Who Makes Kirkland Popcorn (Proved!)

Who Makes Kirkland Popcorn

Do you know who makes Kirkland Popcorn?  this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

The Kirkland Signature brand has been stunning consumers for years in its similarity to many comparable name-brand products in supermarkets.

These products rival their counterparts both in better prices and, in some cases, the same taste and overall packaging design.

From sparkling water to protein bars, liquors, and other food and drink products, Kirkland has a wide selection of quality, budget groceries. 

One popular Kirkland Signature product, in particular, that customers enjoy is the Kirkland popcorn. Their Movie Theater microwave popcorn bags are comparable to market competitors such as Pop Secret. 

So, who makes Kirkland Popcorn? Kirkland Popcorn is made by Costco and it is part of Costco´s private label. It actually started as a Price Club in California, which later turned into what is now Costco in Seattle, Washington. Today, it has its headquarters in Issaquah, Washington.

Who Makes the Popcorn?

The Kirkland Signature line of products comes from none other than the famous retail chain called Costco.

Costco is now an international chain with locations reaching countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, and others. However, it wasn’t always this way.

Since their popcorn sells under their Kirkland Signature label, we know that it’s a part of Costco’s private label, which the company has trademarked.

Costco sells a number of products under this private label, from tequilas to snacks, carbonated beverages, and more.

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Where Is It Made?

According to Costco’s official website description for the Kirkland Signature Movie Theater Butter microwave popcorn, the popcorn is a “Product of the USA”.

Although Costco’s headquarters are in Washington state, the products get made and distributed from warehouses across the United States.

It wouldn’t be a huge stretch to say that Costco’s Kirkland popcorn is likely manufactured by or in one of the same companies where market competitors manufacture their popcorn products.

It’s a well-known fact that Costco co-brands and partners with many big companies to produce products under the Kirkland Signature label.

 After all, this is why many of the food and beverage products taste so similar to their name-brand counterparts.

Kirkland Popcorn Products

Perhaps most popular among the Kirkland Signature popcorn products is the 3.3 oz. microwave popcorn in the Movie Theater Butter flavor.

This is the flavor that has been continuously compared to brands such as Pop Secret, which rivals Kirkland in a few different ways. 

It’s an all-around crowd please, given that it accommodates various dietary restrictions, including kosher and gluten free diets.

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Kirkland Popcorn Taste and Packaging Difference

One stark difference between Kirkland Signature products and other name-brands on the market is the package.

While some products carry similar packaging designs, such as the similarity between Kirkland sparkling water and La Croix, Kirkland popcorn stands in contrast to name-brands. 

While the Pop Secret brand counterpart has its own signature blue and yellow packaging, Kirkland Signature has the classic Kirkland red and black label. 

Further, many note that there is a pretty distinct taste difference between Kirkland Signature popcorn and Pop Secret. Namely, people seem to think that the value you get at price with Kirkland popcorn counteracts the lack of flavor.

Most people note that Kirkland popcorn has a duller, less buttery taste than the classic Pop Secret microwave popcorn products. 

Kirkland Popcorn Price Difference

One way that Kirkland’s microwave popcorn stands out is that it’s an all-around better deal when bought in bulk. Costco typically sells products in bulk or value size packages, so this works out well. 

For example, you can get a 44-count package of Kirkland Signature Movie Theater Butter Popcorn for $11.99 at Costco.

On the other hand, a 30-count value pack of Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Popcorn on Amazon costs $19.99.

So, not only do you get more popcorn with Kirkland Signature; you also get it at about half of the cost of the competitor. 

Kirkland Popcorn Value Difference

You actually get a better deal, and you get more popcorn when you buy Kirkland as opposed to brands like Pop Secret.

Kirkland microwave popcorn packets are 3.3 oz. each, while the Pop Secret bulk microwave popcorn option includes just 3.0 oz. packets. 

many of the food and beverage products taste so similar to their name-brand counterparts. 


Among the extensive line of Kirkland Signature products, there is even an option to buy value-priced microwave popcorn.

This is both a fraction of the price of value packs of name-brand microwave popcorn, such as Pop Secret, and it gets you more bang for your buck. 

Many fans of Kirkland popcorn are curious as to where it’s made and who makes it. We know that it’s produced by the Costco company and distributed through their warehouses.

Further, it’s manufactured within the USA. It’s a great budget alternative to name-brand popcorn, but you may find that it’s not quite the same quality of taste. 

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