Who Makes Durex Antifreeze (Quality, Review + More)

Who Makes durex Antifreeze

Durex Antifreeze is one of the most popular brands of engine coolants. This product range can greatly help in improving the condition and performance of your car’s engine. Many consumers want to know exactly where a certain product is made and who really manufactures it.

The Durex Antifreeze is made and distributed by Mid-States Distributing Company. 

If you want to know more about this product and its manufacturer, keep reading. This article has it all covered.

What Is Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is basically an engine coolant that helps regulate a vehicle’s engine during extreme temperature conditions. This colored liquid is mixed with water in a 50/50 ratio and then pumped into the engine when the outside temperature transitions from hot to cold.

This keeps the operating temperature of the engine balanced and regulated.

It also prevents corrosion as it maintains a good fluid level.   

Antifreeze comes in many varieties to suit various vehicles and their engines. For instance, diesel engines, as well as American, European, and Asian engines are all different from each other.

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Who makes Durex Antifreeze?

The Durex antifreeze is manufactured for Mid-States Distributing Company Inc, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We do know that this is the main company behind the product but we can’t trace the exact name of the makers of the product. 

About Mid-States Distributing Company

Mid-States Distributing Company was founded in 1954 and it is one of America’s largest retailers in the farm store industry. Currently, the company has 36 members and employees more than 30,000 associates.

It also has around 700 stores across 33 states and even operates in 5 Canadian provinces. 

The annual sales of Mid-States Distributing Company are more than a whopping 6.5 billion dollars.

The members of Mid-States Distributing Company merchandise many different types of products including agriculture supplies, tools, hardware, lawn & garden tools, pet food, animal health items, footwear, apparel, sports goods, petroleum products, and other items for Farm, Ranch, and Home. 

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What does Durex Antifreeze do?

Durex Antifreeze products can help you in maintaining and protecting your vehicle’s engine system. These products have good quality and meet all the industry’s requirements and regulations too.

So, this makes Durex a trustworthy brand for taking care of your vehicle all year round. Plus, the products are compatible with all antifreeze/coolant American brands. 

The Durex Antifreeze has the following main functions:

  • Protects the engine and its metals including aluminum
  • Prevents the engine from freezing up or boiling over
  • Protects the engine from rusting or corrosion

It is compatible with the requirements and specifications of antifreeze products made for:

  • Cummins 90T8-4
  • Caterpillar
  • Mack Truck
  • Volvo/Mack
  • TMC RP302B
  • GM1899M
  • ASTM D-4340
  • Ford ESE M97844-A
  • Chrysler MS7170
  • GM1825M

What is Durex Antifreeze Made Of?

Essentially, the Durex Antifreeze is a 50/50 blend of ethylene glycol-based antifreeze and purified deionized water. It also contains corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, and dye.

For some of the formulas, you don’t need to add water before using them. Whereas for the full-strength formulas, adding water is necessary first. 

What are the different Durex Antifreeze Products?

The best thing about the Durex Antifreeze line is that the range consists of different products to fit different requirements.

The products include:

  • Classic Green Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Heavy Duty Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant
  • SCA Precharged Antifreeze/Coolant

What Is The Difference Between Each Antifreeze Type?

All the coolant types are essentially made from a base chemical which is ethylene glycol. So, all the different color options will have this same ingredient.

However, the different colored dyes go with different vehicle types. For instance, the Original Green version is a universal formula that suits most vehicles.

Whereas the other colors are designed for high-mileage vehicles or heavy-duty engines etc. 

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Other Antifreeze Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA

There are many manufacturers of antifreeze and coolants in America. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Chemsol, Inc.
  • Bio-blend Renewable Resources, LLC
  • Hibrett Puratex
  • Orr & Orr Inc
  • R.W Davis Oil Co.
  • Wood Oil Co.
  • Joseph Fazzio, Inc
  • Moore; Balliew Oil Co Inc.

How often does my car need coolant?

Any fluids your vehicle needs and uses should be replaced from time to time. This is essential for keeping the fluids effective and also applies to antifreeze/ coolants.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to check the coolant levels at least twice a year. Once before the summer heat and once before it gets cold in winter is ideal. 

It is also recommended to consult your particular vehicle’s manual to get more precise information regarding flushing and replacing coolants.

You will also be able to find out which coolant type is right for your vehicle. 

Instructions for using Durex Antifreeze?

  1. Drain the radiator. Fill it with fresh water.
  2. Flush the cooling system for 10 minutes while the engine is still running. Also, keep the heater running on high. 
  3. Let the engine cool down and drain the radiator
  4. Now, fill with Durex Antifreeze 50/50 Pre-Mix.
  5. Run the engine for 10 more minutes while keeping the heater on high.
  6. Add more water or antifreeze as required.

Final Words

So, now you know all about the Durex Antifreeze product line and who makes it. You can count on this brand for your next antifreeze purchase as the products are all made from premium ingredients and distributed by a highly reputable company. 

We hope this article was informative for you and that you found it interesting and helpful. 




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