When Does Forever 21 Restock Sizes Online? (Do This Now)

When Does Forever 21 Restock Sizes Online

Forever 21 has hot couture that’s so popular, their items and garments fly off the shelves just as quickly as they went on sale. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find the perfect little black dress but Forever 21 is completely out of your size.

Well, when does Forever 21 restock sizes online? The truth is not certain, unfortunately. They restock whenever they get they get a new shipment. However, they don’t often restock their items. Once something sells out, it’s usually not going to come back.

But, there are some things you can do to stay updated on what they have in stock. This will involve following them on social media and checking their “Back in Stock” page periodically.

How Do You Know Forever 21 Doesn’t Often Restock Sizes Online?

According to Forever 21’s FAQ section on their website, they state they don’t often restock items once sold out. Actually, it’s quite rare.

Also, per a live chat session with a customer care rep, they said they don’t even know which items will come back in the collection.

They also said there’s no email newsletter or any other form of regular announcement when they restocked sizes of specific items.

How Can You Stay Informed of Forever 21’s Items Back in Stock Online?

While the company doesn’t officially restock items, they do have a “Back in Stock” page online. You can check this often for the size you seek. However, even if they restock a particular garment, they won’t always have every size.

Unfortunately, they don’t regularly announce or receive a notification when certain items will be back in stock. However, you can check their social media pages for any updates they might post. But Forever 21 doesn’t do this regularly.

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How Can You Locate an Item that’s Out of Stock on Forever 21’s website?

If Forever 21 is out of your size on their website, you can check with brick-and-mortar locations in your area. For this, you will have to have the specifics of the garment. This includes things like the name, color, item number or product code and the size you want.

You can also do this manually by using their “Store Finder” feature underneath the search bar on the left side. You will see your closest location listed.

But, when you click on this, you can input your zip code and the maximum radius to find a Forever 21 store. You can go up to 300 miles.

Failing that, you might be out of luck and you’ll have to look for something else. However, you can try looking on EBay or Poshmark and see if anyone is selling it.

You can also try searching for it by scanning the barcode with your smartphone.

Independent Online Search

Alternatively, you can do an independent online search for the item and see if anything comes up. You can input the item number, product code or title of the garment into the search bar using quotes (“”). For example, let’s say you want the Crisscross Cutout Halter Maxi Dress in “shocking pink” but they’re out the extra small sizes.

Look for the product code, which is “2000459250.” Then, open your preferred search engine and perform the following steps:

  1. Type in “Crisscross cutout halter maxi dress shocking pink” and hit search, see what pops up.
  2. If you don’t like what you see, remove the quotes but keep the text and add “2000459250” (keep the quotes).
  3. One last search term you can try is “cutout halter maxi dress,” leaving out the product code, color and first word.

While the steps above aren’t a guarantee to finding your dream garment from Forever 21 in your size, it does widen the potential to locate it elsewhere.

Besides, you never know, you may find something completely different at places like Nordstrom or Target that will be just as fabulous.

Is There Any Way to Encourage Forever 21 to Restock Sizes for Certain Items?

There are a couple of ways to encourage Forever 21 to restock sizes for certain items, but there are no guarantees. However, you can try contacting their customer care representatives on a regular basis and tell them how much you want that dress, skirt, blouse and etc. Also, you can sign into your account and put the item on your wish list.

If enough people put the same item on their wish list, then there is a higher likelihood they’ll eventually restock it.

You could also make a comment on their social media pages should they have a post of the very item you’re looking for. So, you might be able to get your friends to help bombard Forever 21.

As a last ditch attempt, you could speak with management at an actual Forever 21 store. Tell them what you’re looking for and the size you need.

The worst thing they’ll say is that they don’t restock items once gone and there’s no way to know when they’ll be back in stock.


Forever 21 doesn’t often restock their sizes online. If they do, you can usually find them in the “Back in Stock” page on the website.

If they don’t restock it, your options to locate the right size become quite slim. So, grab an item you love the moment you see it, and don’t delay; it might not be there when you return.




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