonds are primarily found in the mines of West Australia and Brazil and can be purchased according to their carat weight, color, cut, and clarity for upwards of $100,000.

These rare diamonds achieve their coloration through intense heating and pressures placed on the crystal of the diamond and are well worth their exorbitant prices!

Pink diamond found in Angola is believed to be the largest in 300 years >> Check out the video below:




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