Who Makes PEAK Antifreeze? (Quality, Review + More)

Who Makes PEAK Antifreeze

Do you use PEAK antifreeze, or have you seen them as sponsors for famous racing events? Are you wondering who is behind the successful brand? We have the scoop on who makes PEAK products!

PEAK brand is well-known for its line of antifreeze, motor oil, and other automotive products is owned by Old World Industries (OWI), which is an independent, American, family-owned business that has gained worldwide success.

The following article answers all you need to know about the famous PEAK brand, including how they got started, what other products they make, and what makes their antifreeze so successful.

Who is Old World Industries?

Old World Industries (OWI) is a family owned and community-operated private business that was founded in 1973. Their headquarters is located in Northbrook, IL, and in 2020 they employed just shy of 350 people.

They own several different brands that manufacture products in the commercial, chemical, and primarily, automotive industries.

OWI is one of the largest privately held companies in the automotive market and continues to be the number one supplier of antifreeze, diesel exhaust fluid, and professional headlight bulbs in the US today.

Some of the brands owned by Old World Industries include:

  • Peak
  • BlueDEF
  • Herculiner
  • Final Charge
  • Fleet Charge
  • Sierra
  • Blue Mountain Professional
  • SmartBLADE
  • Spitfire spark plugs

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Did Old World Industries create the Peak brand?

While they are the current producers of Peak antifreeze, Old World Industries did not originally create the product. They instead bought the brand from the Enron Corporation in 1986.

Within 8 years, OWI turned the PEAK brand into the second best-selling antifreeze brand in the US, and now their products sell in over 60 counties across the world.

Who was the Enron Corporation?

The Enron Corporation was an energy, chemical, and services company founded in 1985 through a merger of two regional energy companies. The largely successful chemical company was responsible for the creation of many of the chemical formulas that we use every day, including the formula for the antifreeze sold under the PEAK brand name.

What products does PEAK make?

Because of the success of the PEAK antifreeze products, OWI has branched out to make many automotive products, which include the following:

  • Passenger car Motor Oil
  • Diesel Engine Motor Oil
  • 2-cycle Motor Oil
  • Automotive headlights and bulbs
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Hydraulic Fluid
  • Grease and Gear oil
  • Wiper Blades
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid

Why is PEAK’s antifreeze product so successful?

Car enthusiasts have used PEAK antifreeze for their vehicles partly because it is from a family-owned and community operated company that demands quality for its customers.

That is why they advertise with such events as NASCAR, IndyCar Series, NHRA, and other racing events.

People who race as a sport want the best product on the market to ensure peak performance, and PEAK want to be that for them.

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What has PEAK done to rise to the top?

To become the go-to product for racers and car enthusiasts, PEAK has created a line of high-quality antifreeze products with guaranteed lifetime protection.

These include an Antifreeze + Coolant mixture is concentrated and prediluted formulas, which is said to be compatible with any vehicle and specially engineered to fight against corrosion and scale deposits that adversely affect the engine cooling system.  

The PEAK Antifreeze + Coolant slogan is “Let Your Vehicle Drink from the Fountain of Youth”

What is special about PEAK’s antifreeze formula?

PEAK’s advanced formula is free of harmful additives such as amines, nitrite, borate, silicate, and 2-EHA.

This helps to ensure that the customer gets the maximum amount of life is out of the product without harming their engine’s coolant system.

Just another reason why PEAK brand products have stood out to become so successful.

Is PEAK antifreeze universal?

Yes, PEAK antifreeze varieties are made of a universal formula that can be used in any vehicle. They can also be mixed with the existing fluid in the vehicle, including any color of antifreeze and coolant.

Peak antifreeze is an amber color and will not change the color of the existing fluid in your system.

What is PEAK’s satisfaction guarantee?

PEAK is so confident in their product that they have guaranteed to provide twice the warranty coverage as their competitors, with over 10 years or 300,000 miles of service.

This Guaranteed Lifetime Protection will remain until you no longer own the vehicle, and as long as the cooling system flush and fill are done by licensed professional maintenance technicians.

Where can PEAK antifreeze be purchased?

PEAK antifreeze varieties can be purchased at automotive supply stores, local hardware stores, and big-box stores.

Many gas stations also stock automotive fluids, but you will find them in smaller bottles with prices more expensive than less convenient locations.


PEAK antifreeze products are owned and manufactured by Old World Industries, which is privately owned and based out of Illinois.  

OWI owns several other chemical and automotive manufacturing companies that, like PEAK products, are well known to be high quality and reliable.

PEAK antifreeze products are trusted by car enthusiasts and racers around the world and are backed with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

The PEAK Antifreeze + Coolant has no unnecessary additives, works with all vehicle types, and works to clean your engine’s cooling system as your drive.

PEAK products can be purchased at thousands of locations across 60 counties.




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