Who Makes Kirkland Cognac XO? (Quality, Review + More)

who makes kirkland cognac xo

Do you know who makes Kirkland Cognac XO? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Kirkland XO Cognac is made in Europe, but it’s hard to know by whom. The Kirkland Signature brand at Costco is known for its high-quality products, which include spirits like Kirkland Cognac. You may already know that Costco doesn’t make its own items, instead of contracting them out to other manufacturers.

We know that Kirkland XO Cognac is one of Costco’s more expensive signature products. We know that it’s because it’s authentic and aged for up to 21 years.

What we don’t know is the exact manufacturer that distills the cognac. In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Kirkland XO Cognac, so keep reading to find out more.

Where Is Kirkland Cognac Made?

Kirkland Signature XO Cognac is an authentic product of France, where cognac originates. It’s made with French Ugni Blanc grapes and is aged anywhere between 12 to 21 years. 

As for who is responsible for producing the cognac, the jury is still out on that. Costco proudly displays some of its products’ manufacturers on their packaging.

However, it depends on what’s contained in the contract language. Some of its relationships are kept in secrecy due to what was originally agreed upon. 

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How Does Kirkland XO Cognac Taste?

Cognac experts and enthusiasts say the Kirkland Signature brand tastes delicate while standing out from the crowd.

It has a nutty flavor with slight hints of chocolate and honey. You’ll also sense a citrus and oak taste, as well. 

The cognac is aged in oak barrels that add vanilla and spice notes to the mix. Cognac drinkers report a warming feeling as it goes down with a swallow. 

How Much Does Kirkland XO Cognac Cost?

While the Kirkland Cognac is one of the big box store’s more expensive spirits, it’s still priced competitively for what it is. Cognac is generally expensive compared to other types of liquor.

You can buy a 750-milliliter bottle of Kirkland XO Cognac for a little under $70. It’s a great deal for an authentic French cognac and an especially good deal for an XO cognac.

How Is XO Different than Other Types of Cognac?

Let’s talk about some different distinctions regarding types of cognac. Here’s what you may see on various cognac bottles–VS, VSOP, XO (or Napoleon), and Extra Cognac. Read on to learn what each of these means.

  • VS – This is short for “Very Special” and indicates the cognac aged for a minimum of two years. VS cognac is the basic level of this type of spirit.
  • VSOP – This is the step up level from VS. VSOP stands for “Very Special Old Pale.” VSOP cognac ages for no less than four years.
  • XO (Napoleon) – XO is what Kirkland Signature Cognac is. The aging process lasts at least six years. XO is short for “Extra Old” and means you can expect a well-flavored cognac that has oaky tones. Some say XO should indicate 10 years of aging because most XO cognacs are aged well past the minimum of six years.
  • Extra Cognac – Extra is the top-of-the-line cognac. It also has a minimum aging time of six years but is usually aged well beyond that. Extra Cognacs are the most expensive type. 

In general, the longer the cognac ages, the more flavor it has and the smoother it is going down. 

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How Do You Drink Cognac?

Cognac is typically enjoyed neat. It’s pleasantly flavored and quite smooth. It doesn’t need to be cold or mixed with other ingredients. 

Should you want to drink it with something else, you could make a nice Old Fashioned with Kirkland XO Cognac. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cube of sugar

2.5 ounces of cognac

Bitters (a couple of dashes)

1 orange peel

Put the sugar cube in the bottom of a glass with a small splash of water and the bitters. Muddle those together until they have a syrup-like consistency.

Pour the cognac over the top of the sweet mixture. Continue stirring the drink until the sugar cube has fully dissolved. Put a large ice cube in the glass. 

Squeeze and twist the oils out of the orange peel into the drink. Rub the peel around the top of the glass and then garnish the Old Fashioned with the peel. Now, you can enjoy a pleasant Old Fashioned made with your Kirkland XO Cognac.

How Much Alcohol Is in Kirkland Cognac?

Kirkland XO Cognac is 80 proof, or 40% alcohol by volume. This is the standard for most cognac. Whether you drink it straight or make a beverage with it, pace yourself and drink it mindfully because it’s high in alcohol content.

Why Doesn’t Costco Make Its Own Kirkland Signature Products?

Costco doesn’t make the items sold under its signature brand, Kirkland. This is because it’s not cost effective for them to do so. 

Costco has Kirkland Signature items in numerous consumer products categories. If this wholesale giant were to manufacture them all, the products would have to have higher price tags to offset the cost of maintaining manufacturing facilities.

COSTCO’S KIRKLAND XO Cognac Review >> Check out the video below:

Final Thoughts

Kirkland Cognac is made by a distillery in France. Costco is tight-lipped about who the true manufacturer is of the Kirkland XO Cognac.

What we know is it’s authentic, high quality, and aged for at least 12 years. You can buy a 750-milliliter bottle of this fine cognac for less than $70 at your local Costco knowing you’re getting a great deal.





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