Why Are Pink Diamonds So Rare? (Here Is Why)

Why Are Pink Diamonds So Rare

Lindsey, do you know why pink diamonds are so rare? This is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

Pink diamonds are rare and thus expensive. Most of them come from a single mine located in Australia. Though they’re formed in the same manner as white diamonds, which are made of carbon that has been exposed to tremendous amounts of heat and pressure, pink diamonds are compressed to even more extreme levels. 

The article below is full of information about pink diamonds and why they’re so rare. You’ll learn about where they come from, how they form, and what makes them pink.

So, keep reading to discover the secrets of the rare pink diamond.

Pink Diamonds Are Rare

Pink diamonds were discovered in the early 1600s. The first ones ever found were from a mine in India. Since then, they’ve been encountered in diamond mines in six other countries. 

Today, the Argyle mine in western Australia produces nearly all of the world’s pink diamonds. Pink diamonds account for only 0.1% of the Argyle mine’s yearly output. They are extremely rare.

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How Are Pink Diamonds Formed?

These rare diamonds are formed the same way white diamonds are. Carbon is compressed and heated to extreme levels causing the crystal growth. 

Any idea how long it takes for carbon to turn into diamond naturally? It takes from 1 billion to more than 3 billion years for this process to run its course.

That means that some diamonds were formed about 75% of the time that Earth has been in existence. 

Pink diamonds take longer to form than other colors. They also take more pressure and more heat. That’s why they are so rare.

There Is a Slight Difference in Formulation

Though the process is practically the same, there is a slight difference in the formulation of pink diamonds. 

Most diamonds are formed in what’s known as the kimberlite pipes of volcanoes. Pink diamonds are different because they form in lamproite pipes. Lamproite pipes aren’t as well-known for producing diamonds.

Though not all kimberlite pipes do either, far more of them do than lamproites. And of those that do, pink diamonds aren’t found in many of them. 

Pink diamonds are not one of a kind, but they are few and far between.

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What Makes Pink Diamonds Pink?

With white diamonds, the absence of color is usually more desirable. Some white diamonds have a tinge of yellow or brown. The more color a white diamond has, the less it will cost, generally. 

Colored diamonds, such as blue or yellow, get their colors from elements within the Earth’s crust. The elements create a disturbance that tints the crystals during the formation process. 

Pink diamonds do not have any traces of elements, though. So, what makes a pink diamond pink? Scientists aren’t entirely sure, but there is a theory. 

The theory is that when light enters the crystals, it’s distorted through the diamond’s lattice. That distortion results from the extremely high levels of compression and heats the carbon and crystals are exposed to.

The carbon atoms are completely displaced with the distortion process, so when light enters the diamond, the human eye detects pink.

What Is the Rarest Diamond Color?

You may think pink diamonds are the rarest. They’re close, but there is a color even more rare than pink. 

The rarest diamond color is red. Red diamonds are often referred to as the Fancy Reds. These diamonds also come mostly from the Argyle mine in western Australia.

They are found in different shades, including true red, red-orange, and brownish red.

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How Much Does a Pink Diamond Cost?

Pink diamonds vary in quality just like white and other colors. However, high quality pink diamonds do cost more than high quality diamonds of other colors. 

A one carat pink diamond may cost well into the six figure range. One of the most expensive 1-carat pink diamonds in history cost $1.75 million.

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What’s the Cheapest Color Diamond?

The cheapest diamonds are typically colored with less attractive colors. The clarity also plays a huge role in the price of the diamonds. 

Generally, the least expensive colored diamonds are brown, grey, and fancy yellow. There are more of them and they don’t take as long to form as some of the other colors.

Pink Diamonds Require More Work

While pink diamonds cost more because they’re so rare, they also have higher price tags because they require more work. 

We mentioned above that the thought is pink diamonds get their color from the rearranging of the carbon atoms during the crystal formulation process. The lattice structure is different causing distortions of the light entering the crystals. 

Due to such a complicated structure, these stones are much more difficult to polish than other kinds of diamonds. Some of them can take four times as long as to polish.

Just like when you take your car in for repairs and the bill is higher when it takes them longer to fix the vehicle, the same is true for pink diamonds. More labor equals higher price. 

What’s the Most Expensive Diamond Sold at Auction?

The Pink Star is a Fancy Vivid Pink diamond that was auctioned off for $83.2 million. It was sold to a diamond cutter named Isaac Wolf. However, he failed to make the full payment. 

Sotheby’s, the company responsible for these auctions, bought the diamond back at a price of $60 million. They had entered into an agreement with the original owner of the diamond that guaranteed a minimum of $60 million for it. 

Do Pink Diamonds Sparkle?

Pink diamonds often sparkle more than white or other colors of diamonds. The reason is the complicated structure of the lattice inside the diamond.

The light goes through a pink diamond much differently than it does other diamonds. It’s distorted and comes out differently to the human eye.

Will Pink Diamonds Fade?

Low quality pink diamonds may appear to fade over time. However, a high quality, clear pink diamond will not fade. If you keep the diamond clean and well-maintained, your pink diamond should not lose any color. 

What Does a Pink Diamond Symbolize?

When these diamonds were first discovered, they were thought of as bringing happiness and joy. Royalty and high class individuals who wore pink diamonds were thought of as happy and light people.

Pink diamonds represent love and intimacy today. They’re thought to be romantic and great for engagement rings. 

How Can I Tell If a Pink Diamond Is Real?

You don’t have to be an expert to determine if a pink diamond is real or not. There’s a simple test you can try to find out.

  • First, draw a small dot on a piece of white paper.
  • Place the diamond on top of the dot with its flat side facing down.
  • Look through the diamond from the pointed end.

If you cannot see the dot or a circle through the diamond, it is real. If you see a reflected circle inside the stone, it’s fake.


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Pink diamonds are rare because they’re hard to find, take more precise conditions to form, and are more difficult to polish.

Almost all pink diamonds come from one mine in Australia. These stones are naturally limited editions. They’re beautiful and usually come with a high price tag.




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