Who Owns Fashion Nova? (Cardi B, Company, Net Worth)

Who Owns Fashion Nova

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who owns Fashion Nova or did Fashion Nova belongs to Cardi B? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such questions?

The name Fashion Nova has been dropped in so many songs by some of today’s biggest stars, it’s hard to know who owns the largely popular apparel company. Is it Cardi B? Could it be Tyga? Or maybe it’s YG?

So, who owns Fashion Nova? Fashion Nova is owned by Richard Saghian. He’s a businessman who was raised under a father who owned women’s clothing stores. Saghian launched Fashion Nova in 2006. The net worth of Fashion Nova owner is around $450 million.

Let’s look at how Fashion Nova came to be and how it’s turned into the popular company it is today.

Keep reading to see how Fashion Nova went from chain stores offering inexpensive club clothes to the iconic empire it is today.

Fashion Nova Company Overview

Fashion Nova is a fashion-forward company. Their company mission is to be the first to bring upcoming styles to people around the world for low prices. 

Saghian established the brand 15 years ago as a clothing company. Today, though it’s still a clothing company, it’s morphed into an entire lifestyle in many ways.

From the beginning, Saghian made Fashion Nova about the customers. He made sure to bring consumers into the conversations on what to sell. 

Seven years after he created the company, Saghian took the brand online and launched an internet shop. He also bolstered the power of social media to grow a huge following for Fashion Nova.

His marketing efforts through Instagram and other platforms have gained the brand more than 25 million followers across the globe. 

Fashion Nova Curve is also owned by Richard Saghian CEO of Fashion Nova Company.

Fashion Nova Brand Strengths

The biggest strength of this brand is they cater to all body types and sizes. They started out offering affordable clothing in sexy styles for all types of women.

Fashion Nova has never strayed from that mission. They still embrace customers of all kinds.

The online presence Saghian has grown is a big strength, too. People see the clothes on friends, family, and coworkers on their social media accounts. 

Many celebrities have adopted the Fashion Nova brand and lifestyle. They become partners of the brand and get paid to represent it to their followers through their own social media profiles.

Many music artists have even mentioned Fashion Nova in their songs.

Cardi B and Fashion Nova

Many people assume that Cardi B owns Fashion Nova. As you already know, she does not. She does have a strong partnership with the brand, though.

She even launched two of her own clothing lines under the Fashion Nova name. 

Cardi B’s relationship with Fashion Nova started as being a paid influencer.

She reportedly made $20,000 per month by wearing the brand’s clothing and putting it out there on social media for her followers to see. 

In 2018, Cardi B told the world she was releasing the “Cardi B x Fashion Nova” clothing line. She worked on the designs herself and the launch was successful.

She has since launched the Cardi B x Fashion Nova Season Two clothing line, also.

The Season Two-line did even better than the first. On just the first day of the release, sales reached $1 million.

The partnership greatly benefits both parties, so it’s not likely to dissolve any time soon.

What Other Celebrities Rep for Fashion Nova?

Several other celebrities either work as influencers for the sexy apparel brand or have been seen wearing pieces from Fashion Nova.

Kylie Jenner is another heavy influencer for the company. 

Other notable people wearing this pop culture brand include:

  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Amber Rose
  • LaLa Anthony
  • Dasha Polanco
  • Adrienne Bailon
  • Kris Jenner

Those are only some of the names.

There are plenty more where those come from.

Does Kylie Jenner Have Her Own Line with Fashion Nova?

Kylie Jenner does have a line of clothing items influenced by her style selling on the Fashion Nova website.

The pieces are designed to showcase women’s bodies in a flattering manner. Items are priced affordably just as Fashion Nova is known for. 

What’s Next for Saghian and Fashion Nova?

All signs point to this brand continuing to do what it’s been doing. It’s still on an upward trend. It’s consistently one of the most searched-for brands on the internet.

The prices have stayed low, even through the troubling economic state brought on by the global pandemic.

Saghian still owns the company and hasn’t made any indication that he intends to sell it or change its ownership structure. 

How Much Is Fashion Nova Worth?

The Fashion Nova empire was ranked #36 in the fashion industry in 2020. It was reportedly worth $400 million at that time. 

The company currently employs more than 600 people. They are split into teams working in marketing, customer service, social media, and more.

Models are working directly for the brand, also.

Fashion Nova stock price (Nova Lifestyle Inc.) is around $1.79 (stand: Dec. 2021)

What Makes Fashion Nova so Successful?

This brand was made for regular people but with an emphasis on making them look extraordinary.

Even those with tight budgets can buy Fashion Nova clothing designed to look more expensive than the price tag indicates. It’s a brand centered around inclusion and all women.


Fashion Nova is the brainchild of Richard Saghian.

It is still owned and operated by him. He has established several partnerships with celebrities that help to represent the brand to the masses.

The company offers sexy clothing to fit all sizes and shapes of women’s bodies.

With 15 years behind Fashion Nova, things are still looking up for this leader in the apparel industry.

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