Are Red Diamonds Real? (All You Need To Know)

Are Red Diamonds Real

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if red diamonds are real? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Although they are incredibly rare, red diamonds are indeed real. Only a tiny number of red diamonds have ever been found, making them the rarest variety of diamonds in the world. Their rarity, along with their vivid color and deep intensity, is what make red diamonds unique, special, and very valuable. 

In the following article, we cover all the details you need to know about red diamonds, including key characteristics, what they are worth, and how to distinguish a real red diamond, as well as some of the most frequently asked questions. 

Are red diamonds real?

Red diamonds are real, but they are also extremely rare. In fact, red diamonds are the rarest variety of diamonds in the world, with only around twenty to thirty known to exist in the world.

Red diamonds are very unique compared with other varieties of diamonds, combining an unusual mixture of chemicals to create a distinctive, vivid red color.

Unlike other diamonds, red diamonds only exist in the ‘fancy’ intensity. This term refers to diamonds that are very deep in hue and color, displaying a color intensity that cannot be graded like other diamonds.

Fancy diamonds are among the rarest, with only 1% of graded diamonds considered to be ‘fancy’.

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What are the key characteristics of red diamonds?

Real red diamonds are distinguishable by a few tell-tale characteristics, which can help you to identify a real red diamond from a fake one.

First of all, size is an important characteristic you should pay attention to. Real red diamonds will rarely be above one carat in size, simply because they are so uncommon and are usually mined in much smaller sizes. 

You might also want to look at the color of the diamond since the intensity and depth of color in a red diamond are unlike any other.

A red diamond will be colored differently from other red stones like garnet and ruby, so learning to spot these differences is a good way of identifying a red diamond.

Do fake red diamonds exist?

Fake red diamonds can be synthetically produced or grown in a lab, making them a more environmentally-friendly option than the real thing.

However, synthetic red diamonds are considered to be rare, although nowhere near as rare as real red diamonds, and this can make them more expensive than other synthetic diamonds.

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How do you know if a red diamond is real?

The best thing to do in order to tell if a red diamond is real is to take it to a professional or expert in the area.

It takes years of knowledge and expertise to be able to identify whether such a rare diamond is real, so you are likely to need some assistance to do so. However, there are a few ways you can get an idea of whether your diamond is real.

If you have a diamond scale available to you, you can tell if your diamond is real by weighing it. If you find that your diamond weighs more than it should for its size, you can assume it is fake.

This is because stones that are usually used as fakes typically weigh a lot more than an average diamond. 

Alternatively, you can try the fog test, a commonly used method for identifying fake diamonds. Hold the diamond up to your mouth with a mirror behind it and breathe out until you see the mirror fogging up.

Real diamonds won’t stay fogged up for long, so keep an eye out for any fog that lingers on the diamond, as this may mean it is fake.

Finally, you may want to try a simple technique that is used to spot synthetic diamonds from real ones.

You can place the diamond under a UV light, which should make a real diamond shine brightly. A fake or synthetic diamond will not shine under UV light in most cases.

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How can you tell a red diamond from other diamonds?

In most cases, you will be able to identify a red diamond from its vivid coloring alone; this is usually enough to distinguish a red diamond from other colored diamonds.

However, pink diamonds are very similar to red diamonds, so you will need to use other methods to differentiate between the two.

In fact, red and pink diamonds are essentially the same diamond, with a slightly higher saturation of color present in red varieties.

However, the intensity of the colors can make it difficult to tell them apart, especially given how similar they are chemically.

It is likely that you would need an expert in the two in order to tell them apart.

How can you tell a red diamond from other red stones?

Red gemstones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and intensities, meaning it is easy to confuse a regular red stone, like a ruby, with a red diamond. However, there are a few ways you can distinguish a red diamond from another stone.

Rubies, in particular, can be easily confused with red diamonds. Both are very sturdy and durable and can be very similar in hue. However, rubies are far more readily available than red diamonds and are much less expensive.

You can also distinguish the two by color, as rubies are typically much brighter and more vivid in coloring. 

Are red diamonds worth anything?

Red diamonds are incredibly valuable, mostly owing to the fact that they are so rare. They are valued based on their size, color, and clarity, with pure red diamonds selling for significantly more. However, no matter their size or intensity, any red diamond is likely to be extremely valuable.

The most expensive red diamond ever was named the Moussaieff Red and was bought for $8 million. It was discovered in the 1990s in Brazil, originally weighing 11 carats.

By the time it was sold to Moussaieff Jewellers, it had been cut to 5.11 carats.

Red diamonds are so unique that even one carat is worth at least $1 million. While it is very rare to find a diamond this size in good condition, it shows how valuable and special the red diamond really is.

Can red diamonds be graded?

Red diamonds can be graded, but in a different way than regular diamonds.

As they are considered a fancy variety of diamonds, red diamonds are much more complicated to grade and so they cannot be measured on the typical D-Z scale that is used for others. This is partly because of the intensity and depth of red diamonds.

Grading is done by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), but they don’t have any set scale for red diamonds, because they are so rare. Factors like color can help in the grading of these diamonds, as different colors will affect valuation.

For instance, orange or brown reds are worth less, while purple and pure reds are worth a lot more. 

Red Diamonds FAQs

How many red diamonds are there in the world?

To date, there have been around 30 red diamonds mined ever, which highlights just how rare this stone is. In fact, between 1957 and 1987, no red diamonds were graded at all by the GIA.

Most of these red diamonds are very small in size, mostly weighing in at half a carat. This is because it is very difficult to find a pure red diamond in anything larger than this.

The discovery of anything over a carat would be truly remarkable, and worth a great deal of money.

What is the symbolism of a red diamond?

Most diamonds are meaningful in some way, particularly when used in jewelry. The red diamond is no different, despite its rarity. In most cases, a red diamond is associated with deep, powerful love.

As with anything red, the red diamond can present passion and enduring love. Similarly, they can be associated with a sense of commitment or promise to another person or thing; this is why the red diamond would be a good option for an engagement ring.

Alternatively, the red diamond can represent flexibility and adaption. It can be associated with a willingness to grow and adapt, particularly in regard to an important relationship.

For this reason, it has come to be associated with the sense of sticking by someone through changes and growth and accepting that you may also change as time goes on.

Where do red diamonds come from?

While red diamonds have been found in many places, the most common source of red diamonds is Australia, especially the Argyle Diamond Mine.

This mine is well-known for producing a variety of diamonds including brown, blue, and pink varieties.

Aside from Australia, other places the red diamond has been found include India, Russia, and South America, where the most famous red diamond, the Moussaieff Red, was found on a farm in Brazil.

What gives red diamonds their color?

Red diamonds get their distinctive coloring from certain chemicals that make up their composition. While all diamonds are made from carbon, the presence of other chemicals affects their color.

In the case of red diamonds, chemicals like nitrogen and boron are likely what gives them their color.

Another factor in the coloring of red diamonds is the atomic structure, which may differ slightly from other diamonds.

It is thought that changes to the typical atomic structure of a diamond cause light to bend through the stone, which may help to create the intense red of the red diamond.

Are there other famous red diamonds?

There are four particularly famous red diamonds, including the Moussaieff Red. Firstly, the Hancock Red, weighs in at around 0.95ct, or just under one carat.

It was bought by a famous collector in the 50s for around $13,500 and sold thirty years later for $880,000.

The Supreme Purple Star is a unique, deep purple red diamond. The exact clarity and color of this diamond are unknown, but it is unique in its ability to shift colors in different lighting.

Finally, the Rob Red is considered to be the most saturated, purest red diamond in the world. It is well known for its unique coloring and clarity, despite its relatively small size of 0.59ct.


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Red diamonds are real, but they are extremely rare. Although only a tiny number of red diamonds exist in the world today, they can be very valuable and are typically worth millions of dollars.

This is mostly due to their unusual, vivid red coloring, which makes them incredibly special, beautiful, and unique.



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