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Have you ever wondered who makes Walmart Oil? Look no more. We´ve got you covered.

Often Walmart covers up the identity of some of their signature labels under the protection of trade secrets. With Walmart protecting its vested interests and suppliers there has been much speculation regarding the source of their Super Tech Oil products.

A popular misconception is that Warren Oil is behind Walmart‘s synthetic oil, but this is a mistake based on two companies that share the Warren name.

Warren Distribution makes the Walmart Super Tech oil Synthetic motor oil as stated in Walmart’s SuperTech™ Limited Warranty Program. In order to submit a claim, the Walmart Warranty Program advises applicants to file a limited warranty claim ‘’from Warren Distribution, the ‘manufacturer of Walmart’s Super Tech™ automotive fluids’’

Many online sources presume Walmart SuperTech oil to be a product of the Warren Oil Company when in fact there is no real online evidence to support this theory.

If you would like to know which company makes the Walmart Supertech synthetic oil brand, here are some real facts to consider. 

Who Makes Walmart Oil? 

Warren Distribution is a third-generation business that began almost 95 years ago (in 1922) by James Schlott, the grandfather of the current CEO Robert Schlott.

Warren Distribution is the biggest private label manufacturer of lubricants and automotive chemicals in North America who supply domestically and abroad to over 45 countries worldwide. 

Their production capacity is a staggering 140 million gallons a year and they occupy over two million square feet of manufacturing and distribution centers in several US states.

You may find the Warren Distribution corporate offices in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Is Warren Distribution Oil Proudly American Made?

Warren Distribution oil facilities are US-based and provide their products for both domestic and international distribution.

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Warren has over two million square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities in Iowa, West Virginia, Alabama, and Texas.

They manufacture and package under their own private labels brands including

  • Mag 1
  • Polar 
  • Accel Premium
  • Craftsman Gumout.

Warren Distribution also provides products to US retailers such as Walmart in the US however as private label suppliers are kept secret under the protection of trade secrets. 

Where is Warren Oil Manufactured for Walmart?

Warren Oil Company has several manufacturing plants across North America for both domestic and international distribution. barge access for shipping. The Warren facilities are situated in the sites:

Council Bluffs Facilities in Iowa

Warren Distribution owns a large manufacturing plant in Iowa and two large distribution centers covering almost 500,000 square feet.

Lake Guntersville Facilities in Alabama

Warren Distribution owns a manufacturing facility in Alabama as well as a distribution and barge terminal in the same area. 

Albertville Facilities Alabama

Warren Distribution runs another distribution center located about ten miles away from the Guntersville site which covers almost 200,000 square feet

Glendale facility West Virginia

There is a large manufacturing plant, distribution center, and barge terminal located in this area.

Shadyside facility, Ohio 

Warren owns a large distribution center in shadyside ohio. 

Huston Facility Texas

Warren Distribution runs a manufacturing and distribution plant in the Houston area.

Warren Distribution HeadQuarters

950 S. 10th Street, Suite 300

Omaha, Nebraska 68108-3296

What Warren Distribution Oil Does Walmart Sell?

Super Tech Full Synthetic SAE 5W-20 Motor Oil

The Super Tech full synthetic oil offers 10,000 miles of wear protection for your vehicle performance.

Made with premium base oils and enhanced with additives, the Full synthetic resists thermal breakdown and reduces deposits and acids.

This product comes with proper The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) grading and American Petroleum Institute (API) classification. 

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Super Tech High Mileage Full Synthetic 5W-20 Dexos Motor Oil

This blend of Super Tech synthetic oil is specifically formulated for vehicles with over 75,000 miles that have longer drain intervals.

Compatible with conventional motor oils, it provides 10,000 miles of thermal protection as well as prevents harmful engine deposits.

The oil meets the standard gasoline automotive engine requirements and is SAE and API graded.

Super Tech 10W40 All Mileage Motor Oil

Super tech offers this high-quality motor oil to suit both new and older cars with more than 75,000 miles on the clock.

The oil with special additives provides enhanced wear protection and reduces harmful deposits and acid accumulation.

This oil suit for new and used cars and fulfills both SAE and API gradings and certifications. 

Is Warren Super Tech Oil Good Quality?

Warren Distribution Super Tech Motor oil is a quality product and follows GM Dexos 1 and Gen2 specifications for all General Motors automotive gasoline engines.

General Motors set a new standard for the oil industry which started exclusively with GM but then the industry embraced Dexos for a reflection of top-performing synthetic oil. 

When an oil follows Dexos specifications, the product is typically a high quality product. Dexos certification is determined by a stringent system of tests to ensure the top quality of the tested oil.

A brief explanation of the Gen1 and 2 differences are as follows. 

Dexos1™  Gen 1 

  • High quality ingredients
  • Enhanced oxidation protection with a typical drain interval of 15,000miles
  • Lowered oil viscosity for heat tolerance and the ability to stand up to engine combustion.

Dexos1™ Gen 2 

Dexos 2 retained the above benefits and increased oxidation and deposit control. The oil prevents damaging phenomena called low speed pre-ignition (LSP) LSP is a premature combustion that happens before spark ignition in turbo charged and downsized gasoline vehicles.

This condition can lead to damage from the increased cylinder pressure and potential heavy knock. 

Why is Walmart Motor Oil Cheaper Than Other Brands? 

The power of large fortune 500s such as Walmart is that they have the buying and selling power to buy in enormous quantities and are able to strike deals with manufacturers that smaller businesses can’t possibly achieve.

Large manufacturers save money by not having to advertise their own brands and have an extensive established market for their goods. 


Warren Distribution Walmart Super Tech Synthetic motor oil but they may not be the only large company that Walmart uses for their private label.

However, there is a visible link to the company in their limited warranty claim form and Warren Distribution has the size and capacity to supply Walmart easily, and is at least responsible for most or all their Super Tech range.  



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