Who Makes NAPA Antifreeze? (Quality, Review + More)

Who Makes napa Antifreeze

Do you know who makes NAPA antifreeze? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

According to NAPA’s website, NAPA’s antifreeze and coolant is manufactured by MAC Chemical and Valvoline. MAC Chemical provides specialty chemicals in a variety of fields and own the Mac’s brand of automotive care products. Valvoline is a company known for manufacturing and distributing premium automotive products, such as oils and lubricants.

In this article, we look at everything you need to know about who makes NAPA antifreeze.

Who makes NAPA antifreeze?

NAPA’s website states that their antifreeze is manufactured by two companies well known in the automotive industry – MAC Chemical and Valvoline. The use of two manufacturers may be due to the fact that NAPA’s antifreeze contains both antifreeze and coolants, which are likely to require different manufacturers.

Only a little is known about MAC Chemical as company, but we know they likely contribute the chemical aspect of NAPA’s antifreeze.

MAC Chemical is the manufacturer behind Mac’s brand sold at NAPA. Mac’s offers automotive products such as anti-rust, battery terminal protectors, and thermo-aid.

Valvoline manufacture and distribute a variety of premium automotive products, including additives and lubricants. Founded in 1866 in New York, Valvoline started out as an oil refining company.

Today, alongside manufacturing automotive products, the company also offers Oil Change and Express Car repair services.

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Where is NAPA antifreeze made?

Although NAPA’s antifreeze is manufactured by Mac Chemical and Valvoline, it is actually produced by a company called Old World Industries.

Old World Industries is the number one supplier of antifreeze and coolant and is based out of Northbrook, Illinois, where it produces the NAPA antifreeze sold in America. 

For NAPA antifreeze sold in other countries, NAPA use different manufacturers and each country is likely to produce its own antifreeze.

For instance, NAPA Canada’s antifreeze products were made in Canada, while antifreeze sold in the UK was manufactured in Milton Keynes, England.

What is NAPA antifreeze?

NAPA’s antifreeze is one of the most popular products sold by the company. Their antifreeze contains a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and coolant. Because of this, it can be used to protect car radiators from the potentially damaging effects of overheating, as well as freezing.

NAPA’s website highlights the importance of finding the right antifreeze and coolant for your car. 

NAPA’s antifreeze comes in a variety of colours, each corresponding to the specific models it is intended to be used with.

This means that anyone looking to protect a specific make or model of vehicle is able to find the correct antifreeze and provide their car without adequate, appropriate protection. 

Where is NAPA antifreeze sold?

NAPA has over 6,000 auto parts stores throughout the country, most of which should stock NAPA’s antifreeze.

NAPA’s website is available to tell you if the product is in stock in your local store and to keep you updated on specials. The antifreeze can also be purchased from NAPA online.

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Who is NAPA?

The National Automotive Parts Association was formed in 1925 by a group of auto parts sellers who wanted to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get the auto parts they needed.

Since then, NAPA has offered auto parts to people who rely on their vehicles for everyday life. 

NAPA believes they are well-known for supplying quality parts with rapid service and efficient, knowledgeable staff.

Their customers include professionals in the automotive industry, everyday car owners, and DIYers alike, all of which turn to NAPA to find the auto parts they need to make their vehicles the best they can be.

Alongside offering automotive parts in their Auto Parts stores, NAPA also currently has 57 distribution centers containing over 500,000 parts and over 16,000 AutoCare and AutoCare Collision Centers across the country, where NAPA provides repair and service work to vehicles. 

Pros and cons of NAPA antifreeze


  • Alongside antifreeze, NAPA’s antifreeze also contains coolant. Not only does this allow customers to save money as they do not need to buy a separate coolant, but it also works to protect cars in more than one way. By including coolant, car radiators are protected from overheating and freezing, both of which can be damaging to cars.
  • NAPA’s antifreeze is also well reviewed for its affordability, which many people feel is low compared with the quality it offers. A lot of customers found little difference in quality and effectiveness between NAPA’s offering and some of the slightly more expensive brand names also available.
  • Finally, NAPA’s antifreeze is specifically designed to be suitable for certain vehicles, so most customers should have no trouble finding the right antifreeze for their vehicle and the protection it needs. This is a great way to ensure customers have what they need and avoid using the wrong product for their car.


  • There are very few negative reviews about NAPA’s antifreeze. However, there is a general rule to remember when it comes to using antifreeze. It’s important to remember that antifreeze can be very dangerous, regardless of the brand. Antifreeze can cause serious issues if used incorrectly, so it’s vital that customers make sure to use it properly.

Final Thoughts

NAPA’s antifreeze is manufactured by two companies named MAC Chemical and Valvoline, possibly due to the fact that it also contains coolant, which requires an additional manufacturer.

NAPA’s antifreeze and coolant combination is generally considered to be high quality, and great for providing protection against the effects of weather like overheating and freezing.





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