Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass? (Safe, Best Non Toxic)

Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass

Have you ever asked yourself or your friend if Nectar mattresses have fiberglass and what are the best mattresses without fiberglass? Well, you are at the perfect place to find the answer to such a question.

Mattresses are made of different materials, not all of which are safe.

So, do Nectar Mattresses have fiberglass? Nectar mattresses have fiberglass contained in their covers. Some mattress manufacturers have been using fiberglass as a flame retardant. It’s a cheaper alternative to other materials, but it comes at a different kind of cost.

Nectar produces memory foam mattresses for relatively inexpensive prices. They don’t use fiberglass in the mattress itself. However, the sleeve that wraps the mattress does contain fiberglass, which can cause health issues.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about Nectar mattresses and how to minimize your risk.

Why Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Mattresses for beds are generally one of the larger pieces of furniture in a home. Since we sleep on them, we can be unconscious when a fire breaks out in our home. That concern has resulted in mattress companies finding ways to make beds less flammable. 

In 2007, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued regulations requiring all mattresses to be made flame retardant.

Manufacturers adhere to these regulations by applying chemicals to the mattress exteriors. 

While the chemicals are highly effective at slowing fire down, they’re harmful to living beings who may be inhaling or ingesting them. Some of the harmful chemical’s manufacturers have used are:

  • Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)
  • Melamine
  • Antimony trioxide
  • Vinylidene Chloride
  • Boric acid
  • Decabromodiphenyl oxide

Nectar, as well as some of its competitors, uses fiberglass because it’s cheap and effective.

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Is My Nectar Mattress Safe for Me?

The answer to this question is dependent on you. Your mattress can be safe if you maintain it properly. 

Nectar positions the fiberglass layer on the inside of the mattress cover. That cover is not meant to come off. So, do not remove the mattress sleeve. If you do, the shards of fiberglass will come out and you’ll have them all over your house. That’s nearly impossible to clear out.

The other thing you need to do is take care of your mattress. Make sure you don’t leave items that could rip a hole in the mattress cover sitting on the bed.

Don’t use sharp tools to complete any kind of projects on the surface of the bed. Also, make sure to inspect your mattress cover once every few months to make sure there’s not a tear anywhere.

One final tip for staying safe sleeping on a Nectar mattress. Look for a removable mattress cover you can put over the entire mattress.

It gives you another layer of protection and keeps the wear off the mattress sleeve. Just make sure you get a cover that doesn’t have fiberglass in it.

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What Is Fiberglass?

Fiberglass looks like fibers of glass in its initial state. You could pick up a bunch of it and it looks much like hair or fur. But you wouldn’t want to do that with a bare hand.

Tiny pieces of the fibers can get stuck in your skin causing itchiness and discomfort. 

It’s a good insulator and creates a barrier to heat and flames.

How Is Fiberglass Used in Mattresses?

Mattress manufacturers take fiberglass and weave it together to make a protective layer that’s flame retardant. Rather than the flames hitting the mattress and it turning into a large fire, the fiberglass just starts to melt. 

Some mattresses have fiberglass woven into a layer that’s attached to the mattress. It will be the top layer right underneath the cover.

Other companies, such as Nectar, weave the fiberglass into the inside of the cover itself. It’s positioned on the inside of the cover, so it doesn’t come in contact with your skin, as it’s known for causing itchiness.

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Best Memory Foam Mattress Without Fiberglass: Non-Fiberglass Options

Many companies are seeking creative ways to make their mattresses more flame-resistant without using fiberglass.

Casper is one example we have already talked about. They use a silica sock that is under the cover of the mattress.

Best Budget Option (Non Fiberglass)
Most Popular (Non Fiberglass)
Best Luxury (Non Fiberglass)
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Breathable foam
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
  • Made in USA
  • Adaptive Foam Infused With Graphite And Memory Foam
  • Green Guard Gold & Certi-PUR US Certified
  • Made in USA
  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer
Best Budget Option (Non Fiberglass)
  • 100 Night sleep trial
  • Breathable foam
  • Ecofriendly knit cover made from recyclable materials
Most Popular (Non Fiberglass)
  • Made in USA
  • Adaptive Foam Infused With Graphite And Memory Foam
  • Green Guard Gold & Certi-PUR US Certified
Best Luxury (Non Fiberglass)
  • Made in USA
  • 101 Night sleep trial
  • Unbeatable lifetime warranty
  • Thoughtfully designed foams in every layer

What Are the Dangers of Fiberglass Mattresses?

Fiberglass may cause some health issues for people or animals. We said above that it causes skin irritation when it comes in contact with your body. You may get extremely itchy and even break out in a rash. 

Here’s the real danger, though. You can potentially inhale or ingest fiberglass from your mattress. If your mattress cover wears down exposing a hole, fiberglass can escape from that hole and float out into the air.

Once it does that in your home, it gets sucked into the HVAC system in your house and gets dispersed throughout the air.

You won’t know it, but you’ll be inhaling fiberglass particles that are being pushed through your entire home. It can cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, coughing, soreness in your throat, and even lung scarring in severe cases.

You also may swallow fiberglass particles. Ingesting the fiberglass particles can cause your throat to hurt. It may also cause nausea when it hits your stomach. Then it will travel into your intestinal tract, which can result in digestive issues.

How Can I Tell if a Mattress Has Fiberglass in It?

Some companies are quite transparent about the fiberglass in their mattresses. That’s nice. However, they’re not all that way. 

Other companies keep it as discreet as possible while still meeting regulations for disclosure. You can usually find the mention of something indicating there’s fiberglass in the mattress on a label.

It may say fiberglass, but often it’s indicated another way, such as “Glass Fiber,” “silica,” or “glass wool”.

Generally, if a mattress is inexpensive, you should check for fiberglass on the label. Also, many of these mattresses are “Made in China” where there are fewer regulations to adhere to. 

Mattresses made of memory foam are often covered with a sleeve, so they’re more likely to have fiberglass in them.

You can look for a label that says “do not remove cover” as a good indicator there’s fiberglass inside.

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The Bottom Line

Nectar mattresses have fiberglass on the inside of the cover. It’s a good flame retardant but isn’t so good for your health.

If you still want to buy a Nectar mattress or you already have one, you can still use it safely.

Don’t take the cover off, make sure to maintain your mattress, and get an additional cover to put over the mattress. You’re fine as long as the fiberglass stays inside.



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