Can You Wear Diamonds in the Shower? (All You Need To Know)

Can You Wear Diamonds in the Shower

Whenever you wear diamonds daily, it can feel like a hassle to remove the jewelry before every shower and put them back on after. For this reason, many people wear their diamonds and luxury jewelry in the shower in hopes to save some time.

Although showering in your diamonds is convenient, it’s something that ought to be avoided. Diamonds may be durable, but certain oils and soaps can dull their glimmer over time.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should never wear diamonds in the shower and what you should do instead.

Can You Wear Diamonds in the Shower?

When it comes to showering in diamonds, the question is not if you can wear diamonds in the shower but if you should. Obviously, you can take a shower while wearing your diamonds, but doing so is not a smart choice.

Diamonds are highly durable and can withstand many materials. Water and many gentle cleansers will not damage the diamond upon first exposure.

However, certain oils, soaps, and materials will coat the diamond, which results in less shine and shimmer. This coat isn’t dangerous to the diamonds, but it makes it look dirty and less impressive.

Not to mention, water can damage the jewelry that the diamond is attached to. Depending on the metal and its quality, water, oils, and soap can destroy the entire piece.

Because of the dangers associated with wearing diamonds in the shower, it’s best just to avoid the scenario entirely.

Taking diamonds off before the shower is the best way to keep the diamonds and jewelry in pristine condition.

What If I’ve Already Worn My Diamonds in the Shower?

If you’ve already warned diamonds in the shower before, there’s no need to panic. Because diamonds are so durable, it’s unlikely that any shower or materials used in the shower have damaged the diamond permanently.

In a worst-case scenario, the soaps and oils may coat the diamonds, but there are things you can do to clean your jewelry off again.

The best thing to do if you’ve worn your diamonds in the shower is to schedule a jewelry inspection. A jewelry inspection will clean your ring and look for any damage.

This inspection should reverse the effects or tell you if further work is needed. It’s best to schedule an inspection every six months anyways.

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Can I Wear Jewelry in the Shower?

If you are wondering if you can wear diamonds in the shower, you might be wondering if other jewelry can be worn in the shower as well.

After all, diamonds aren’t the only materials in jewelry. There are many other materials to be aware of, including gold, sterling silver, platinum, and even pearls.

Just like with diamonds, most materials found in jewelry should not be worn in the shower. Here’s a look at what can happen if you wear common jewelry pieces in the shower:


Gold is durable like diamonds, but you should not wear it in the shower. With a pure gold piece, the soap and oils can coat the item and cause it to appear less shiny.

For items that are coated in gold, soaps, oils, and wear and tear from showering can remove the gold plating entirely. Remove gold pieces for best results.

Sterling Silver

Water is not dangerous for sterling silver, but many materials found in shower settings are. For example, salt, chlorine, and other chemicals affect sterling silver.

Always remove sterling silver pieces before showering.


Platinum is much like gold. Pure platinum pieces may look dulled or lackluster after wearing them in the shower.

Plated platinum pieces can become damaged over time if you continue to shower while wearing the piece. Remove your platinum jewelry while taking a shower.


Whereas the three metals above are durable, pearls are delicate. You should never wear pearls in the shower. Most shampoos, conditioners, soaps, oils, and cosmetics can damage the pearl.

As such, always remove pearls before showers and wipe them down with a gentle cloth after each wear.

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Protecting Your Diamonds and Jewelry While Showering

Since diamonds and other jewelry materials can be damaged from showering, it’s best to always remove your jewelry pieces before hopping into the bathtub.

Here are some tips to make sure your diamonds and jewelry are protected while showering.

Remove Jewelry Before Showering

Most importantly, never fail to take off your jewelry before showering.

Even though showering in your jewelry once won’t do a lot of damage, it’s best to get in the habit of removing the jewelry before getting into any body of water, including showers, baths, pools, and beaches.

More so, it’s important to remove all jewelry, not just the expensive kinds. Remove all earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. before getting in the shower.

The only jewelry that should remain on your body is body jewelry designed to be worn in the water.

Place the Jewelry in a Safe Location

Whenever you remove your jewelry before showering, you will need to place your pieces somewhere safe.

You don’t want to just set them on the counter where kids, pets, or accidents can happen. Instead, you want to place the jewelry in a safe location so that it is there whenever you get out of the shower.

The best place to store jewelry is in an appropriate jewelry box or container. A jewelry cushion or tray will work fine too.

What’s most important is that the location you pick is away from drains and not easily knocked over by children or pets.

Other Scenarios to Avoid

It’s important to know other scenarios when you should take off your ring or diamonds. In addition to taking a shower, you always want to remove your ring whenever you’re going to the beach or pool.

The chemicals within the water easily damage diamonds, gold, and other materials.

You should also remove jewelry anytime you use hand sanitizer, lotion, or body oil. These materials coat and damage jewelry over time.

As such, wait until the substance has completely settled into your skin before putting on jewelry that touches that body part.

What about hand washing? Certain jewelry is safe to wear while you are washing your hands. For example, it’s safe to wash your hands while wearing a diamond, gold, sterling silver, or platinum ring.

However, always remove jewelry and rings that contain pearls when washing your hands.

You should also take off any jewelry while you are doing heavy weightlifting and other strenuous activities.

Even though these activities do not frequently include water, it is common for jewelry to get damaged during these exercises.

FAQs About Diamond

Is it OK to shower with diamonds?

It is generally a bad idea to shower with diamonds. The water, soaps, and oil can coat the diamonds over time, which contributes to a less impressive look.

It’s best to remove diamonds before showering.

Can diamonds be worn in water?

Although water does not damage diamonds, it’s best to remove diamonds before getting into any water.

Other chemicals and materials within the water can damage diamonds. For example, soap, oil, and chemicals can cause damage.

Can jewelry be worn in water?

Most jewelry should not be worn in the water. Jewelry that contains diamonds, gold, sterling silver, and platinum can be damaged over time.

Jewelry that contains pearls should never be worn in water and should be cared for extensively.

Can you wear diamonds every day?

Yes. You can wear diamonds every day. Just remove diamonds before putting on lotion, showering, or doing any heavy lifting.

Every six months, schedule an inspection to make sure your diamonds are still in good condition.

Can I sleep in diamonds?

It’s best to remove diamonds before going to sleep. Sleeping in jewelry can be dangerous to the piece itself, as well as your body.

For example, sleeping in diamond earrings can result in ripping your earlobes. Remove diamonds and jewelry before sleeping as a result.


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Final Thoughts

To recap, you should not wear diamonds in the shower. Although your diamonds are unlikely to get damaged right away, showering in your diamonds over time can cause the diamonds to lose their sparkle.

You also run the risk of damaging other metals and materials within the jewelry piece.

To be safe, always remove diamonds and other jewelry whenever you get in the shower, bath, pool, or beach.

Although one exposure won’t do a lot of damage, it’s best to be safe and set the jewelry aside while you are bathing.



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