Who Makes Great Value Cottage Cheese? (Why I Will Buy Again!)

Who Makes Great Value Cottage Cheese

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend who makes Great Value Cottage Cheese? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Great Value cottage cheese is made by Lakeview Farms Inc., a privately owned, family-run farm in New York. This product is distributed to and sold from Walmart stores across the country and is a popular part of the Great Value brand. It’s appreciated for its high quality, low price, and great taste.

In this article, we look in more depth at who produces Great Value cottage cheese.

Who are the manufacturers of Great Value cottage cheese?

Great Value cottage cheese is manufactured by Lakeview Farms Inc. This may come as a surprise to some, especially those who believe Great Value products are manufactured in house.

In fact, most products sold under the Great Value brand are produced elsewhere and distributed under the Great Value brand name.

Lakeview Farms Inc. are a family-owned, privately-run distributor of wholesale foods, delivering produce for diners, catering companies, and supermarkets including Walmart.

The company is based out of New York and distributes products across the country. 

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Where is Great Value cottage cheese sold?

The Great Value brand is sold only in Walmart, so head to your nearest Walmart store to get your hands on their cottage cheese.

The product is available for sale in most stores and comes in a range of cottage cheese types. It is typically fairly easy to get hold of, despite its popularity with Walmart customers.

The Great Value cottage cheese is distributed to and sold from Walmart stores across the country, despite being produced in New York.

As we have seen, this is the case with most products included in the Great Value product line, many of which are manufactured across the country.

What is the Great Value brand?

The Great Value brand is popular with many Walmart customers and a common sight in stores across the country, but what exactly is it?

It is a value brand of grocery products and is the most wide-ranging private brand sold at Walmart and is hugely popular with shoppers.

The brand is known for valuing low prices and high quality, so it’s not difficult to see why it might be popular with anyone wanting to save a little money without cutting back on quality produce.

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How much is Great Value cottage cheese?

Great Value’s cottage cheese retails at prices between $1.83 and $4.63. The cheapest will get you a 16oz tub of 4% small curd cottage cheese, while the most expensive price is for a 48oz tub of large curd.

How much you pay will depend on the curd type and amount you want to receive.

Between the lowest and highest price points, a 24oz tub of cheese will set you back $2.38.

A great advantage is that the cottage cheese comes in three varieties at each price point, so you have some range in what you are getting. Either way, you are getting great value for your money.

How is cottage cheese manufactured?

Cottage cheese, including that sold by Great Value, is made by adding acid to pasteurized milk. The acid works to separate the milk solids from whey and the curd is created.

This curd becomes cottage cheese when it is cooked and pressed to remove any remaining whey. With the addition of salt, the cottage cheese is formed and ready to be dispatched.

Like other cottage cheeses, Great Value’s cottage cheese is manufactured in the same way. It is produced at Lakeview Farms in New York and when ready, distributed to Walmart stores around the country.

Pros and Cons of Great Value cottage cheese

As with any product, Great Value’s cottage cheese has some negatives as well as positives. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Great Value cottage cheese.


  • Price. Great Value is known for its highly reasonable prices. Its cottage cheese is no different and definitely a bargain compared with other cottage cheeses. Its very fair price point and the range of cheese types you can get for these prices make for a great advantage.
  • Quality. Most customers agree on their love of the taste and quality of Great Value’s cottage cheese. Even better, the great quality isn’t indicative of a high price point, which makes it even more impressive and a fantastic way to get high quality at a budget price.
  • Health. The cheese comes in different levels of fat and curd, meaning you can tailor your purchase to fit your health needs and requirements. The ability to purchase small curd, low fat cottage cheese makes Great Value’s product healthier than some other options on the market.


  • Value brand. Some people are automatically put off by a value brand and prefer to spend a little extra to buy name brands. There is likely to be a difference between the value cottage cheese sold by Great Value and that sold by name brands.
  • Shelf life. Some customers were disappointed that Great Value cottage cheese had a short shelf life. Unfortunately, cottage cheese is a product with a short shelf life and so this is unavoidable.

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Final Thoughts

Great Value’s highly popular cottage cheese is produced by Lakeview Farms Inc., a privately owned farm run by a family in New York.

It is part of the very reasonably priced, generally high-quality Great Value brand sold in Walmart stores.

This brand is a great option for anyone looking for quality products without compromising on price.

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