Is Sam’s Club Gas Good? (Honest Answer!)

is sam's club gas good

Do you know if Sam´s Club gas is good? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

You’ve probably seen Sam’s Club fuel stations in your area or while traveling. The discount price is appealing, but how do you know you’re getting good-quality gas? Is Sam’s Club gas good?

Sam’s Club offers decent quality fuel at a discount price. If you have a Sam’s Club membership, you can easily use it to save money at most Sam’s Club fuel stations. Sam’s Club does not sell Top Tier gas.

What is Top Tier gas? How do you know Sam’s Club gas is good quality? Who makes Sam’s Club gas? I will answer these questions and more through my article.

What Is Top Tier Gas?

In order to sell as Top Tier, gasoline has to meet certain licensing, processing, and certification requirements. Top Tier gas goes through a certain level of oil deposit control additives. This leads to fewer air pollutants, higher fuel economy, and less carbon output.

Sam’s Club does not sell Top Tier gas, but that doesn’t mean their gas is low quality. The EPA has rigorous standards for fuel quality across the board.

However, if buying Top Tier gas is important to you, you might want to consider a Costco membership instead of a Sam’s Club membership. Costco does sell Top Tier fuel at its stations.

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Who Makes Sam’s Club Gas?

Sam’s Club sources most of their fuel from Murphy Oil. This company mixes natural gas, petroleum, and other natural liquids in their fuel.

Murphy Oil has been part of the American fuel industry since the early 1900s. They focus on innovation and high quality, so you can trust their products.

They also have a vested interest in environmental protection and reducing their carbon emissions.

Since Sam’s Club fuels are unbranded at their fuel stations, the fuels potentially come from a range of different companies. 

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What Octane Levels Does Sam’s Club Gas Have?

Sam’s Club premium gas boasts an octane grade of 91, which is in the high-quality range. Higher-quality fuel is better for your engine and the life of your car.

High octane levels in gas mean less possibility of a phenomenon called knock. Car engines work with controlled combustion. If the fuel inside the engine prematurely and spontaneously combust at high levels, the energy disperses unevenly.

This can cause damage to your engine and place more pressure on the engine’s pistons.

Sam’s Club premium fuel does offer a good level of octane. This means your engine will hopefully run smoothly, with no knock.

While Top Tier gas will also help your car run smoothly, at 91 octane Sam’s Club gas is still a good purchase.

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Is a Sam’s Club Membership Worth It Just For Gas?

Since Sam’s Club offers its fuel at prices that are 10 to 12% cheaper than other gas stations, a Sam’s Club membership will help you save money on gas in the long run.

How much you can save might depend on your location.

If for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with your fuel purchase, Sam’s Club does offer a satisfaction guarantee on its fuel.

Obviously, they can’t replace the gas or accept a return like other products. However, they will fully reimburse you, either with your original payment method or with a gift card.

So, yes, a Sam’s Club Membership might be worth it for you.

Sam´s Club Gas FAQs

I’ve included answers to some questions you might have about buying gas at Sam’s Club fuel stations.

Do I Need a Sam’s Club Membership to Buy Their Gas?

It depends on your nearby Sam’s Club fuel station. While some are open to the general public, most require you to have a membership to buy gas.

Law requirements in some states mean Sam’s Club fuel stations have to be open to all members of the general public in those states. If the fuel station is by a Walmart, it’s open to the general public.

The other exception is fuel stations in New Jersey. The state outlaws fuel discounts for memberships.

It’s best to assume you will need a membership if you want to buy Sam’s Club fuel. Bring your membership card along, since most Sam’s Club fuel stations will need it to verify your membership.

How Long Does a Sam’s Club Membership Last?

A Sam’s Club membership lasts 12 months from the date of purchase unless there is an exception. You can talk to the Membership Desk attendant at any Sam’s Club or go to their website to create and renew your membership.

Can I Use My Walmart Credit Card at a Sam’s Club Fuel Station?

Yes, Sam’s Club fuel stations do accept Walmart Store credit cards as payment for fuel.

Can I Use a Walmart Gift Card at a Sam’s Club Fuel Station?

Yes, but only ones with a magnetic strip. There’s currently no way to scan barcode-only gift cards at Sam’s Club fuel stations.

Can I Use My Sam’s Club Private Label Credit Card at a Walmart Fuel Station?

No, you cannot use your Sam’s Club Private Label Credit Card at a Walmart gas station. You might be able to use your Sam’s Club Mastercard if the Walmart fuel station accepts Mastercard.

If I’m Not a Sam’s Club Member, Can I Use a Sam’s Club Gift Card to Buy Gas?

Unfortunately, no. You need a membership to be able to use a Sam’s Club gift card to pay for fuel. This is also true if you want to buy something at their warehouse stores with a Sam’s Club gift card. 

Can I Join Another Person’s Sam’s Club Membership?

Yes! Sam’s Club members can add up to eight other cardholders to their membership. All of them should get Sam’s Club membership card.

The membership fee for additional cardholders is $40, less than the normal $45. Anyone in the member’s household over the age of 18 automatically gets a complimentary membership as well.

Will a Sam’s Club Mastercard Help Me Save Money on Gas?

If you have a Sam’s Club Mastercard, you can save even more money when you fill up. Up to $6000, you’ll save 5% on every gas purchase at a Sam’s Club fuel station. After that, you’ll save 1% on every gas purchase.

Check for special days when you can save even more money with your Sam’s Club Mastercard.

Do Sam’s Club Fuel Stations Have Car Washes?

There are currently 41 locations which have attached car washes. Here is a PDF that lists all of them.

When are Sam’s Club Fuel Stations Open?

You should check your local fuel station for more accurate hours, but generally, they’re all open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Sundays.

Why is There a Hold on My Card After Buying Sam’s Club Fuel?

Getting holds on your card after you buy fuel is normal practice across all gas stations.

Debit and credit cards have a $75 to $100 pre-authorization to ensure payment for your entire fuel purchase. This helps ensure you’ll have enough money available for your whole fuel purchase.

Typically, the pre-authorization hold will release 24-36 hours after you make your fuel purchase. If it takes longer than 36 hours, contact your financial institution.

If you want to buy more than $100 of fuel at Sam’s Club gas station, you can use a gift card for the remaining amount.

What if I Get an Error Message at the Fuel Pump?

If the fuel pump declines your card, talk to a Fuel Station Attendant or the attendant at the Membership desk.

They should be able to help you try to pay at a different fuel pump. If that doesn’t work, contact your financial institution or try a different payment method.

How Do I Find Out Sam’s Club’s Gas Price?

Sam’s Club used to release how much their gas costs online. Since they no longer do that, you’ll probably have to use an app to check.

Apps like GasBuddy, available on both Apple and Android, don’t just help you check fuel prices in your area. With everyday purchases, you can also use the app to save money on gas.

Can I Use Multiple Payment Methods at a Fuel Station?

You can split payments at Sam’s Club fuel station, just like you can in-store at their warehouses. However, you cannot split payment methods when online shopping through Sam’s Club.


Even though Sam’s Club doesn’t sell Top Tier gasoline, their fuel is still of decent quality. They source most of it from trusted fuel company Murphy Oil, and their premium gas is high-octane at 91.

This means the fuel will help keep your engine running smoothly over its lifetime.

Sam’s club also offers a decent gas discount for members. They offer additional discounts to members with a Sam’s Club Mastercard.

If you’re concerned about saving money at the pump, a Sam’s Club membership might be worth it for you. Keep in mind there are some limitations in certain states on discounts.

Visit your local Sam’s Club, or check out their website, to create your membership.



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