Who Makes KitchenAid Products? (14 Products Listed!)

Who Makes KitchenAid Products

Do you know who makes KitchenAid products or who makes KitchenAid appliances? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

KitchenAid appliances are loved by professional chefs and novice cooks alike and have enjoyed a reputation as well-made, durable, professional-grade products for generations.

KitchenAid products and appliances are made by Whirlpool. KitchenAid is owned by Whirlpool Corp., and most of its major appliances are made in U.S. factories in Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. KitchenAid’s small appliances are made in the United States and China. 

What started with an iconic stand-mixer turned into a family of major appliances and small appliances, all bearing the Kitchenaid name.

But who really manufactures this wide range of products, and are they all as good as the legendary KitchenAid stand mixer?

Read on for details on where KitchenAid appliances are made and a little background on all your favorite KitchenAid products.

What is KitchenAid?

KitchenAid makes major appliances including ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwaves, cooktops, wall ovens, and disposals. It also sells small appliances such as food processors, blenders, hand mixers, coffee & espresso makers, and electric kettles.

KitchenAid products are sold in major retailers, including Home Depot, Kohl’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and Target. 

KitchenAid started in 1919 with the development of its Model H-5 stand mixer. According to the KitchenAid website, the mixer was dubbed “the best kitchen aid” by the wife of a company executive, and a brand was born. 

The iconic mixer design wasn’t introduced until 1937 and started out as the “Model K.” KitchenAid mixers retain a similar design even today.

The company expanded from its roots and introduced its first dishwasher in 1949 and its refrigerator in 1986. 

In 1985, the company was acquired by Whirlpool Corp., which continues to manufacture most KitchenAid major appliances. This acquisition allowed KitchenAid to offer additional products such as refrigerators and ranges that were already being manufactured by Whirlpool Corp. 

In 1993, KitchenAid began introducing smaller appliances such as blenders, hand mixers, and food processors. 

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Who Makes KitchenAid Major Appliances?

Whirlpool Corp. manufactures the majority of major KitchenAid appliances in its U.S. factories.

Whirlpool also sells kitchen appliances under the brands Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag, Jenn-Air, and Consul.

Whirlpool is a manufacturing giant, with major manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and around the world. 

Keep in mind that products manufactured in the U.S. may be made from components or materials sourced elsewhere. 


KitchenAid sells four different types of ranges: freestanding, slide-in, commercial-style, and double oven. Ranges have both stoves and ovens in one appliance. KitchenAid also sells cooktops separately, and wall ovens. 

These products, along with cooktops, are manufactured at a Whirlpool facility built in 2012 in Cleveland, TN.

The factory is new, but it replaced an existing factory that had been in operation in Cleveland for over 100 years. A variety of Whirlpool-owned brands are manufactured in this facility. 


Roughly a third of dishwashers sold in the U.S. are sold by Whirlpool brands, and are manufactured at their facility in Findlay, Ohio.

Dubbed the “largest dishwasher factory in the world,” the facility makes over 10,000 dishwashers a day and is reported to be still growing. 


KitchenAid makes freestanding and built-in refrigerators, in both traditional and french-door styles.

KitchenAid built-in refrigerators are manufactured in Amana, IA, home to Maytag and a Maytag plant also owned by Whirlpool Corp. 

The production of other types of refrigerators–including side-by-side and freestanding fridges–has now been moved to a facility in Mexico.

It has been reported that the company intends to expand this plant significantly in the future. 


Most countertop microwaves are made in the same factory in China, so when searching for a microwave you may be hard-pressed to find anything manufactured in the U.S. or outside of China.

Whirlpool microwaves, including KitchenAid, are also made in China.  

Who Makes KitchenAid Small Appliances?

KitchenAid major appliances are mostly made in the U.S. or Mexico (the vast majority are sold in the U.S. and Canada).

But what about smaller appliances such as toasters, mixers, blenders, and food processors? It is expensive to manufacture smaller appliances in the U.S., so some production has moved overseas.

According to KitchenAid, these are all made according to KitchenAid specs, whether they are manufactured in Whirlpool factories or not. 

Stand Mixers

Ok, here’s the big question: is the KitchenAid stand mixer, an icon of American design, still made in the U.S.? The answer is yes, right in Ohio. 

Since 1919, the stand mixer has been manufactured at the KitchenAid factory in Greenville, Ohio.

Rest assured, the craftsmanship and oversight remain the same as they always have, making KitchenAid a brand that cooks trust over the years. 

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

We both use this stand mixer weekly for making pizza dough, bread, cinnamon rolls, and even shredding chicken! This appliance is a “totally worth it” investment that will last a lifetime or more (Rachel still uses her grandmother’s!). 

Hand Mixers

Corded Hand mixers are also manufactured in Greenville, though for a period of time they were made in China. The company returned production to Ohio in 2012. They are made alongside the stand mixers. 

It has been reported that the company has produced over one million hand mixers at this facility in one year. 

Mixer Attachments

Part of the appeal of a KitchenAid mixer is the range of attachments you can add to it for various needs. Attachments can slice, dice, grind, shred, spiralize, make pasta, shave ice, knead, the list goes on. 

Some of these attachments are made in the USA, but many are made in China. 


KitchenAid blenders were introduced in the early 1990s to expand the company’s product line.

KitchenAid sells four different kinds of stand blenders, so consumers can purchase whatever product fits their needs. The blenders are known for having some of the most powerful motors available.

All the stand blenders are also made in Greenville, Ohio, along with the mixers. The factory is able to produce over 500 blenders a day. 

Food Processors

KitchenAid offers seven different varieties of food processor, which differ mostly in size of the bowl. KitchenAid food processors are manufactured in China.

Many high-end competitors of KitchenAid also manufacturer food processors in China, such as the iconic brand Cuisinart. 

It is actually somewhat difficult to find food processors not manufactured in China. 

Food Processor

Lindsey has used this Cuisinart 11 cup food processor for years. It chops, shreds, and slices produce and cheese in no time and works well for making pesto or fresh salsa, too.


All KitchenAid toasters are also manufactured in China. Many high-end toaster brands are manufactured in China now, so KitchenAid is not unusual in this regard.

China manufactures around three-quarters of all toasters.

Electric Kettles

KitchenAid makes a variety of electric kettles, including precision kettles that will help you make your hot beverages exactly like your favorite barista.

Like with the toasters and food processors, this small appliance is also manufactured in China according to KitchenAid specs. 

Countertop Ovens

Like with toasters, KitchenAid offers a variety of countertop ovens for those who live in small spaces or need the extra ease of a second oven.

These products are also manufactured in China. 


KitchenAid offers a variety of freestanding, built-in, and island grills, with a large number of options available in each category. 

However, KitchenAid is upfront about the fact that it “is a licensed partner in outdoor grills” and “in partnership” offers a variety of quality grills.

KitchenAid doesn’t make its own grills, but instead licenses its name to Nexgrill Industries, Inc., which designs, manufactures, and sells grills under the KitchenAid name.

BBQ Grilling Tools Set

+ Extra thick, solid stainless steel BBQ utensils with comfortable silicone grips; these barbecue tools will never rust.

Coffee & Espresso Machines

KitchenAid offers a variety of small appliances to help you with your coffee, including espresso machines, coffee makers, coffee grinders, and cold brew coffee makers.

These products are manufactured in China as well. 


KitchenAid makes its major appliances largely in U.S. factories owned by Whirlpool, Corp., the owner of KitchenAid. Appliances for other brands are also made in these factories. 

KitchenAid’s small appliances are made largely in China for KitchenAid, though this is the case with most appliance makers, including many of KitchenAid’s competitors.

Even with the availability of U.S. factories, it is probably not cost effective to manufacture small appliances in the United States. 

Keep in mind that when purchasing a KitchenAid product from a retailer, look for the KitchenAid name to assure that you are getting a KitchenAid product.

Knock-offs seem to be increasing in popularity–and there’s no guarantee they are the KitchenAid quality you are looking for. 




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