Who Owns Solaris Paper? (Here Are The Facts!)

Who Owns Solaris Paper

Do you know who owns Solaris Paper Company? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Solaris Paper is a North American based paper towel and tissue company that distributes their products across the globe. You’ve likely heard of Solaris Paper, or their brands LoCor and Livi, but may be curious about who actually owns Solaris Paper? 

Solaris Paper is a subsidiary of PT Sinar Mas Group. Sinar Mas encompasses a brand of different companies that participate in seven different business pillars, one of which is Pulp and Paper. 

In this article, we will discuss PT Sinar Mas Group, their pulp and paper business pillar, and Solaris Paper’s business practices. 

Who Is PT Sinar Mas Group?

Sinar Mas is a large corporation with a head office located in Inkarta, Indonesia. They participate in a whopping seven unique business pillars, which include: 

  • Pulp and paper, 
  • Agricultural business and food, 
  • Financial services, 
  • Development and real estate,
  • Communications and technology, 
  • Energy and infrastructure, and 
  • Healthcare. 

Considering how widespread these business units are, it makes sense that each unit operates independently and simply stays aligned with the Sinar Mas history and values. 

The pulp and paper business unit is the one we are concerned with and is operated by Asia Pulp and Paper. 

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What Is Asia Pulp and Paper? 

Asia Pulp and Paper is the business unit of Sinar Mas that we are going to discuss today. They sell products across 150 different countries and 6 continents.  

APP produces an enormous selection of paper products from office supplies to toilet paper and owns a variety of different smaller companies, one of which is Solaris Paper. 

They have paper mills all across China and Asia and have an annual combined pulp, paper, packaging product, and converting capacity of over 20 million tons per annum! 

They are a leading global pulp and paper company and have goals to make sure they are sustainably managed. 

They have their own seedling nurseries, use 59% renewable fuels, recycle, reuse, or recover 36% of their waste, and have received several sustainability awards. 

They participate in sustainable forestry management with goal to ensure that our forests are not depleted and will continue to thrive for future generations.

However, they do still have ways to go as far as sustainability is concerned. Some of the key items in their sustainability roadmap are: 

  1. Sustainable fiber sourcing
  2. Reforestation
  3. Conservation and biodiversity
  4. Protection of human rights and indigenous people
  5. Community empowerment
  6. Climate change
  7. Emissions reduction
  8. Solid waste reduction
  9. Water management
  10. Employee welfare

If you’re curious about their sustainability goals for 2030, you can find more on their website

Who Is Solaris Paper? 

So, if you’ve followed us so far, Solaris Paper is owned by APP, which is owned by Sinar Mas. This means that although Solaris Paper is a North American based company, it is technically owned by an Indonesia based corporation. 

Solaris states on their website that they are partners with APP as well and discusses some of the sustainability goals of APP. 

For instance, APP, and therefore Solaris, protect high conservation value forests in the world’s sensitive areas and is partnered with the Forest Trust in order to ensure that their operations are continuously monitored. 

According to their website, Solaris is also affiliated with, the “U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA International), Green Chamber of the South, and Green Sports Alliance”

All of these organizations help support that Solaris is aiming to be a sustainable supplier of toilet tissue. 

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What Products Does Solaris Paper Offer? 

Solaris papers have a variety of different products in their catalog, all of which are considered virgin plantation grown, rapidly renewable fiber! Solaris paper is known for bright-white appearance and soft texture. 

They offer toilet paper, facial tissue, hardwound roll towels, multifold towels, kitchen roll towels, center pull towels, and much more! 

Does The Vision For Solaris Paper Align With APP And Sinar Mas? 

If you purchase Solaris Paper primarily because of their sustainability goals and accomplishments, you may be worried that their parent companies are not quite as sustainably inclined. 

While this is a valid concern whenever global corporations are involved, you should feel comforted in knowing that APP and Sinar Mas are both actively making changes to help improve their business practices. 

These parent companies do still have a ways to go, which is similar to most corporations of their size. It is also a little difficult to compare the sustainability goals of Sinar Mas as they do own corporations across such a large scale. 

However, when you look at APP’s sustainability goals, it does seem as though they align well with Solaris. 

Sinar Mas does seem committed to supporting sustainability across their business units and will continue to grow their sustainability efforts as the years pass. 


Popular North American brand Solaris Paper is actually a subsidiary of Sinar Mas, an Indonesian corporation with seven different business units. 

Sinar Mas has its own pulp and paper business unit known as Asia Pulp and Paper, which is technically the supplier and partner of Solaris Paper. 

Solaris Paper makes frequent references to Asia Pulp and Paper on their website and simply confirms the business partnership we have been discussing throughout this article.

Although Solaris Paper doesn’t directly mention Sinar Mas on their website, with some research you can confirm Asia Pulp and Paper’s link to Sinar Mas. 

Although many of us would like to support American based companies whenever possible to aid in our sustainability goals, Sinar Mas and Asia Pulp and Paper are doing what they can to align with the Solaris Paper sustainability goals and have taken huge strides to improve their forest management over the years.





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