Walmart Trailer Hitch Installation // CURT Trailer Hitch Classes

Walmart Trailer Hitch Installation

Wondering if Walmart installs a trailer hitch?

Adding a trailer hitch to a vehicle is a fantastic way to increase the functionality of that automobile. Many dealerships offer trailer hitch installation, but this is usually quite pricey, and sometimes it even takes longer.

Luckily, there are plenty of locations that offer trailer hitch installation for fair prices. If you are handy with tools, you can even do the installation yourself.

Walmart does sell trailer hitches and the supplies needed to do the installation if you choose to do it yourself. You could also purchase the trailer hitch you need and take it somewhere else to have it installed, which in many cases will still save you money.

Does Walmart Offer Trailer Hitch Installation?

Walmart does not offer installation for trailer hitches. Walmart does have an extensive automotive department. However, CURT Class 1 Trailer Hitch, includes installation hardware, pin & clip.

They handle oil changes, tire rotations, and other basic maintenance. In general, though, they do not offer trailer hitch installation. However, it is a great place to buy inexpensive parts for your trailer hitch.

You can buy the parts from Walmart‘s automotive center and then install the hitch yourself or take it to another location for installation.

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Walmart Trailer Warranty Services

Since Walmart does not install trailer hitches, they do not offer warranties for the installation. However, they do offer warranties for the different parts.

These warranties differ depending on which part you buy, but usually, they last 5+ years.

Trailer Hitch Accessories Walmart

A trailer hitch has several components that you will need to obtain for the best towing experience. Some of these parts can be sold together as a kit, or you can buy them individually.

Most of these can be purchased at Walmart and installed at home or an auto shop.

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The receiver is the large piece that attaches near the bumper of the vehicle. The strength of the receiver is key to ensuring that the trailer hitch is strong enough to tow the weights you need.

“In general, the receiver will cost between 100 and 160 dollars.”

Some receivers are designed with particular makes and models of vehicles in mind. Others are designed to be flexible for many different cars.

Always be sure to confirm that the receiver you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle before purchasing.

These options are great for starting your search.

  • Curt 13900 Adjustable Hitch 2-Inch Receiver– From the Walmart website, you can confirm if the hitch is designed for your vehicle, which is a huge plus. CURT’s multi-fit hitch is one of the most popular hitch receivers on the market because it is formatted for a wide variety of vehicles. It has a trailer weight capacity of 5,000 pounds and a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Reese Towpower Class III Multi-Fit Hitch– This Reese Towpower multi-fit hitch can also manage a 5,000-pound weight capacity and a 500-pound tongue capacity. This offers non-drilling installation, so if you are looking to install the hitch yourself, this is a great place to start. This is also a highly-rated, safe option.
  • Draw-Tite Max-Frame Class III Trailer Hitch– This Draw-Tite is another stable, durable option. It is powder-coated to help extend its longevity. It has a maximum weight capacity of 4,500 pounds. It has a 2″ receiver opening. Draw-Tite hitches are also easy to install.

Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Walmart

The ball mount attaches to the receiver. It includes a shank that inserts into the receiver and a platform where the ball itself is attached.

When purchasing, note if the ball is included, as some are sold together while others are sold as individual parts.

Also, always ensure that the ball you use is compatible with both your trailer and your ball mount. This can save money and unnecessary trips to the store.

Ball mounts generally cost between 15 and 35 dollars. These options from Walmart are solid and durable.

  • MaxxHaul 70067 8-Position Adjustable Ball Mount One of the greatest features of this ball mount is that it is adjustable. If you need it taller or shorter, you have plenty of options for flexibility given your trailer. It can tow up to 5000 pounds, and it fits standard 2″ receivers. It is also weather-resistant, so you can take it wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Curt 45050 Class 3 Trailer Hitch Ball Mount This inexpensive ball mount packs a lot of punch. It can handle up to 7500 pounds, which your vehicle may not even tow. It also fits on a 2″ hitch receiver. It has a 4″ drop and an optional rise of 2″. It has a smooth surface and is resistant to UV, so it will last throughout time.
  • TowSmart 7361 Class IV Solid Forged Ball Mount If you have a Class IV trailer hitch, this is the ball mount for you. It is best for full-sized pickups and other large vehicles. It features a 2”x2” shank and can be used in multiple positions. It is also corrosion-resistant.

How To Install a Trailer Hitch >> Check out the video below:

Trailer Ball

The trailer ball connects your trailer hitch to your trailer. The round design allows for flexibility on corners, which is crucial.

The ball size you will need is determined by the trailer you are using. If you regularly tow trailers, you may want to purchase multiple ball sizes.

Most trailer balls are around 2” in diameter, but some common are 1-7/8” or 2-5/16” as well. Confirm on your trailer to make sure you purchase a ball that will fit in your ball mount and suit your trailer.

A trailer ball will cost between 8 and 25 dollars, in general.

  • MaxxHaul Tri Ball Mount with Hollow Shaft– This is technically a ball mount and trailer ball set. It offers three different ball sizes, so if you regularly switch out your trailer, this can save you the hassle of constantly changing balls. Just rotate the shaft and get on your way!
    • Each ball is rated for a different weight. The 1-7/8″ ball can tow 2000 pounds, the 2″ ball can tow 5000 pounds, and the 2-5/16″ ball can tow 7500 pounds. If you have a large vehicle and you tow boats, campers, and heavy trailers, this is the right trailer ball for you.
  • Reese Towpower Interlock 2” Hitch Ball– If you use a compatible interlocking system, you only need one wrench to tighten this ball into place. It is easy to twist in and get on the road. It is made of chrome. The Reese Towpower Interlock hitch ball is also rated for a maximum load capacity of 6000 pounds.
  • CURT 40004 Chrome Trailer Hitch Ball– This chrome trailer hitch ball by CURT is rated for up to 6000 pounds. CURT is one of the most popular brands for trailer hitches for a reason. It is solid and durable. It is also great for most class III or class IV trailer hitches. This is a high-quality, strong trailer hitch.

Hitch Pin

A hitch pin is crucial for keeping the mount in place in the hitch receiver. This L-shaped piece may be small, but it is essential for safety while pulling your trailer.

One side of the hitch pin also has space for a clip to ensure it stays in place. Hitch pins generally cost between 3 and 10 dollars.

  • Reese Towpower Anti-Theft Hitch Pin– This Reese Towpower hitch pin is perfect if you are looking for extra security. It has a swivel latch that makes room for a padlock, so no one can remove your trailer without a key. It also includes a 1-year limited warranty. It is sturdy and still an inexpensive option.
  • HyperTough 5/8 Inch Hitch Pin and Clip with Grooved Head– This hitch pin are compatible with most class III, class IV, and class V trailers. It is made of durable steel. It is also easy to install and a great budget-friendly option. It has a grooved head that helps hold it in place, no matter where you go.
  • Maxxhaul 70050 Heavy Duty 5/8” Hitch Locking Receiver Pin– This locking pin is another fantastic option for those seeking extra security. It has a waterproof dust cap, so your keyhole stays clear. It fits on 2″, class III and class IV hitch receivers. The double chrome plating is also great for durability.

Trailer Coupler

A trailer coupler is usually part of the trailer. However, you may need to upgrade or improve yours. The trailer coupler is the frontmost portion of a trailer.

When looking at trailer couplers, it is vital to make sure the trailer coupler is rated for the weight of your trailer and that it will match the ball that you plan to use. 

Most trailer couplers cost between 50 and 90 dollars.

  • Fulton 34300 0301 Trailer Coupler– This class III trailer coupler by Fulton is rated up to 5000 pounds. It is Zinc-plated and fits a 2″ ball. It also offers a five-year limited warranty, so you can drive with extra peace of mind. This is the perfect trailer coupler if you are looking for a replacement for your boat or utility trailer.
  • Bulldog 74040 Trailer Coupler- This class I trailer coupler is rated up to 2000 pounds. It has a Zinc-coated finish and uses a ball size of 1-7/8″. Reese makes this durable, high-quality trailer hitch coupler. Many love using the hitch as an upgrade for their trailers. The tongue width of this trailer hitch coupler is 2-1/2″. It is a great yet inexpensive option.
  • Farmer Bob’s Parts Trailer Coupler Class II– This class II trailer coupler is rate up to 3500 pounds. It is fitted for a 2” ball. It weighs 4.2 pounds, so it will not be much of a hassle to add to your trailer. It is compatible with most class II trailers and hitches.

Safety Chains

Safety chains are not essential for the installation of your trailer. However, you will need to be sure to have them before driving with a trailer.

Safety chains are essential for making sure if anything on your trailer fails, you will avoid catastrophe.

They attach to the hitch and the trailer, so if anything fails with the ball or trailer coupler, you are still protected. It is also against the law to tow a trailer without them.

Make sure your safety chains are strong enough to hold the weight of your trailer in case the trailer comes detached from the hitch. In general, look for chains rated up to at least 5000 pounds. Most chains cost around 15 to 20 dollars.

  • Attwood 11011-7 Heavy-Duty Steel Trailer Safety Chain– These safety chains by Attwood are perfect for your class II trailer. If you tow a boat, these chains are great. They are designed for marine use, so they will hold up when used in the water. They are 51 inches long, and they feature spring clip hooks. They are sold in single packs, so you will need to purchase two for your trailer.
  • CURT 10836 Vinyl-Coated Trailer Safety Cables– These safety cables are great for most standard cables. They are coated in vinyl to protect them from wear, tear, and rust. The end is fitted with safety latches, so you can drive over the bumpiest roads without the safety cables becoming detached. They are 42” long, and they have a minimum break force of 3500 pounds.
  • Red Hound Auto Trailer Heavy Duty Safety Chains– These Red Hound safety chains are 36 inches long. They come in a set of two, so you only need to purchase one item to have the complete set. They feature slip hooks and are rated up to 10000 pounds. They are great for campers or boat trailers.

Walmart Trailer Hitch Adapter

At Walmart the following trailer hitch adapter are available:

–       Receiver Hitch Adapter – 2.5 inch to 2 inch

–       Apex 1-1/4″ to 2″ Trailer Hitch Adapter with Anti-Tilt Bolt

–       CURT 45405 Trailer Hitch Receiver Adapter Reducer Sleeve, 2-1/2 to 2-Inch

Different Trailer Hitch Classes

The hitch class comparison chart shows the trailer hitch classes and the receiver size:

Hitch ClassApplicationsReceiver SizeGTW Capacity (lbs.)TW Capacity (lbs.)
Class 1Cars and crossovers1-1/4-inchUp to 2,000Up to 200
Class 2Cars, crossovers and minivans1-1/4-inchUp to 3,500Up to 350
Class 3Crossovers, vans, SUVs and trucks2-inchUp to 8,000Up to 800
Class 4Trucks and SUVs2-inchUp to 10,000Up to 1,000
Class 5 – Xtra DutyTrucks and SUVs2-inch16,000 to 17,0002,400 to 2,550
Class 5 – Commercial DutyDually and chassis cab trucks2-1/2-inch18,000 to 20,0002,700

Trailer Wiring Harness

In order to legally tow a trailer, you need to have functioning lights. In most states, legal trailers need to have a white light that illuminates the license plate.

You will also need to have functioning brake lights and turn signals.

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Trailer wiring harnesses connect the wiring from your vehicle to your trailer. This means when you tap the brakes, the trailer’s brake lights will also illuminate.

There are a variety of brands and styles available for wiring harnesses. Always ensure that your wiring harness will be compatible with the wiring in both your trailer and your vehicle.

  • Hopkins Towing Y Harness Connector- This Y Harness Connector runs wires for both the driver and passenger side of your trailer, which will save you a massive hassle during the installation. That extra time can also save you money if you are paying for someone else’s labor doing the installation. It is 25 feet long and compatible with most trailers and vehicles. This is the perfect place to start with your wiring harness journey.
  • Shoreline Marine Trailer Wiring Harness– This wiring harness is also 25 feet long. It is color-coded for easier installation. Plus, Shoreline specializes in marine use, so this is a perfect option for adding wiring to your boat trailer. 

Is Wiring Needed for a Trailer Hitch?

Wiring is important for towing a trailer, but sometimes the system is separate from the trailer hitch. In general, you can purchase a wiring harness that connects from your trailer to your vehicle, bypassing the hitch.

If you plan to drive your vehicle on the road (even if you mostly use your trailer for off-roading, it will likely have some time on the road), you will need wiring connected to your trailer.

You need a light by the license plate, brake lights, and turn signals.

Cost of Installation

Installing a trailer hitch can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours. If you are paying to have the trailer hitch installed, you will likely be paying per hour of labor. Trailer hitches that require cutting the bumper will take longer to install.

Trailer hitches that simply bolt to the bumper will take less installation time, so you can save money with this method.

Ask for a quote before installation to help you better understand if the mechanics expect it to be a lengthy installation or not.

When budgeting for the installation cost for the trailer hitch, you can expect the mechanic’s hourly rate to be between 100 and 150 dollars per hour, though this may vary based on their experience and location.

Installation costs will probably average around 500 dollars, not including the price of the parts.

Many trailer hitches are easy to install if you are handy with tools. This can save you a couple of hundreds of dollars.

It will take more of your own time, so if you are pretty busy, having someone else complete the installation may well be worth the cost.

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How Long Does It Take To Install a Hitch?

Most trailer hitch installations will take between 1 hour and 8 hours. 8-hour installations will likely apply to hitches that require cuts in the bumper.

Eight hours is fairly long for a trailer installation. Most installations will take closer to one to three hours.

If you are completing the installation yourself and know what you are doing, you can probably finish it within an hour. Block out four hours, just to be safe, in case anything goes wrong.

Does Walmart Sell hitch pins?

Yes, Walmart sells hitch pins


Walmart does not do trailer hitch installations. They do, however, sell all of the parts necessary for a trailer hitch installation.

You can purchase the parts you need for your trailer at Walmart and then install the hitch yourself or take it to another location for installation.

Installation costs will generally range between 100 and 500 dollars, as you pay for labor. The hitch and other necessary parts for the hitch will total around 1000 dollars.

Searching on Walmart can let you check for a hitch’s compatibility with your vehicle.


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