Where Are Nectar Mattresses Made? (China or USA)

Where Are Nectar Mattresses Made

Nectar mattresses are made in the UK and China, despite their ‘made in the USA’ label. 

Once the mattresses have been manufactured in the United Kingdom and China, they are imported to the United States. As of 2022, Nectar does not have any assembly or production facility in the US.

Primarily, the mattresses are made in China, with only mattresses sold in Britain being made in the UK.

Within this article, we will discuss in more detail where mattresses by Nectar Sleep are made and assembled, and any relevant information regarding the origins of Nectar Sleep products.

History of Nectar Mattresses

Nectar Sleep is a mattress manufacturing company based in America which sells its beddings and mattresses online in 49 US states.

Unlike other mattress companies where you purchase the mattresses in-store, they deliver it to the customer’s front door in a box.

In 2016, Nectar Sleep began its production as a mattress company, and since then, it has led the market. They were established in Palo Alto in California, and as such, they are an American company. 

Eric Hutchinson, Craig Schmeizer, and Ran Reske created the brand Nectar Sleep under another company called Resident, which was first established by Eric Hutchinson. Previously, Resident was known as DreamCloud Holding, LLC.

In 2022, a businessman called Aayush Phumbhra became the CEO of Nectar.

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Are Nectar Mattresses Assembled in the States?

Even the gel memory foam in Nectar mattresses is both manufactured and assembled in China.

The polystyrene material that is used in the mattresses is high-quality as they are sensitive to both pressure and temperature. This means that they can mold your body shape and become even more comfortable over the years.

The following layers make up a single mattress from Nectar Sleep, all of the materials being manufactured in primarily China and secondarily in the United Kingdom:

  • Quilted memory foam cover for the mattress
  • Gem memory foam
  • ‘Adaptive Hi-Core’ memory foam third layer
  • Baselayer
  • Bottom mattress cover

All of the above layers are manufactured and then assembled in China. The exception to this is Nectar Sleep mattresses which are sold in the UK after being manufactured in Britain.

Nectar Mattresses Lawsuit for Assembled in the USA

In 2018 Nectar Sleep faced a lawsuit for false claims.

Nectar Sleep claimed that their mattresses were both designed and assembled in the United States, whereas in reality they were largely manufactured in China.

The company wanted the positive attention that comes with products that have been assembled in the USA, but in reality, only their designs originated in the States.

A lot of buyers appreciated the idea that the mattresses were made in the USA due to the fact that it would support the national economy and support Americans nationwide. 

The tagline, Assembled in the USA is great for increasing sales, but in this situation, it only backfired. Due to the fact that this information was incorrect, they had to face a lawsuit. 

The order from the lawsuit now prohibits Nectar and its company representatives from doing several things.

Namely, making misleading and unsubstained country-of-origin claims in their marketing materials. Each violation of the order will result in a civil penalty of up to $40,654.

Other Products Sold by Nectar Sleep

Nectar Sleep may be well-known for its mattresses, but that isn’t all they sell. They also offer the following products:

  • The Mattress Foundation bed base. This consists of an untraditional base free from box springs, made from spruce and solid pine. This is said to be especially good for you as it is easier to move around and houses less dust. 
  • The Adjustable Bed Frame is another product that is unique on the market. This specific frame allows the customers to adjust the mattress to the position which is best suited to them and their needs. Not just that, but it includes a wireless remote, USB plugs, threezone massages, and a TV recline setting.
  • The Metal Bed Frame is another frame that can be easily adjusted, and it can house any size mattress. One large benefit of this frame is that it can be lifted for storage or easy cleaning.
  • The Memory Foam Pillow features the memory foam which customers love from the mattresses, but with Tencel cooling fabric to ensure that nights are never too warm. The stuffing can be adjusted to suit the desired firmness of the customer.
  • The Mattress Protector is great to put over the Nectar mattress to protect it from dirt, pet hair, and spills. One large benefit of this is that it is 100% waterproof.
  • The Weighted Blanket is a great comfort blanket for those who appreciate a little extra comfort and a night of easier sleep. It comes in both gray and blue and can have its weight adjusted.

Not just that, but Nectar Sleep also sells a bed frame with a headboard and a luxury bed sheet, both of which can be adjusted to suit a customer’s needs.

Every one of Nectar Sleep’s products mentioned above are primarily manufactured in China, not the USA. 

What Are Nectar Mattresses Made Of?

All of the materials in mattresses by Nectar Sleep are made primarily in China and then secondary in the United Kingdom.

One of the main reasons why mattresses by Nectar Sleep are so comfortable is the fact that the models are made completely of foam, with a comfort layer made from memory foam, support layers made from poly foam, and then a cover made from a blend of polyester, nylon, and polyethylene.

Price of Nectar Sleep Mattresses

The price of a mattress from Nectar Sleep varies depending on the size of the mattress.

For a general overview, you should expect to pay the following:

Twin38 x 75 x 12 inches$399 to $973
Twin XL38 x 80 x 12 inches$569 to $1,143
Full54 x 75 x 12 inches$699 to $1,398
Queen60 x 80 x 12 inches$799 to $1,498
King76 x 80 x 12 inches$1,099 to $1,798

However, Nectar Sleep and other online retailers which sell products by Nectar Sleep often have discounts and offers on their mattresses.

This means that if you’re looking for a good deal, you might be able to snag a good-sized mattress for under $1,000.

In general, a mattress from an average company will cost you between $200 and $1,500, with premium mattresses generally setting you back upwards of $5,000.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a budget mattress then you may be able to purchase one for around $150.

This means that mattresses by Nectar Sleep are fairly midrange, whilst still maintaining a high quality and customer satisfaction. 

Best Budget Option (Non Fiberglass)
Most Popular (Non Fiberglass)
Best Luxury (Non Fiberglass)
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Breathable foam
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
  • Made in USA
  • Adaptive Foam Infused With Graphite And Memory Foam
  • Green Guard Gold & Certi-PUR US Certified
  • Made in USA
  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer
Best Budget Option (Non Fiberglass)
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Breathable foam
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
Most Popular (Non Fiberglass)
  • Made in USA
  • Adaptive Foam Infused With Graphite And Memory Foam
  • Green Guard Gold & Certi-PUR US Certified
Best Luxury (Non Fiberglass)
  • Made in USA
  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer

Final Thoughts

The majority of mattress sold in the United States by Nectar are produced and assembled in China, apart from the mattresses sold in Britain which are produced in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the market leader for online-purchased mattresses is Nectar Sleep, supplying to over 49 states in the United States. The prices of a single mattress vary from around $399 to $1,798 depending on size.

Along with mattresses, Nectar Sleep also produces bed frames, weighted blankets, and more – all of which are primarily manufactured in China.




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