Who Makes Ecowise Toilet Paper? (The Truth!)

Who Makes Ecowise Toilet Paper

Do you know who makes Ecowise toilet paper? this is one of the questions our readers ask a lot. Well, we´ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to buy environmentally friendly toilet paper in bulk for your restaurant, office, or commercial premises, it’s worth doing some research and finding the best options available on the market today. 

So, who makes Ecowise toilet paper? Ecowise toilet paper is made by Carolina Paper Company. Located in Oakboro, North Carolina, Carolina Paper Company (CPC) produces the entire Ecowise range of paper products, including hand-wound towels, center pulls, jumbo roll tissue, standard roll tissue, and multi folds toilet paper. 

Of course, big paper mill companies offer their products alongside extensive marketing, but smaller companies often manufacture better and more environmentally friendly products at a more affordable price.

In this article, we’ll look at Ecowise toilet roll and discover who is behind this environmentally friendly product. We’ll also go in-depth into the entire Ecowise range of paper products. 

Carolina Paper Company (CPC)

Founded in 1999, the Carolina Paper Company is a national supplier of paper products, particularly bath tissue, roll tissue, and kitchen roll for restaurants and commercial premises. 

The company’s manufacturing plant and corporate offices are located at 349 South Main Street, Oakboro, North Carolina, and the company currently employs around 80 staff including managerial, office staff, and staff working at the processing plant.  

Carolina Paper Company green credentials

The company is listed as an ISSA member (The World Cleaning Industry Association) and strives to adopt industry best practices including using “green certified” paper stock that has been manufactured from 100% recycled paper fiber.

This paper fiber also meets or exceeds federal EPA guidelines on recycled content. 

The Carolina Paper Company recycles all excess trim and waste from their production line rather than sending it to landfills.

CPC works directly with their packaging, transportation and logistics vendors to increase efficiency and reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

The Carolina Paper Company is considered a leader in developing and adopting best practices that meet the stringent environmental requirements for products they produce.

The company is embracing new technology to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the production process. 

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The Ecowise brand and product line

The entire Ecowise line of products is a branded, environmentally-friendly paper goods line aimed at attracting environmentally-conscious customers.

All of the Ecowise products are designed to compete in the “Value cut” line or “Price point” products in the Eco-friendly market sphere. 

The Ecowise line is manufactured from 100% recycled paper with 40% or more post-consumer waste and is carefully packaged using “green friendly” packaging. 

The Ecowise line of products includes:

  • Bleached or natural color fiber 8-inch hand towels (in 6 or 12 roll packs).
  • Center pull towel in natural or bleach colors in 600, 818, or 1080 sheet sizes (available in 6 roll case packs only).
  • 1-ply or 2-ply Jumbo roll tissue available in various dispenser lengths (550, 600, 800, and 1700- inches). All are available in 6 or 12 roll case packs).
  • 1-ply or 2-ply standard roll tissue available in 400,500, and 1000 sheet packs. Only made in 96 roll case packs. 
  • Natural and bleached multifold towels, available in a 3200 ct case pack.
  • CPC patented dispensers for all Ecowise product lines.

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Carolina Paper Company products

Alongside the range of Ecowise toilet paper products and paper towels, Carolina Paper Company also makes a range of branded and private label paper products.

This includes the line of ‘Away from home products’ and their ‘At home’ product lines. Let’s take a look at what these include.

Away from Home Products:


Belfair products offer the highest in quality 100% recycled and 80% in post-consumer fibers.

The Belfair range is known to deliver great everyday performance and is an eco-friendly option for environmentally-conscious customers.

The entire Belfair range has been created to provide good value for customers and is Green Seal certified.

Belfair Elite®

Belfair Elite products offer customers a quality texture and visual appeal alongside premium performance. All Belfair Elite products are manufactured with virgin pulp that is produced using air drying technology in order to give a better-structured sheet alongside even greater bulk.

Additionally, the kitchen roll towel is produced using pulp that is FSC-certified.

EmERGE® Proprietary Dispenser System

Carolina Paper Company’s proprietary dispenser system is available with no initial investment as part of their annual or multi-year contract options.

At Home Products:

Traditions by CountrySoft®

Traditions by CountrySoft ® offer the best of quality and luxury that stands up to any of the National Brand Equivalents.

Traditions by CountrySoft is available in the standard sheet sizes and counts but can also be easily modified to suit customer needs. All of the Traditions products are produced with 100% virgin pulp using air-laid or wet-laid technology and are FSC-certified. 

Generations by CountrySoft®

Generations by CountrySoft ® includes a range of super-premium quality products. The products in this line are larger in diameter and produced with a mixture of imported and domestic virgin fiber that comes from sustainable forests. 

Bouquet ® Brand Products

BOUQUET ® has premium-grade products, produced using high-quality sheets that are built for maximum absorbency. However, they still remain soft to the touch.

You’ll find these products are available in bulk packs and they have a large diameter. All products are FSC-certified.

Soft Petal ® Brand Products

Soft Petal ® is different in that it offers products for general everyday use. However, they’re designed to still give consistent everyday performance and are economically efficient.

Available in full sheet and width size and the bath towel products can include smaller and larger sheet counts to suit customer needs.  

Natural Home Brands®

Customers love Natural Home Brands because they’re even friendlier on the environment as they’re made with at least 50% recycled content.

However, they’re still lovely and soft to the touch as well as being FSC-certified. 


Ecowise toilet paper and other branded paper products are all produced by Carolina Paper Company which is located in Oakboro, North Carolina.

Ecowise toilet paper is manufactured with environmentally-conscious customers in mind and is manufactured from 100% recycled paper with 40% or more post-consumer waste and is carefully packaged using “green friendly” packaging. This truly gives it an edge for those worrying about their carbon footprint.

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