Who Makes Wix Oil Filters (Real FACTS To Consider)


Many loyal Wix Oil filter customers have been surprised by ‘made in china’ and ‘made in Mexico’ labeling on their Wix products.

A German company acquired Wix in 2016 and has subsequently closed their Dillon facility that manufactured Wix products locally for over 40 years.

The German giant Mann+Hummel owns and manufactures Wix Oil filters. The Ludwigsburg-based global giant in the filtration industry took over the Alliance subsidiary Wix in 2016. The company manufactures its Wix oil filters in several countries other than the US, including China, Mexico, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Poland. 

Wix oil filters still rank as the top quality manufacturers of oil filters for light, heavy, and racing oil filtration in the motor industry.

However, here are some real facts to consider when purchasing a Mann + Hummel Wix oil filter. 

Who Makes Wix Oil Filters

In 2016, the German-based company Mann+Hummel, a global leader in filtration systems, acquired the parent company of the Affinia Group, which owns the Wix label.

Affinia built a trusted name in the filtration field over 75 years with their WIX subsidiary, specializing in oil fuel and hydraulic coolant filter aftermarket manufacture. 

 Mann+Hummel is a giant in the filtration industry with over its 75-year history, with over 21,000 employees spread out over more than 80 locations worldwide. 

Based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the company has locations on five continents and generates about 4 Billion Euros a year. 

Under the vision “Leadership in Filtration,” some 20,000 employees at more than 80 locations on five continents generate sales of around 4 billion euros.

The company regularly ranks among the top patent applicants in Germany.

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Is Wix Still Proudly USA Made?

There has been some speculation about whether Mann+Hummel is still following a ‘made in the USA’ protocol.

German company Man + Hummel acquired the Affinia group’s Wix parent company in 2016 with extensive global markets on the ready.

With their headquarters in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart in Germany, their Wix operations incorporate manufacture in:

  • China
  • Canada 
  • Poland Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • North Carolina USA. 

Mann+hummel recently made headlines when they closed their Dillon manufacturing facility, which operated for over 40 years.

Han and Hummel offered the 205 full-time Dillon plant employees to integrate at the Fayetteville plant over 55 miles away. 

The American Made Listing Company points out that Wix product lines are in the process of consolidation, and new alliances with Mexico, India, Asia, and Eastern Europe are vital points of a growing partnership.

They also mention that only “some” Wix products are USA manufactured. 

This closure is amid speculation that many of the Wix oil filters are sourced from Mexico and China rather than US-based manufacturing plants.

The fact that they are closing and merging local manufacturing points quite strongly to the possibility that manufacturing is moving out to other countries such as China.

The American Made listing Company points out that Wix product lines are in the process of consolidation and new alliances with Mexico, India, Asia, and Eastern Europe who make up a critical point of a growing partnership.

It does pose the question regarding whether Wix is really a proudly USA product. 

Where Are Wix Oil Filters Manufactured?

It is quite intriguing why Mann and Hummel still list the Dillon Manufacturing site on its pages when the plant was closed and incorporated with their Fayetteville plant in December 2020.

I will not include it on their manufacture list but will list their existing sites from their Wix pages:

  • Allen Facility, Gastonia

2900 Northwest Boulevard.


North Carolina 28052

(PO Box 1967

Gastonia, NC 28053-1967)

  • Dixon Facility, Gastonia

            1525 S. Marietta Street

            Gastonia, NC 28054

  • Master District Central Facility

1551 Mnt.  Olive Church Road.

Gastonia, NC 28052

  • Canada:  Wix Ayr facility

Highway 401 ; 97

RR #1

Ayr Ontario



  • Poland: Filtron Facility 

63-800 Gostyn – Poland

ul. Wrocławska 145

Gostyn Poland

  • Brazil: Wix Facility

Av. Pres. Medice, 939

06268-000 – Osasco – SP


  • Venezuela: Wix Facility

Zona Ind. Sur,

Av Branger c/c Iribarren Borges

Valencia Edo.



  • Mexico: WF Manufacturing 

Parque Industrial Santa Maria

Ramos Arizpe

Coahuila 25900

Mexico C.P.

  • Ukraine Wix Facility

Shastliva 1a

Krasiliv 31000

Khmelnicka Oblast


  • China: Wix Facility

15A1 Times Square

500 Zhangyang Rd


China 200122.

What Oil Filters Does Wix Manufacture?

Pro-Tec Oil Filter

Wix pro-Tec oil filters cater towards drivers who use conventional motor oil on daily travel without strenuous hauling and distance.

This filter is Made for drivers who change their filter on average every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Wix Filters

The Wix Filter range caters to drivers who use conventional motor oil, synthetic, or a blend of the two types. This filter suits dusty and dirty conditions that may affect your vehicle as it handles more extreme stop-and-go city traffic.

Suited to those who change their oil between 3,700 and 10,000 miles, the Wix filter is durable and has enhanced dirt filtering capacity. 

Heavy-Duty Filters

Wix offers an impressive range of oil filters that cater to heavy-duty diving. The WIX XD has extended range oil changes up to 50% runningly cleanly and efficiently to reduce maintenance costs. 

Wix XP Oil Filters

The Affinia Group makes the Wix XP Oil filters.

Wix XP is the filter for those who use synthetic oil and often haul heavy trailers, boats, or heavy equipment. Not only is this filter suited to heavy hauling over multiple terrains, but it is also suited to extreme conditions and high oil temperatures.

You only need to change this filter every 3,750-10,000 miles, depending on our oil performance. 

WIX XE Oil Filters

The Wix XE filter is sare efficient in severe conditions with glass media to filter out smaller particles that may harm your vehicle. The lower oil flow resistance protects your vehicle on startups, especially in extreme cold.

WIX ecoLAST Oil Filters 

EcoLast Filters offers double the standard oil drain intervals, offering fleet owners massive savings over time.

The ecoLast uses a patented media to trap acids in the oil and does not rely on slow-release systems. These filters are compatible with:

conventional and synthetic oils

  • Biodiesel
  • LPG
  • gasoline 
  • Diesel fuels. 

Wix Racing Oil Filters

Wix Racing filters are track tested in multiple racing fields such as stock car, dirt track, offroad, and drag racing. By Using specialized glass media, the filters trap dirt without restricting your vehicle’s oil flow.

Their range caters to both maximum flow and horsepower and endurance racing for enhanced engine protection.

Are Mann+Hummel WIX Oil Filters a Good Choice? (The Facts)

Wix under Mann+Hummel has some highly rated oil filters and their products remain in many of the “best of” sites regarding vehicle filtration systems.

With over 150 years of collective experience, Wix under Mann + hummel is a force to contend with in the field of vehicle filtration. 

However, if a proudly USA product is what you seek, you may be better off with a locally based company.

The closure of the Dillon plant may be an indication of future outsourcing from the less expensive imports from countries such as Asia and South America. 



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