Who Makes Tesco Engine Oil (Are They Good, Quality, Reviews)

Who Makes Tesco Engine Oil

Have you ever wanted to know who makes Tesco engine oil? Look no more, we have all the answers you are looking for about Tesco’s store-branded oils.

If you are looking for good deals when buying various car stuff at Tesco, you certainly have noticed that they carry their own engine oils.

But who makes Tesco engine oil? Tesco engine oils are made by Tetrosyl Group Ltd. arguably the largest European manufacturer of car care products. The UK company that is best known for the T-Cut, paint restorer.

Who Makes Tesco Engine Oil?

As we have said above, Tesco engine oil is produced by Tetrosyl Group from the UK. This company is best known for the brand of paint restorer, T-Cut.

But, it is also the company behind the Carlube brand of engine oils, which are known for their quality. 

Tetrosyl Group is a company with headquarters in Rochdale, England. Existing since 1954, it is among the largest producers of care products for vehicles in Europe, if not the largest. And certainly one of the largest in the world.

Though many people have doubts about store brands, Tesco engine oils are good quality. They are practically the same products that carry the Carlube label.

But cost much less, as you will not be paying the brand-name recognition.

Who Is Tetrosyl Group?

As we said above, Tetrosyl Group is a British automotive industry company that is among the largest manufacturers of car care products. They are best known for their very first product, T-Cut, the original car paint restorer.

Their CarPlan brand offers both consumers and professionals everything they need for cleaning and maintenance of their vehicles. From air fresheners to the engine, brake, clutch, carburetor; cleaners, and degreasers.

They are also a company that has its own brand of engine oils. And offers a wide selection of mineral, semi, and fully synthetic oils.

When it comes to affordable, but high-quality engine oil, Carlube is among the best ones.

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What Types Of Engine Oils Tesco Sells?

Tesco carries under their in-house label several engine oil products. Depending on the exact type you need, you will very likely find something that fits the specifications of your engine.

You can find mineral oils, but also semi-synthetic blends, and fully synthetic engine oils.

When it comes to oil weights, you can find the most common ones used by the majority of modern vehicles. These are 5W30, 5W40, 10W40, and 15W40.

But, when it comes to proper lubrication of modern engines, the weight of the oil is not the only characteristic that makes an oil appropriate or not.

Modern engine oils also contain detergents and depending on their content, some oils are better than others for some engines.

Because of this, Tesco has some oils that are specially formulated with detergents and additives for the engines of certain car manufacturers.

The PSA oils are specially formulated for vehicles made by PSA Group brands, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel, and Vauxhall. Ford oils are for Ford vehicles, VW/Audi for their namesakes Volkswagen and Audi. While BMW/Vx/Mb is for Mercedes, Volvo, and BMW vehicles.

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What Are The Most Popular Tesco Engine Oils?

The most popular Tesco engine oils are:

  • 5W30 Fully Synthetic Oil High Mileage
  • 5W40 Fully Synthetic Oil
  • 10W40 Part Synthetic Oil.

The 5W30 Fully Synthetic Oil High Mileage is specially formulated for decreasing the residual ash during the combustion of the oil that stays clinging to the wall of the cylinder.

Thus, it decreases the carbon buildup in various parts of the engine and keeps them clean longer. This engine oil is suitable for both gas and diesel-powered engines.

The 5W40 Fully Synthetic Oil is similarly formulated synthetic oil as the 5W30, but has an important difference.

It is formulated to continue properly lubricating the engine even at higher temperatures.

But, is Tesco engine oil any good? Even if your engine oil temperature reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be protected by this engine oil.

10W40 Part Synthetic Oil is a specially formulated product for vehicles that use catalytic converters for decreasing the amount of exhaust emissions.

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Where Can You Buy Tesco Engine Oil?

Since Tesco left the US market in 2012, its engine oils are no longer available in America. They are exclusive for their stores, most of which you can find in England and 11 more European countries.

Tesco Customer Service Information

Because Tesco is first and foremost a British retail chain, contacting their customer services is easiest in the UK. Depending on the particular reason why you need to contact them, there are several 0800 phone numbers available.

For the general question, information, or complaints, there is available 0800 50 5555 phone line, but also 00 44 1992 632222.

For inquiries about the online orders, you should contact 0800 323 4040 phone number or through WhatsApp at 0800 917 7403.

All of the above numbers are located in the UK and are available from 7 AM till 11 PM.

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Final Thoughts

Many people have doubts about the quality of various store brands’ products. Simply because there is no brand-name reputation behind them.

One such is Tesco’s line of motor engine oils. And many people wonder who makes Tesco engine oil?

Tesco engine oils are made by the UK company Tetrosyl Group Ltd. and they are practically the same product as their Carlube branded oils.

While the choice of these engine oils is much lower than the lineup of its producer, you can find the most commonly used ones. But also some specifically formulated per car manufacturers’ specifications.




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