Where is Gas Most Expensive in the US? (All You Need to Know)

Where is gas most expensive in the US

Do you plan on traveling this summer, fall, or winter for the holidays? You might want to quickly check gas prices before locking in that vacation.

Gas prices are the highest right along the west coast. California is at the top with one gallon costing customers $5.75, Nevada and Hawaii reaching $4.96 per gallon, and Washington right around $4.74. You will find the lowest gas prices out South, with Georgia idling at about $4.36, South Carolina near $4.37, and Mississippi sitting at $4.38.

Although the west is defiantly showing the highest prices, everyone across the board is getting hit hard with these inflated fuel costs.

Let’s take a look at where gas is most expensive and where you should go to fill up your tank.

Where is Gas Most Expensive in the US?

With gas prices skyrocketing across the US, everyone is feeling the effects financially.

This increase in cost per gallon is making changes in the way people spend their time, visit family, and budget their weekly paychecks.

While this is definitely causing concern in all areas of the nation, there are some states that are suffering a bit more than others. If you live in these 15 states, you already know how real the problem is.

  • California $5.74
  • Nevada $4.96
  • Hawaii $4.96
  • Washington $4.74
  • Oregon $4.74
  • Alaska $4.73
  • Arizona $4.60
  • Illinois $4.57
  • Connecticut $4.47
  • New York $4.45
  • Pennsylvania $4.43
  • Idaho $4.36
  • Utah $4.36
  • Massachusetts $4.36
  • Rhode Island $4.35

For anyone with plans of traveling to any of these locations, you may want to consider saving a few extra bucks to cover the cost of fuel.

It is important to note that these prices are average, with the cost of gas per gallon fluctuating almost daily. However, these numbers are very close to what you will find at your local gas station today. 

Counties in California With Highest Gas Prices

If you are a resident living in the state of California or you plan on traveling to The Golden State, you are better off fueling up your vehicle anywhere outside of the Northern California community of Mendocino.

Here some places are getting close to $10 a gallon. And, according to GasBuddy, it is the highest price you will find in the country.

You won’t find this insane price all over the state, though. In Fresno, you will pay about $6.14,  Mono is around $5.58, and Humboldt sits near $4.973 on average. 

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States With the Cheapest Gas Prices in the US

While it is pretty clear the west coast is suffering more than the rest; there are some states where the effects of increases at the pump aren’t that big of an issue.

These 15 states have the lowest gas prices in the US.

  1. Kansas $3.82
  2. Missouri $3.84
  3. Oklahoma $3.85
  4. Arkansas $3.89
  5. Nebraska $3.89
  6. North Dakota $3.90
  7. Iowa $3.91
  8. Minnesota $3.95
  9. South Dakota $3.97
  10. Colorado $3.97
  11. Texas $4.00
  12. Mississippi $4.00
  13. Montana $4.02
  14. Wisconsin $4.02
  15. Wyoming $4.03

As you can see from the two lists above. The difference between the highest price here and the lowest price from above is about $0 .30 per gallon.

Although it might not seem like a lot of money for short trips, longer voyages will cost you big time. 

What is the Overall Average Cost Per Gallon in the United States?

The cost of fuel will differ per state depending on taxes, politics, and fuel transportation. However, the average cost per gallon across the country is right around $4.28, give or take a few cents. 

Here is the average cost per gas type today, according to AAA.

  • Regular -$4.278
  • Mid-grade- $4.733
  • Premium- $5.032 
  • Desiel- $5.341
  • E85- $3.578

What does this look like compared to one year ago? It is actually pretty alarming.

  • Regular- $3.161 
  • Mid-grade- $3.510  
  • Premium- $3.783  
  • Desiel- $3.274 
  • E85- $2.655

This shows that there is more than a dollar per gallon increase in just one year. That’s a lot!

How to Save Money at the Pumps 

If you are someone who does a lot of traveling, whether long drives back and forth to work or a frequent weekend road trip, saving money on gas should be one of your biggest priorities. 

Luckily, there are a lot of retailers out there who are doing their part to lower their fuel costs with some added benefits to their company’s own profits.

Places such as,

all offer some type of incentive to entice you to spend more through their stores in order to get a slight reprieve when filling your tank.

Many of these companies heavily rely on shoppers spending more cash inside on other products in order to obtain “gas points” after a certain limit.

This is beneficial to everyone involved and can defiantly help soften the blow to your wallet.

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Why Are Gas Prices Going Up?

It is obvious gas prices are skyrocketing, but why? Well, there are a few big reasons contributing to this financial burden.

From the onset of covid, drastically crashing the demand for oil needs to the war in Ukraine, where many factors played a role, with the shunning of Russian products being a major one.

Now, let’s talk about the political role of gas prices, dare we? With the US attempting to reduce the need for fossil fuel and shying away from drilling for it, there isn’t as much to go around as there once was.

Will Gas Prices Go Back Down?

Although gas prices have lowered over the past few months, there doesn’t seem to be any signs that they will go back to where they were a year ago. 

Most experts say that these above-average prices per gallon are here to stay for quite some time. According to AAA, gas prices are determined solely based on supply and demand.

With the current situation going on all over the world, the supply is going to stay limited as the demand continues to rise.

Finding the Cheapest Gas Prices Near You

With gas prices being so unpredictable from one town to the next, having a good idea as to how much each station charges.

Luckily, there are services available online to help you identify how much each location gets per gallon. 

One excellent option is Gasbuddy.com. All you have to do is enter your address or the location you are looking into, and they will map out each gas station nearby with the gas prices they are charging at that time.

Not only can these sites help you find cheaper gas prices, but they can also provide information regarding the companies themselves and other products they sell.

Is Cheaper Really Worth it?

Many people choose to hit up stores that offer lower-quality gasoline due to the cheaper cost per gallon. However, is this gas really worth the money?

Honestly, the answer is no. Although you might save yourself 5, 10, or even 20 cents per gallon, you are going to find your running low a lot sooner than you would with higher-quality fuel.

Retailers such as Mobile, Shell, and Chevron, sell top-tier gas, which is a mixture of petrol and other additives that work with your engine to help it ride smoother and can increase the life of your vehicle.

Between having to stop more often to top off and the damage poor quality fuel can impose on your car, it is defiantly going to be more beneficial in the end to spend the extra couple bucks when filling your tank.

Summing Things Up

While all of our wallets are feeling the brutality at the pump, the east coast is definitely taking the brunt of the blow, and states such as California, Hawaii, Washington, and Nevada are paying much higher prices than the rest of us for sure.





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